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Best OS ever created.

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false and wrong board

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No, this is important to understand for this board. OP is right, that is the best OS ever created.

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No, that is Windows XP.

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>this is important for this board

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>that is Windows XP.
what's your point?
OP is still right

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I miss you XP, if my stupid games ran on you we'd still be together.

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OP is talking about Windows 7 when Windows XP is the superior and ultimate OS.

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name a better duo
protip you cant

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Unpopular opinion here, I like windows 10.

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Hey look, the last 3ds before it became a massive unstable bloated shitfest

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Like it or not, you have absolutely NO OTHER CHOICE.
And that´s monopoly, ladies and gentleman.

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its all mayas fault

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3ds max is stable you ignorant blendlet.

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install LTSC lol

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It might not be a pretty one, but there is ALWAYS another choice.

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maybe, maybe not, but it is a massive bloated shitfest.

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I'm a 3ds/softimage/maya user for almost 20 years
Eat your words you cunt

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If you used Max you'd know it's stable. It isn't bloated either, it's just a complete package that, unlike blender, don't require you to download a bunch of plugins to make it good.

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3ds is nothing without commercial plugins. Not 20 years ago, not today.

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>name a better duo
RedHat/CentOS + Houdini.

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>name a better duo
Me + Your Mom

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