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What is the best/easiest method for fixing geometry after a Boolean function?

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better photo

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just sculpt it bro

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There's nothing in that topology worth saving anyway, you need to retopo from scratch so just forget about it for now

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wow! thank you anon, any more great tips?

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why? too many quad just for a simple head?

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will lower the sub-surf once i finish modelling, it just helps highlight problems with my topology

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noob here but i think he mean the mesh flow
you couldnt rig that shit with that flow

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the horns are meant to be static, aside from the Boolean cut, what's wrong with the flow?

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Why do you even model in such high poly in the first place? Wouldve been much easier while in low poly to to select the faces for the eyes, extrude them in and then just smooth and subdiv and the round shape should come by itself with aittle tweaking. Instead, you chose to bang your head and divide ngons to fix bad geometry.

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good point. . . i'm new to this

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meshmachine has some tools to deal with booleans.

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collapse the vertices so its easier to read and removing floating verts. honestly you can stop there and just have a subdiv modifier to see how it smoothes, since it will convert your triangles to quads. the other is to apply loop reduction methods since the sphere looks higher in loop count. next time tho, work on lower poly models with a subdiv on, dont fucking collapse it. if youre going to use booleans you need to work with something more easier to see, you still will have a lot of artifacts, but the subdiv will take care of that, so its okay to have triangles, and if you have n gons just triangulate them.

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OP, use autosmoothing and set an angle at around 30 degrees. The model will look fine after.
You can even animate the object you used to do the eye booleans to make eye deforms. Thats what I do to make my characters.

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Hey, instead of making eye sockets with a boolean, try selecting only the middle face of the eye and move it inside with proportional editing enabled and set to spherical fall-off.

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You seriously need to learn to box model with subdivisions.

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That's a pretty sadistic way of modeling.

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for blendlets yeah

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there was a whole thread about it and thought it was pretty bullshit

now that i see in action i think it's a neat concept for a worfkflow, but i'll still never forgive the ungodly amount of ngons and triangles he leaves around

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>ungodly amount of ngons and triangles he leaves around
its just triangles and quads.

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For anyone downstream who needs to UV, texture, rig, blendshape etc

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i hope you're not as retarded as i think you are.

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You think everyone is Retarded
The truth is You is Retard one

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in the gif yeah, but if it's the same guy i'm talking about he usually leaves that and much more like pic related
people constantly said he shades and rigs his own models, and while that might be true and the work he presents seems to be fine i struggle to believe it to be ideal in any way, shape or form, although it might be nice to establish shape and such and is a workflow that i think might deserve to be explored, the end result is far from a nice topology usually, and that's just his fault

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