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Does anyone else use other character models as references without the authors consent? Not like they'd be able to fucking tell if I copy their proportions. Could've been a fucking coincidence, and after polishing my model looks completely different from theirs, just has the same height/hip size, etc. They will never fucking find out and even if they did how would they prove I stole from them?

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Meta data, don't you know that all models contain a video of the creation? You're going to jail OP. Sorry, its too late I've already called the FBI.

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If you did everything no worries. Especially since you;re talking about anime where every character is basically the same.

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Why are you being so aggressive

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No Op. That be disgraceful. Doesn't matter whether they'd be able to tell or not, you still need to be able to look yourself in the mirror and take pride in your accomplishments.
You can't do that if it's not your work.

Only head down this path if:

A) you are content with being a hack and a fraud.
B) You are ~19 attempting to masturbate to VR chat and only interested to dabble in 3D.

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don't listen to this shitposter. referencing is a valid discipline in any craft that lets you extrapolate desirable proportions in an effective manner. anyone saying otherwise is a luddite who has no place in the industry.

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I am currently doing that but with the ultimate goal of internalizing standards, while also practicing doing stuff from scratch. I use the 3D reference (without consent) as as way to understand and fix the problems of my model, so that I don't make the same mistakes again.

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>All models contain a video of the creation

I can honestly see Autodesk and Adobe doing this in the future when compression hits some kind of advancement milestone

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>extrapolate desirable proportions in an effective manner.

Pffft! If you're gonna steal, steal, but don't try to justify yourself. If you're caught doing stuff like that and what you are doing can be connected to your name you're done in this world.

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they don't care, they thrive in piracy as aspiring artists will learn their software instead of the free ones

If Autodesk and Adobe software were hard to crack (like Modo, or even harder) we'll see a lot more professionals using Blender and Gimp instead

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"Stealing" proportions.
What a load of bullshit.

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It's no different than say sampling a riff from a song or quoting words from a text anon.
If you do stuff like this you're obliged to source and give credits where credits are due.
Even people who do this illegally in violation of copyrights tend to understand this concept and be transparent about their sources, just publishing the work under anonymous pseudonyms.

If you lack the skills to articulate that shape on your own but rip it from someone else and then try to pass it off as your own creation that is just deeply pathetic.

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Jimmy buys an anatomy book, Jimmy learns the proportions with uncanny 1:1 accuracy, Jimmy makes a model that has 100% accurate proportions by the book

Is the model Jimmy's work?

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Jimmy later discovers that the anatomy book was based on an uncredited third party 3D model

What happens?

If you can't answere these questions you clearly don't have a clear picture of the subject you're trying to tackle and shouldn't be giving out judgements

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>Jimmy downloads some weeb loli mesh off the internets, Jimmy ctrl-c, ctrl-v's the proportions with uncanny 1:1 accuracy, Jimmy has a model that has 100% accurate proportions by the wireframes
>Is the model Jimmy's work?

FTFY anon.

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It's not for aspiring artists.

I'm in SEA. In this country, piratrd products are pretty much a given, there's many many startups that never pay for any software and get away with it for as long as they can.

However, they do make money. Gameloft is a big example. They are mostly based here with their main offices using all legit stuff of course, but they do a huge amount of cheap outsourcing to other locals that of course, use pirated softwares.

Gameloft makes a shit ton of money, they would be a prime target of sueing if Autodesk could manage it. If all their assets had little videos only Autodesk could unencrypt they would make bank from these kinds of companies.

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>Is the model Jimmy's work?
Did Jimmy create the model purely based on his knowledge of the reference one, without directly copying it? If so, yes, it's his work. But it lacks creativity/style/personal touch.

>Jimmy later discovers that the anatomy book was based on an uncredited third party 3D model
>What happens?
Jimmy suddenly questions the validity of his knowledge of anatomy and goes to the book store in search of better sources.

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Same proportions AND same topology down to a pixel...
> "oh it's just coincidence!"

its fine to learn by tracing, but only if that's the goal...to learn. If you profit from stealing someone else's work, don't be surprised if you get caught.

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Here's one better OP, look at other models in their wireframe form and then try and recreate it

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Not much time ago I was trying to make a good Link (from zelda) face model

I downloaded the models from BOTW and TP and compared them to the shitty model I made with references found online. Needless to say, everything with my model was wrong.

I made a blendshape between the BOTW model and mine, and I focused on the differences. I could have called it a day "hey it fits" but how sad would that be

Instead I made my own more accurate reference by blending together both models in front & side view and redrawing the lines in Photoshop, and remodeled it from scratch, while trying to stay true to the volumes of both models (by eye, not by tracing)

it turned out much better than my previous attempt and I learned a couple things about stylized face modeling

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Its ok
when I look at little girls for inspiration I dont even need rheir consent, like they even can concent

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