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Since the first ones are the most used by studios and that.

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look at the (((rich))) community at blenderartists and then slowly lurk moar and moar over there

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doesn't matter. this question often seem retarded to me.

you know why? because its unlikely you will reach a level high enough that the features of either program will force you to switch.

if you want a foolproof program with unlimited potential get zbrush. but for what you 'intend' to do it doesn't matter what you choose. just flip a coin

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Why, dudes?

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blender is the best, your prophets at flippednormals agree don't bother them about it (only downside, they said, is that no studio uses it so you can't wageslave)

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Don't understand , classy pepe.

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On the flip side if you produce content for things like the Unity asset store you need to make your products play nice with blender above all else. Indies use Blender the most by a huge margin from what I have seen.

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Free and open source software is usually the best money can buy

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I know, but studios , even when they use Unity, don't use Blender.
Can I make assets for Unity whit 3dMax and Maya?
Which one is better for modelling?

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it really doesn't matter. your skill level is nowhere near a point where modelling in one is drastically easier than the other. you're extruding faces and moving vertices welding them and whatnot. none of that is gonna be different from blender to max or maya. anyone saying otherwise is bullshitting.

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Blender is the jack of all trade of 3d programs.
Leaning blender is like starting on hardmode.

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>Leaning blender is like starting on hardmode.
This is what Blendlets believe.

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Read the sticky and fuck off.

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go for blender, anon.
If you're serious about making it your job, get an education and you'll be taught industry standards softwares. But Blender really is the best choice to make CG on your own. I wish i was proeficient at it 2bh, and i often consider making it my main soft in the future, because fuck autodesk.

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>Leaning blender is like starting on hardmode.
Especially if you ever plan to get paid for your work. Blender artist = starving artist
Blender = Bum mode

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Or, alretnitvely, go on CGPeers, download Maya or 3DSMax and some tutorials, and also download Blender and see what you decide to use down the road.

t. a user who has both Maya and Blender on his machine.

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Thank you all anons.
I think I wil start whit Blender, then, when I became skilled enough will move to 3DMAX. ¿What do you think?

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Suena bien, haz eso.

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¿Es mi inglés tan malo?

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te has descubierto con el "¿"

3DStudio Max masterrace.

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Gracias hispanon . Algún dia llegaré a dominar el 3DMax y entonces compartiremos unos cachopos, o unos tacos, Como prefieras.

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>I think I wil start whit Blender
We have lost another one. Please, a minute of silence to pay our respects.

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