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>this was made using just polyextrusion and bridging

literally how do i get to this level

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from what i'm seeing it's

1)make a shape
2)place contours
3)place centerline

is this sensible?

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but then there's this which confuses me

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This guys work is inspiring. Real quality Subd work is rare these days on characters. As for it's feasibility look at his rigs and tell me what you think.
What makes this guys work so successful in it's appeal is that he works from the profile of the form out. Ensuring that profile reads clearly and communicates his intent before going into anything else lays a solid foundation for the rest of the model. I'm not sure what confuses you about this image. If you study classical figure drawing you are taught to visualize the cross sections of the form, that is all that is going on here.

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but how do you decide where to bisect the contours? or how to draw out the profile in terms of vertex distribution? he has the foot profile then adds planes and merges them i assume, but i have no clue where to plant such things. furthermore he has muscular detailing. how can you commit to that many loops and have it work well topologically still for rigging? it's mind boggling. i wanna approach this the same way but i'm worried i won't properly distribute my edges for the top of the foot or bicep, or abs, the illiac spine, and other important areas. even if i look at them i feel a need to approach it from different angles but this is all a strict vertex weld between the profile and various planes or vertices that he adds later on like this.


i'm planning to get this to learn the rigging methods he used, but i have no clue how to approach the modelling.

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furthermore, how the hell did he light this?

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This is what a pro looks like. No dogma, no BS, just R&D and results.

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What a strange workflow.

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This is basic fucking shit people, stuff that you are already supposed to know if you wanted to make characters in the first place.
Not just that, it adds an unnecessary level of complexity, like trying to draw with both hands tied behind your back, just to add a little challenge.
>hurr durr silhouette is crucial
No fucking shit, Sherlock.
What's next? Make sure your primary forms are well defined before delving into the secondary ones?
You gotta know your anatomy if you want to make characters?
God, it's like I'm watching cavemen watching in awe as someone makes fire by rubbing two sticks together. Except it's 2018 and lighters are a thing.

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Oh enlightened master please tell us more!
Get over yourself. This work is interesting because people don't often do polygon/subd characters anymore, and when they do it's never to this fidelity. And this guy rigs his work proving the unorthodox topology works just fine. If you don't find it interesting, fine, move on and find somewhere else to fling your bitter bull shit.

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>reading comprehension
I even used a simple metaphor so your babby brain could understand it.

>because people don't often do polygon/subd characters anymore
Because, like rubbing sticks together to make fire instead of buying a match box, it's unnecessarily complex and laborious.
>And this guy rigs his work proving the unorthodox topology works just fine.
Any topology can be rigged and will work.
But again, will any non-overly autistic rigger (a bit of an oxymoron, I know, but still) shove the entire computer tower down my throat if I give him that kind of topology to paint weights on? Fucking hell yes he will.
He's not climbing a yet to be challenged mountain, he's climbing a mountain which has a fucking high speed train tunnel and a highway dug through, just to make his life harder for the hell of it.
And you still eat it up like it's some revolutionary workflow.

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I understood you just fine. I just disagree with you. So show us the rigged and textured characters you did yourself if this guys work is so unimpressive and he is a climbing a mountain he could just take a train through, show us the benefit of that train ride. If you can't finish a character to at least the level of what we are discussing here I am not interested in your opinions as they are worthless.

>But again, will any non-overly autistic rigger (a bit of an oxymoron, I know, but still) shove the entire computer tower down my throat if I give him that kind of topology to paint weights on? Fucking hell yes he will.
He rigs them himself he can do whatever he wants. His rigs look good too. So please show us your superior characters and rigs that you did yourself.

>And you still eat it up like it's some revolutionary workflow.
Evolutionary, not revolutionary. Subd character modeling has mostly been abandoned and this guy is rocking it. He goes further than the endless crowds of Zbrush cowboys getting his stuff rigged to a proper level to support the modeling. If you are interested in doing more than just digital still life on your own this guys work is interesting. If you don't find interesting good for you, now go spend your time on something you do find interesting.

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>Truly revolutionary shit

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>if you don't show something better your opinion doesn't count
Aaaaand dropped.
Ignoring the fact that I'm not keen on getting doxxed on 4chinz by posting work tied to my real identity, even if by all rules and standards, my work was without a shadow of a doubt objectively superior, the one in charge of judging it as such in this instance would be you, and you only. And we both know that with this last post, you just told the world that you would pretend to not be wrong rather than admit so, out of spite.

The discussion is over.
It was never really gonna go anywhere good in the first place.

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you started off saying this is basic shit. if you have nothing to prove this then you're either below basic or your claim is false. either way you're spouting nonsense, so the argument was never in your favor.

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>>if you don't show something better your opinion doesn't count

I didn't say better, I said at least as good as. Work on that reading comprehension anon.
I am looking for an approach to 3d that is high quality and viable for solo artists. If your work is on the same level, or hell even close, I would be interested in what you have to say. If you are going to rip on a technique that is clearly working you need to back it up with evidence if you want to be taken seriously.

>The discussion is over.
>It was never really gonna go anywhere good in the first place.

That's your fault. Maybe don't come into thread insulting the participants and spewing garbage next time. If you have a contrarian point of view there are far better ways to make your case. Don't take it as a personal slight if people want to see proof of what you're talking about. However, if after all your shit talk you have nothing concrete to contribute, by all means tuck your tail and run.

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This looks gross and unappealing. It's like awful capeshit art that tries to be realistic by adding an absurd amount of anatomical detail. But it also tries to be stylistic and sexy, so the bodily proportions are exaggerated in a way that does not look good with the anatomy.

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Fuck off retard.

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Link to your ArtStation or portfolio, now. Then you may speak.

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>t. mobile game asset slave

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And I forgot to add, that tutorial probably doesn't use his method. He seems to purely use bones and weights while the tut goes over Maya's muscle tools and corrective shapes. As for modelling, from the looks of the topology, he mostly likely box modeled a base and used some sort of tessellation sculpting for the weird- looking details.

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This is /3/ where the general populace thinks that the best way to achieve anything is to sculpt it. There are people here who sculpt their edge bevels in hard surface because they exclusively use sculpting software.

There are people here who would rationalize a cube with smoothed edges being fucking 40k poly, then they would spend two days taking it down to something reasonable for use. I can almost guarantee someone here has tried to sculpt one primitive into another primitive.

This really doesn't have much to do with your post, but its on topic I'm just venting and its related.

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Man, someone really loves sakuramochi don't they.
I always have to wonder: what's the point of doing this? Like I get that it's fuckin' impressive to be able to purely polymodel all this shit, I'm in awe here. But I just don't see any advantage of this over just sculpting things. It just feels like unnecessary complication and an act of showing off just because you can.
His rigging's pretty damn impressive though, that I really admire.

Front key coming from the top, front fill coming from the bottom, two rims. It's pretty simple lighting, anon.

>idiots falling for "DID YOU KNOW I AM IN THE INDUSTRY" poster once again
They're the equivalent to bait posters on /3/. Just ignore them next time, honestly.

I sorta agree with this. It's really excessive detail, almost feels like those sculptors that overload all the serratus anteriors along the rib cage because "he pump many muskels". Then again some art of Cammy has shown her stupidly muscular, so I guess he was trying to stay faithful to the source?

Not necessarily the best, but it sure is the easiest. But Zbrush purists are the worst, I agree.

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Yeah that one is a little muscular and 'hard' in feel but it's Cami from street fighter. He's got others that are much more feminine.

not really 'box' modeling.
>I always have to wonder: what's the point of doing this?
Fucking tired of Zbrush and sculpting in general. I am skeptical that it is the best method for solo artists who wish to animate their own characters. Zbrush has so many little quirks and hiccups that I am tired of dealing with. I would rather experience a different set of hiccups and quirks for a little bit and learn something new.

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>hurr it's trivial durr!!
You aren't disguising your ignorance or lack of talent, sorry. Here's your (You), I hope it's a comfort to you as it's the only meaningful interaction a person like you can ever hope to achieve.

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This is what happens when you realize that sculpting is a meme and the only thing it's good at is making making alien heads.

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I once booled a cube into a perfect sphere for the fun of it.

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Don't overthink it. I tried following his approach and I found myself thinking too much about classical topology concerns, and not about form. It turned out a mess. I am going to try again think only about form and not topology, I am only going to go back and fix topology after I subdivide and see how it looks. I think there is a certain amount of not giving a shit in this guys technique that makes it work.

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t. talentless cunt with no artistic skill who blames his failure on sculpting. Enjoy pushing your verts around.

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Every game and movie studios sculpt creatures and characters. Why would they do this if it's just a meme? You just don't have any artistic abilities. Why don't you consider a carreer change?

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Do you realize there are also proper artists who know when to sculpt and when not to? You cunts are always using both extremes.

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a bad workman blames his tools

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first thing a traditional sculptor does with new material is basic shape

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is it possible to get a similar result like this if i zbrush sculpt then zremesh it to make it riggable?

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A lot of what this kind of modeling work is the way this guy exploits polygons and subd's. He does things that were/are considered 'taboo'. Using Zremesher you give up all that control. It's a quick way to get a usuable mesh for rigging though, even if it makes wasteful decisions about topology. If all you are after is the rigging results then by all means go for it, get there as fast as you can!

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Yes anon. Notice how I didn't say every person who uses sculpting software is a complete moron? I'm joking about how so many people who are either new to 3d or exclusively use sculpting software and think the best way to do anything is sculpt are on this board.

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> Most well understood technique, easiest to teach and learn, easiest to translate skills from other artistic media
> "Not the best method for solo artists"
Go ahead anon. Nobody ever is going to want to collaborate with you on your furry porn game, so so might as well teach yourself some weird ass techniques nobody else is doing.

Zremesher is extreme shit tier for rigging. At a minimum you have to retopo hands and face manually, period.

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>tfw she will never sit on your face

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I don't know why this image makes me laugh so much

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That's unironically good practice for a beginner.

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