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>shitty unedited videos filled with ums and ahs that don't answer any questions
>short, edited and scripted videos that answer the question from beginning to end, and even answers questions you didn't think to ask
SEO was a mistake.
Videos were a mistake.

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Hi Zbrush

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hello pajeet tutorials

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one of the best series of tutorials from actual professional working in the actual industry I know about has about a whooping 200-1500 views and like 50 subscribers on yt

is it bad? it's great! WE know about these hidden gems, plebs don't
and this is one of the edges

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Share it.

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>official tutorial video
>recorded by the developer and the founder of the company
>pauses, audibly farts in the middle of the tutorial

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What? When and in which video does that happen?

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I don't remember which one exactly, but it was one of the old long format Substance Designer tutorials on the Substance channel

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