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I'm trying to model a face with poor references: one front view and a 3\4 portrait style view.

I have no information on the camera used, focal length, lens or anything like that.

Other that fucking around randomly with scene cameras to try and get it right, is there any method or utility that can be used to at least get it in the ballpark? The few I've found through Google only seem to work with architectural photos with plenty of orthographic lines to reference.

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Skulls may nigga

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low poly reference skull to help match shit up manually?

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like this mah nigga
but y'know not half arsed

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sumone fix my shit
i've forgotten everything

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I'd decide the diameter of the eyeball and the iris and look up ideal or average spacing of that,
create the white centerline in my image and work outward from that.

To figure out a valid topology for a surface it's easier to paint an overlay of 4 colors (4 because of the 'four color theorem')
and start painting in finer and finer planes as you spot them instead of trying to draw a working wireframe directly.

you sorta let a suggestion for a valid wireframe emerge out of itself as you segment the surface into finer and finer pieces coloring in and splitting fields as necessary.

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Learn 2 draw and anatomy, recreate face in orthographic projection on paper, then use the photo to tweak small details. Also glamour photos like this are useless as reference because lighting, makeup and photoshop completely distort how the face actually looks.

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It ain't easy shit m'dude. Although you should try to find more than just 1 picture of that model. Modeling off 1 picture is just dumb

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>completely distort how the face actually looks.

Oh plox, whoever made Sara Ryder butchered the job. I have a vague recollection there was a hot version of the game model more true to the actress
but then someone at bioware informed them of the new policy that every female character must now look like they've gained a chromosome
so they don't scare away 'female gamers'* because "mirror-mirror-on-the wall if someone is hawter than me I must cut chunky wrists to drain the fat."

> * (hypotetical bull-dyke ones with multi-colored hair, not actual female gamers as they exist in physical reality.)

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>whoever made Sara Ryder butchered the job
They scanned her face with laser. It's exactly how she looks IRL minus the makeup part. Except people didn't want to see how she looks IRL. And their scanning process is accurate to the point face recognition easily can tell what face was used for it out of thousands of photos.

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Go to sketchfab and look at some laser scans of people, see the quality of those mesh compared to what a real person looks like?. Understand that even if you do a laserscan you need an artist to interpolate the result and topologize it well
and that there is a lot of nuance missing from a scan unless you have an absolute expert team collecting that data.

But if that's how they did it it all starts to make sense. Notice how the crown of digi-ryders head doesn't match the cranium of the real girl.
She obv didn't wear a baldcap for the scan and they just did the face and let the hack face-artist they had on pay roll wing it, what a travesty.

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I thought she looked bad because of the in game camera settings warping shit

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