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is my topology cringe-worthy?
are the poles on the knuckles a "yikes" moment if it went to rigging?

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yes. Connect the edge loops and stick to standard loops for the fingers especially for high poly application

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i don't know why i made it more complicated than it had to be...

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it wont cause problems but you are doing unnecessary work dude. the fingers just have to be simple cylinders idk why you think you feel the need to add poles on there, poles are there to define complex organic shapes. and they will only ever appear on the fingers if you decided to go deeper detail, but no body does that. you keep it simple and add bump maps. unless you want to do it manually you would would work quads/triangles to manually shade. so stop working with poles.

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thx guys

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dude look at a ref, hell look at your hand. hands at a resting position dont make that shape unless they are pretty hard on some surface. eitherway it wont change the position of the thumb and the fingers. you have them flat as fuck straight when they should be curving. and the thumb is not attached properly. if you hold out your hand your thumb will fall and make a distinct shape almost as if its not attached to the hand itself. try to lift your thumb and make that shape in your front view. nearly impossible.

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i know. its how i modeled them to make rigging easier. I can move the bones as needed to get a desired shape upon animating. but i will go check some refs on the thumb.

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no the biggest offense is the position of the fingers, they should be curving no matter what.

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what needs a curve? im trying to understand

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its excellent, imo.

however, consider the lengths you want, and the amount of loops you need

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is this the curve you're looking for?

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hold your fingers straight and see if it is right

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bro, i have no idea what you're having issues with. drop the ref you're using so we can get on the same page.

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I would put that hand on my dick if you catch my drift.

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I wasnt the same person. I dont have any refs. Do they look like your fingers when you hold them straight?

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everyone has different looking hands. why do you keep asking me if these look like my hands??? no they are not copies of my hands...

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do u not have hands to look at?

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hands are complex things okay

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If you believe hands are complex, then you still haven't tried boobs.

Boobs. Now, THAT is 3D modeling.

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it's only complex because you don't have a live reference available

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>tfw tits were the easiest for me
being a tits man is great because you can instantly tell if what you made looks good or bad based on your excellent refined tastes

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I think the topo looks fine but I wouldn't be using nurbs on animated meshes. also your beziers are making sharp turns at the edges of the fingers. fizing that stuff for animation is gonna be a problem unless you change them to simpler curves instead of 'corners'.

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Oh but I do, Anon. Believe me, I do.

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are you non-american? how can anyone be this stupid

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How did you know? I'm Peruvian.

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>Are you american? how can anyone be this stupid

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