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I made a Cheese pizza, critique it.
Simple render, few seconds, double digit samples
No post processing, no editing
Rate it.

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great now i'm hungry, good job by the way.

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This is clearly an undercover nonce thread, MOOODDSSSS

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>this autist took it literally

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i don't like the box hinge.

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Add some pepperoni, faggot.

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this shit is patented? lmao

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Good for a sims 1 mod.

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Where's Mac Culkin, though?

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like this?

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show wireframes. I dont believe that you made that pizza. It was probably stolen from a daz morph

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Can you link to the Daz pizza? I can't find it

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its gotta be this one:


It doesnt look exactly like it but op must have stolen that pizza model on the left and retextured the cheese slightly. The whole ordeal only cost him 17.95 and he thought he could get away with it :/

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I admire your dedication. You almost seem hurt for being called out.

Daz fags get the rope.

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The OP image didn't do anything special for me, but this wireframe version made me feel hungry. How is this possible?

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you probably stole that wireframe off of a daz morph and manipulated the pixels to make it look like you made it. Thats really sad OP :/

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Yep, Dazfag is butthurt :)

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you probably stole this reply from the daz help forums and pasted it here to make yourself look smarter than you actually are. Why do you keep debasing yourself like this op :/

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Be my guest, keep dick riding Daz "artists" who make porn games. Priorities my friend. I'll be here enjoying my flat cylinder.

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What about my pizza?

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colours are off, are you sure you didn’t steal this?

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Oh, an eternal anglo. Cheerio!

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that looks like a bacteria infected condom

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Do you even know what condoms look like, mate?

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Nice modelling and materials, but why orthographic?

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