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How long would an employer expect you to work on an individual model? pic related, how long should it take to model for a professional?

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probably like a week

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How many hours per day? 7 day or 5 day week?

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5 days a week obviously unless you're a freelancer or something. The time they expect you to complete models would depend on the studio and whether it's for a film/game/commercial

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1 month for a student about 2 weeks professionally.
According to my zbrush professor anyways.

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40 hours, then you spend the weekend pissed off because the higher ups decided to cut that character due to nonsense reasons.

What is that, 2 days of sculpting 8 days of retopo? I'm kidding, of course.

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are we talking about designing it too? because i take forever deciding on how i'd want certain armor pieces to look.

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in a professional environment unless you're __the__ character artist you're usually working off whatever the concept bros fling at you

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oh then that'd take no time for me. i kinda wish i could learn more about concept design. how do they pop so much shit out so quickly?

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Same way you'd pop out a model in a short amount of time: skill, understanding, and someone breathing down your neck telling you to meet your deadlines. And a little bit of cheating because what matters is not creating the new Mona Lisa but a concept.

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Based on extensive research from watching anime, the game studio doesn't even require you to know any 3D software when you're first hired. They just give you the software manual which you study for a few days and then you are immediately able to model, texture and rig game characters at a professional level of quality.

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Ah I see, out the get a job in the market then!

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the work hours of a 3d artist is 5-6 days a week anywhere from 8-12 hours a day

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*laughs in European*

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A day => 10 hours.

Anyone saying a week is slow. Just need to not be lazy and be smart.

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I'd say around 2 months of 5 day weeks. It's not always about doing things as fast as possible, quality takes longer.

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5 full work days is what i would say, maybe 10 if it was supposed to be really clean or if i tried different things.
so 1 to 2 weeks, probably inbtween, lets say 7 work days
the other anon is right, a month for an amateur doing it part time is about right
problem is that in production usually you do multiple variations or changes, so things can drag out

who the fuck work 12h a day as a norm, even my medium sized studio has crunch but it it happens once a year or two years when a project is wrapping up since somehow something always breaks 2 weeks from release

if i said 2 months where i work i would be out the job, we get 2 months for main characters including different variations or complex clothing, skin pore level detail and fucking retopo bake and basic texturing

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Art director here. Depends of the model but about a week (5days) 8 hours/day. No shading no texture.

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