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I'm working on a python add-on for Blender that uses NLA strips to animate objects based on a midi file. No UI currently, just a raw script, but I used it to make this:

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that's cool anon

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Holy shit I want this. All I'd do is run memes through honestly.

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That's actually pretty neat anon. Thanks for sharing.
I remember seeing Animusic a long long time ago on PBS or something as a kid. It was super cool to me back then and really stuck with me. At one point I completely forgot about where I had saw it and thought it was some random dream or something that I had, because I couldn't find anyone else that I knew that had watched it.
How does it work?

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There was also an in depth book by Andrew Lowell on this topic that seems to have disappeared.

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Isn't Touchdesigner the main piece of software in this market now?

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The way it works is you create an NLA action from keyframes, then you convert a midi file to a .csv which is easier to decode, then just have it go through and check every midi tick if the channel and note we're looking for matches our criteria. If there's a match it applies the NLA strip. More variable like animation delay and length are used to customize the animation further. Currently you have to input all the variables in at the top of the script and you have to go object by object, but I plan on making a UI, repeatable, and do every instrument at the same time

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I have no idea. There is some connection between Houdini's CHOPs context and touch designer though. I just posted those links in case any other anon's were interested in this kind of work and wanted a jumping off point.

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TouchDesigner is a spin-off of Houdini, but I don't know how close SideFX and Derivative are currently, nor how much of today's Houdini can be directly translated into TouchDesigner or vice-versa.


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