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ITT: We model a dog (full or partial)
>15 minutes max, not a second longer
>quality and how you model it is irrelevant, just get it done
>post the result ITT

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Sculpt or box modeling?

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>and how you model it is irrelevant

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This is my try.

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i'll bite

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I failed the time constraint.

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I failed the time.

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>I failed the time.

That's fine as long as you admit it in the post which you did.
The good part about this is that while you lost the game you still gained a bit more experience because you were actually productive and created something.
Also, really well done.

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Reminds me of a plush my sister made for me years ago. Fond memories.

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Would change a few of the topology.. an dI would start with the head if I had to redo it. This is what kept me from finishing on time.

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How much time did you end up taking anyway?

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TFW you only make arcvis but /3/ is almost exclusively character and animation discussions

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make a 15minutes doghouse then

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surprisingly difficult with the time limit, i think 30mins would have been the sweet spot

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>surprisingly difficult with the time limit
that's exactly why this limit is there.
well done tho

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if he was the "I'll bite" guy above, he apparently needed about half an hour for it which is still very good

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i did it

lets do these weekly

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lol, that's a cute one. very well done.
>lets do these weekly
knowing /3/ this thread may be around longer than a week anyways

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>pitbull right in the first suggestions
They're really pushing it, do they

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It will unironically be around for 6 months

Duk was the apex of /3/, I hope to one day see its like again

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kek, absolute beginner here. it was fun to do

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hehe, a rottweiler?

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very dynamic

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>/3/ non stop shitting on each other's software
>whining about how it's so hard to "get into the industry"

>only a few good guys are actually working on their skills and practice, the majority just keeps on shitting all over the place and isn't even able to put something out in 15 minutes


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>tfw youre one of the good guys

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my shitty dog, this challenge is brutal

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Dis what happens when you don't block out with some primitives first.

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i tried

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this is very good

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done with a trackpoint/trackpad

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this is artwork
i am rock hard right now

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>Set 15 mins timer
>Wolfs are basically wild doggos
>Wolfs live in the cold
>Wolfs also live in the warm
>Fuck it, do both i bet it would look cool side by side
>whip up pic related
>40 seconds left
>no doggo

I have failed but at least i made a low poly background for my non existent low poly wolf.

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You could expand this to all 4 seasons with a nice little transition between the different seasons less drastically in a circle and spin the camera. It would look pretty cool anon!
Maybe have a small low poly bird flying through them or a wolf or something!

Its much better than my attempt (>>654257)

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really like how that turned out

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not bad

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>shakes ass

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I love it.
Also, who says you can't set the timer again and do the dog now?

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>only a few good guys are actually working on their skills and practice

/3/ is all (software) talk, no action.
They fear actual work and the smallest hint of hardship.

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Done! 15min including downloading blender, watching tut on how to make a low poly tree, and rendering

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Hey man good job for doing it, and putting yourself out there. The dog isn't very good but the more times you do it the better you get.

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Alright take two, this time i watched a towel tut first, i was hoping the "fur" would hide my crappy modelling... i was wrong it looks like a chia pet. I like this speed modelling but 15m is harsh

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hehe, he's sniffing something good

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i threw the 15min out the window and just tried... it was a mistake because now i have no excuse -__- i'm in way over my head and have no idea how to salvage my mesh, im pretty sure is destroyed beyond repair. If only my modeling skill was as strong as my dog

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software crash at 13 minutes in, lost everything :(

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Make sure to use reference planes if you're taking your time really helps out with form and general shape, also that's one seriously muscly dog

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I see someone likes greyhounds

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I bet he has a great spatial sight!

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>pretty sure is destroyed beyond repair.
literally impossible with 3D modelling.
it's not clay, you can always seamlessly continue working on /redo it at any time.

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Like 25 mins + downloading keyshot

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Time ran out before I got to finish everything I wanted, but here you go
(Btw I cheated a bit by adding the background/camera/DOF after the limit, hope that's ok)

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I can hear the squeaking through the pixels

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what is the different?

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what method? retoplogy on sculpt, boxmodeling or plane?

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how did you make the baloons this is so amazing, link me the tutorial you used

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never goten how to do boxmodeling
i looked at this for body before trying a picture for the face. its nice to see how you manage it, how you make transition from body to leg to give the leg more polygons

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>Open Keyshot
>Apply Glass Basic Red Material
>Turn Refractive Index up

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looks STRONK.
also, want to boop its nose

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How'd I do? Also anyone have tips for box modeling? I keep focus on angle and then i go to look at the other all i see is bunch of lines that make no sense and I'm sure what to move anymore.

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add another set of 15 minutes and we'll see

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dam i really like the sketches.

>all i see is bunch of lines that make no sense and I'm sure what to move anymore.
rotate camera with num3 and num1, orto in num5.

z to wireframe mode, B for box select. - ur doin good so far no worries

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I just started with a circle, extruded the rest from there.

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15min with that template, meh

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I like it. Keep going

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an attempt was made

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love it, has personality

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...ready... SET... GO!!!!

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TimeĀ“s Over.
Hand over your result.

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that's really good.

also love how you put so much effort in the behind you didn't have time to finish the head anymore lol

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Funny how there are so many bigmouths on this board but then only a few actually are productive

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Just because people don't participate in an challenge doesn't mean that they aren't productive. Also how is doing a 15 minutes sculpt productive? Sticking with a project for weeks/months and finishing it is productive.

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>Sticking with a project for weeks/months and finishing it is productive.
Which is something about three people on this whole board do.
The whole point of this thread is to get people going instead of having a big mouth while achieving nothing.
You get forwards the more smaller projects you do AND finish instead of sitting on a pile of projects that you will never ever finish with your current mileage. The more you fucking fail, the more frustrated you become, the more you finish something and even if it's a small 15 minutes project, the more of a good feeling you get.
Also, every modelling session adds to your modelling mileage and practice might be the biggest thing you need in this field.

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Ah, that was fun, but did not get enough time to go in and keep fixing proportions. :(

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After 5 minutes, we had been here.

Started from cube, started doing box modeling basically.

Big thing to watch out for is making sure the topo comes together and all the nice edge loops end up in places that make sense--hence the head being kinda the last thing I hit, and my scale was all fucked. :(

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Well after the 15 min mark, just trying to make sense of things.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was not rotating the damn box 45 around the Z and making the spine a single edge to start--instead, I had a flat surface as the spine and I'm constantly tweaking the geometry to make up for that fact. :(

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damn 2.8 blender hair settings eluded me, not familiar yet.

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Might have oopsed a horse

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I spent the last 2 days staring at horse anatomy.

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Stalker: The Shadow of Doggonil

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Those are some STRONK leggers
Fuck, he looks dangerous

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also, cool wizard hood

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exactly 15 minutes, embarrassing really

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couldn't even get anywhere near finished
i've never really modeled

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