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So, NVidia is still able to do SOMETHING for freeā„¢.


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1:11 is blender (right) vs maya (left)

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what's new ?

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Not unless Toon Rooseendaal gives a shitty excuse against implementing PhysX in Blender, because of "Not invented here" syndrome.

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>because of "Not invented here" syndrome.
Yeah because CUDA wasn't part of Blender for many years either

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CUDA. Interesting example. It's SDK terms (https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/eula/index.html#limitations-driver) are quite similar to Autodesk's FBX terms. So why one and not the other?

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>So why one and not the other?
Toon works in mysterious ways...

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>So why one and not the other?
Ton works in mysterious ways...

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I was going to say that wouldn't make sense given PhysX is real-time and an offline physics simulation would undoubtedly beat it, but what does Blender even use for its physics solver?

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it's because nvidia is focusing all their time and money on AI and enterprise-grade solutions. It's so that they can predict what you're gonna buy next. But also, hopefully better AI in single player games and AI rendered maps.

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Bullet, I believe.

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Also, given that it's real-time, it could pair well with Eevee.

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>with realtime physics

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I think we just saw the first ever robotic AI ragequit.

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I didn't really like the look of Eevee that much, maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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Meh, it looks like UE4 did three years ago. Not bad, it's actually a good foundation from which to build.

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