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Blender is really a dress up game and a waifu simulator for poorfags. Has anything of value ever been created in Blender or is it just virgins masturbating to polygons?
Dressing up games are very popular.

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...don't you mean Daz?

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She looks kinda retarded. The shading is nice tho.

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Open mouth is always kinda retarded looking, it's a AAA model.

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Daz is the plague of the 3d world.
Soulless models given to talentless creeps who render poorly posed and terribly shaded scenes.
Buts it's pay2fap, technically.

Blender+game models = free doll house

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True, but in this case I believe it has more to do with the eyes.

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The anti-Blender threads and posts get more cringe inducing by the day. Why are they losing energy?

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>OP can't keep Poser/DAZ apart from Blender
>gets his bullshit pointed out
>tries to save his ass
lmao, they're not sending their best

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How is this anti-Blender?
Can't you name anything worth mentioning that came from Blender aside from a bunch of modder stuff spending 1 week on a simple piece of clothing for Skyrim/2ndlife/sims/Fallout/etc.. because they work one handed while jerking off?
Most people use Blender for 3d waifu purposes, i'm sorry it offends you.

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>Most people use Blender for 3d waifu purposes
nice projection

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Anyone who is seriously into 3d modelling, animating or anything or that nature simply don't use Blender.
Blender is mostly for game modders, which do lewd stuff for virgins.

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You're absolutely right.
Only unbased incel virgin blendlets don't use the super based industry standardâ„¢ and will never make it into the industry.

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Yes anon, you're totally right. Tell 'em!

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I use Daz because it's more simple

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Your choosing note pad over Microsoft word. Sure you can type into note pad, but your severely limited and what you can do with the program. There is no higher bar, you'll only stagnate your potential skills if allowed to use other programs.

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There's an animated movie on Netflix rn made entirely in Blender

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because pornfags won't download 12gb DRM simulator just to tinker around with some tits

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They're not limiting their skills...

Most people using DAZ/Poser don't give a shit about 3D modeling. They only care about morphing or posing downloadable content.

It's like telling someone to code their own web-browser instead of using Chrome or Firefox because they're hindering their potential programming skills.

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I dunno, but our studio used a lot of base models from Poser back in the 90s/early 00s. Nobody ever noticed.

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What am I even looking at here??

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>Daz... 90's
Yea sure.
I can spot a Daz model from a mile away, so disgusting and soulless.

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Cultural enrichment of Europe is my guess.

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No, Poser. Not DAZ. With just enough changes to it.

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The output of somebody gravely traumatized by the Bataclan attack.

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Oh, I don't know about that then. Always assumed Poser was essentially Daz.

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>Has anything of value ever been created in Blender
According to 4chan, nothing of value has ever been created period.

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>Has anything of value ever been created in Blender
You'd have to define "value" first, so you don't weasel backwards redefining things outside it. Taken literally, money has changed hands over commercial projects such as Next Gen, and particularly in the value-focused world of advertising.

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"Anything worth mention" forget value.

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