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First 3D comp. Edges are jaggy.

Wip of course

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i like how you think i can't tell you put that photograph through a variety of filters. who do you think you're dealing with buddy? you think 3D is a fucking game? i've had people assassinated over 3DCG. don't fuck with me.

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You positive? From where I'm sitting it looks like the rock in the foreground is rendered and Op took a snap of the render with his phone instead of taking a screenshot in order to trigger us.

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Agree, foreground rock looks like shit. Background rock also looks like it COULD be CGI the way nature is fucking weird that way sometimes

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samefag samefagging trying to cause a commotion, nothing to see here

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dust, soil and sand will acummulate beneath desert rocks

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Do you think this deserves its own thread? Post in the /wip/ next time.

The foreground could be better composited if you modeled a shadow catcher following the curvature of the ground. Also, a plane for the background rock to catch some GI.

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>It's another one of those real life images that look like bad 3d meme threads to try and trick a bunch of people into calling real life bad 3d
>or it's actually just a retard who posted his shit work in a new thread instead of the /wip/
Either way fuck you

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It's the rock guy from a few threads back.

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Still learning

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