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Yep, that's the shit that will turn the planet into an unholy chaos.
A normal person won't be able to tell anymore what is real and what isn't. Also, completely user generated artwork like music pumped out non stop, perfectly optimized for normies just by being fed most popular tracks for a couple weeks.

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How the fuck do you even write that shit. I'm so envious of these CS guys. I wonder if I can write that alone.

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When you code millions of people out of a job

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this is not that impressive. if it was actually generating 3d meshes, that'd be neat

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>Yep, that's the shit that will turn the planet into an unholy chaos.

It really will. In 30 years or so, computers will be generating video that indistinguishable from reality. People could be assassinated, and their deaths could covered up by a computer-animated double appearing on video.

Complete fabrications will be broadcast on national news and there'll be no easy way to disprove them.

Eventually you will not be able to trust a single thing you see, at all. Your brain is going to be completely ruled by whoever has the biggest render farm.

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remember the shit as people used to put "i" into the name of their software.. now they put the "AI" into it.

the secret here is called new math and additional logarythm clusters US army used 15 yars ago to compute paths of hellfire rockets.

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This is ridiculously ugly and unimpressive. It's just an Unreal-Engine guided mashup of dashcam vids. 3 years from now this kind of uninteresting shit is going to be deader than VR.

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>it's shit because they skip the primitive interim stage

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Yeah not like all of those issues won't be fixed in year or two, this is definitely not something even worth discussing

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lmao he doesn't know

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Shh, don't tell 'em.

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How can you guys draw conclusions from this when they don't even tell what it can do and how it works?
To me it looks like a program that does a bad auto-texturing job.

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