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/3/, have you seen this? Substance has a new program in development in a closed beta called Alchemist. https://youtu.be/bfabw9RDHDY
This is fucking insane.
also has anyone tried Quixel yet? https://youtu.be/lpS8vtjyWs4 we are living in the future, anons.

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Shit lemme try that. Anyone know where I can get a DL link for alchemist?

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>inb4 Adobe shuts down its development

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quixel is too bare bones for any kind of painting, the brush tool alone has only 2 things you can toggle, the size dynamics and the flow. quixel is literally only ment to slap materials together and mask them.
and alchemist looks like ass.

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also quixel mixer and quixel suite are too completely different things dumbass OP.

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Yeah, I feel like Painter's greatest strength lies in how theres kind of a "mini Designer" in it powerful enough to make materials from scratch.

I think Quixel said theres some procedural stuff coming in the next update, so lets see.

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I would not be surprised if alchemist was a cloud application since it's a machine learning software with a massive data set it's been trained on.

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