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the symmetry on my UV fucked up. If I re-unwrap, will I have to re-bake all the maps?

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now that I think of it, I obviously fucking will have to rebake them because the UV islands will be different


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If your scratches and wears are dependant of the baked maps and not just manual strokes you won't lose that much.

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Not quite /3/ related, but remember to always design your weapons with the parts in the correct places.

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maybe its knockoff, custom design?... at least he didn't add tactical teeth "rails"

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Use the colorid map that you bake from the highpoly to assign materials. Then you can change the uvs without redoing most of the texturing.

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this seems like an extremely basic setup anyways. go back to the model, fix your uvs and start over
when you are at it fix the functionality as well by checking out >>661150

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You have 5 maps what are you talking about baking shit, and why are you using 4 map channels on one fill with a mask? you only bake information if you have a high poly to low poly model. thats just for normal maps, the rest is just lighting info and stuff you can bake instantly from the renderer on to the a texture that you can use for masks on your CHANNELS.

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Yes but its not the end of the world
Substance reprojects paint layers and procedural masks are regenerated when you rebake

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