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>friday night

Why are you here?

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I fucked up

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Was mostly spending tonight discussing 3d applications and use while getting drunk and worrying my family with holiday depression.

Normal december Friday night

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i wish phoneposters would learn how to set up their fucking clients so /3/ isn't the first thing they see all the fucking time goddamnit

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It's a small price to pay for using clover. Also my first post on this board. Hi guys

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Meant to post this in /fit/ but fucking whatever, let's just roll with it.

>Jesus Anon control yourself

Thanks for the advice daddy, I just set it up properly

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No fears I have dreams and aspirations. I just use it to calm my nerves and whatnot. Also this is one of the more slow boards so this thread will probably be here for two more Friday nights

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Well, welcome to /3/. It's a real slow place, so unless someone reports this thread for being off-topic it's gonna be here for quite a while.
If you have any remote interest in 3DCG, feel free to linger around, could even try picking up a new 3D-related skill while you're at it. Fair warning that all that happens here is mostly arguing though.
As for why I'm here, shitposting hours my dude.

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the anti blendlet vibe is too strong sometimes

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Man, if you got anti-blendlet vibes from that maybe it's you who's got those anti-blendlet vibes.

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I think he's only complaining about the cool guys bullying him for using Blender.

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Waiting on a date

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You blendlets are so fucking annoying, you're the cancer of the 3dcg world. Don't be surprised if people respond to your aggressive shilling bullshit.

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Saturday night and I'm more drunk than Saturday night and made no progress at all on any of the projects I was working on.

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i'm new here. what can i do to better myself as a blendlet without giving up blender? thx

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Learn the shortcomings of Blender. Know what it can and can't do. Supplement your workflow with external programs besides trying to do everything yourself.
I personally use tools like Substance, ZBrush, MD, but Blender remains my main DCC because I'm a lazy fuck that can't be bothered to learn "muh industreeeee standard" since I'm just a dumb hobbyist.
The core concept of a blendlet isn't someone who uses Blender, but rather someone who doesn't understand why Blender isn't favoured and blindly defends it in every situation they come across.

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>besides trying to do everything yourself.
Instead of trying to do everything in Blender.**
The fuck kinda English was that. Sorry. Just woke up.

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Keep Blender but in addition:
Use Substance Painter for texturing, play around with the NC version of Mari and learn that too.
Use Z-brush for Sculpting.
Use Fusion for compositing, and DaVinci Resolve for editing.

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Become a pirate and or get a very nice job then post about it literally every chance you can.

Alternatively just get good at 3d in whatever software you want and go beyond the faults of that software. Posting calling yourself a blendlet doesn't make you look good as well as posting making fun of blendlets. Your success is 100% you and you are only held back by what you think holds you back.
A good comparison thats related to the topic of OP would be working out, you got 2 main options.
>Go to the gym
>Work out at home
The gym is a much better enviroment for working out but in the end if you keep up with it you're going to end up just as buff, except in 3d you aren't really going to plateau like with working out, you get to rise above your reigns.

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Is there any place where you can post your progress motivate/get motivated

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>post your progress
Yup, >>659379.
>motivate/get motivated

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wish I had /fit/ bf

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Why? The dick can't get more fit at the gym, no matter how much one tries.

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sure but stamina does

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Can't argue with that.

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>Friday Night

Look at this guy...it's fucking Saturday m8 get your shit together.

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