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any way to turn an rigged model like this into a workable tpose?
all the meshes are still separated so intersections between fingers arn't a problem (or you can fix one side and mirror) right?

I dont know how to rig a spine like that tho.

you know what, for a half ass job done for a stupid meme with someone you'd know, what would be the cost in time/ skill/ $$ to make this a rigged final model.

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half-assed for someone I know, 100$
Expect the rig to be only "good" for posing and the model to have some distortion

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You could rig it only using bones then zero out all the bones.
Last time I tried this it looked horrible with all the creasing and poor weight painting and I had to retopologize it afterwards.

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Not that hard really.
You just need to build a quick rig with a sole function of returning either side of the mesh back to its tpose, and her skirt need to be space-warp separately.
After that the rest are just cleanups. Lots of cleanups.

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how do you expect to tpose a spine like that

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ok thx I expected something like that, sorry for killing a thread, Ill be sure to stay away!

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that is just my opinion though. Your friend might ask for a different amount

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Problem with what Op is asking for is that in order to rig and repose that model you'd need to have the same skills necessary to create it in the first place.

This is yet another thread by another DirectX ripper kid from ~/v/ who's looking for that shortcut of how to build themselves the 'fappable waifu'. Disgraceful.

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nah, its a vrchat riper wanting to fuck with the artist that threatened to sue him

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You VRChat fucks are the worst. I remember when you guys were teeming all over the board a year and some back. Thank god the hype's passed.

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I literally haven't played vrchat in over a year until yesterday

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I tried VRChat a few days ago and it game nausea. Promptly uninstalled. I don't have a VR set though, that might have something to do with it.

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no, its still dumb shit but you can block new people now

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