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Like holy shit %70 of the C4D users are just beeple wannabe instagram cucks that can't do a shit without their kitbash sets and "if it looks bad just add more bloom" Octane renderer. Oh and also what kind of a retarded nigger pays for a plugin that solely adds reflections to materials? Man I miss XSI..

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Hm, that is really true. Why *do* all these instagram "3D artists" use C4D? Time after time I come across those weird softbody pastel heads against pastel backgrounds and without failure #c4d appears in the description.

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my second ever (first was zanoza modeller because NFS car modding lol) experiences with 3D modeling was with with Cinema4D back in 2001. it was a trial on some computer magazine CD and I still have a soft spot for this software even though I stopped using it way over a decade ago. the radiosity stuff was absolutely magical to me back then.

it sucks that it seems like it's losing more and more users, at least the hype over autodesk products or blender seems to be monstrous at the moment.

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my second ever (first was zanoza modeller because NFS car modding lol) experiences with 3D modeling was with with Cinema4D back in 2001. it was a trial on some computer magazine CD and I still have a soft spot for this software even though I stopped using it way over a decade ago. the radiosity stuff was absolutely magical to me back then.

it sucks that it seems like it's losing more and more users, at least the hype over autodesk products or blender seems to be monstrous at the moment.

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any links to specific instagram pages. am interested in seeing what you're talking about

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for some odd reason. the majority of c4d users are graphic designers

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C4D was the king of motion design because you could wave modulate dozens of parameters.

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Motion graphics


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C4D is unironically the worst 3d package out there, it sucks at modeling and rigging, it's pricing system it's stupid, it doesn't come with a raytracing engine, etc. Its only useful to do "cute" mograph effects.
I actually feel respect for all this graphic designers who create nice art with this shit software

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It's perfectly fine for modelling. Rigging could be better, granted.

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some of that mocap stuff looks impressive. is it easy to do in C4D?

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Is that why Blender is doing its best to look like C4D now?

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It actually does come with a raytracer now, 2 infact. Physical renderer (about 3 years ago) and ProRender (this year I believe, it's GPU too).

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It has tight integration with After Effects.

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Between his Hollywood gigs, OP opens up this thread and then bunch of industry professionals gather to discuss shortcomings of Cinema4D package in professional environment.

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c4d just happened to have a friendly user interface that attracted those who wanted to have fun with 3d.

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I work on a primetime show that uses C4D, AE, and Blender.

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I still think C4D has the best UI/UX out of the packages I've tried. Was really intuitive to me.

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Doesnt it make mograph effects much easier that other sortware? So with less effort you can make something look cool and put on Instagram. I dont know, im not a graphic designer or have ever used c4d

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it's got some great pipeline with after effects that they never shut up about.

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I've been using it for the last 4 years.
Had to learn it for a junior position which then got me an automotive position using C4D/Octane/AE. I grew up thinking it was for your stereotypical mac user because there was a pretentious mograph abstract animation student on my course whos projects seemed to be a few seed/colour parameters away from a GSG tutorial and refused to use anything but.

It's really nice and quick for advertising jobs and small teams. When a client comes in with a project that they need done by the end of the day/week it really shines and I'd use it over anything else but fuck me if you try and work with it a team higher than 3 people or have a rig more complex than a simple IK in it you are asking for a headache half way through.

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It's really intuitive and the only reason I got into 3D due to its After Effects pipeline. Same goes for Octane being easy too. Tutorials are hard to come by though for anything not instagram-tier and it's so easy to get started with, so I can see why a lot of amateurs flock to it. I want to learn more about Maya and 3DS max especially when it comes to animation but fuck me if I have the time for it.

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as a c4d user who switched to houdini a couple yaers ago, the program is good entry tier shit, but doesn't really help you truely understand 3d, but I work in a studio where a lot of people make dope shit in c4d too, tools in the right hands etc etc

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That's all I ever see as well. I'm convinced that most of the people doing that shit don't know much more than getting a DAZ model and sticking mocap data on top of it in C4D (or even worse just primitives with reflective shaders). All while trying to seem like their stuff has some "deep meaning" when it's shallow as fuck. They're all trying to emulate people like Beeple, and while his stuff is good, it still gets to be pretty generic and samey looking. I used to think C4D had some magic button that just makes renders look good, but now I can pick out the renders pretty easily and I'm honestly tired of how the renders come out looking. Everything looks like default shaders with no real personal touches. Just feels like most people using C4D don't really know what they're doing, but figured it was easy to use as a beginner friendly software (which I guess it is). Kind of like when you want to get into music production and you pick FL Studio. It's not as professional feeling as stuff like Ableton or Cubase (or at least it wasn't back when I used it), but you can still make decent music with it, and many pros use it as well.

There's some good artists here and there, but most shit I come across on Instagram is pretty weak. I'm sure most people put #C4D just because it has a large audience and thus gets more views too though. It's all to do with mass market appeal. This just happens to be what's "in" at the moment.

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most c4d renders iv seen look good.
even tho most of the stuff was particle effects and advertisement material

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>the program is good entry tier shit
>costs over 1k
inb4 hurrdurr birade id.
there's entry tier shit that literally costs nothing and you don't have to ruin your machine with computeraids for it

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They sell their shit at 50-100 freedom monies a piece.

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How was the switch over to Houdini from C4D?
What were you doing in C4D before you switched?
How long did it take to get comfortable with?

It's one of the next packages I want to learn just so I can apply for more jobs and push away from solely advertising work

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>ruin your machine with computeraids for it
maybe if you're retarded

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Some do look nice, what's the deal with his obsession with naked old man though.

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>he thinks all of his torrent buddies are honest people
>he thinks in a worst case scenario his antivirus will save his ass when there's tons of shit around that fucks with your shit down to an on CPU hardware level that can't even be reliably detected

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Let's see some of your work!?

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It's easy to use.


>cinema4d users are worse than blender users

>implying blender users are bad

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Name a 3D package with a more annoying and worse userbase. No, SFM and MMD obviously don't count.

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"This food tastes like shit"

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If there is an absolute bottom garbage tier userbase category, then Daz and Blender would be in it.
C4d is in the annoying basedboy hipster faggot apple-fanboy userbase, which is slightly less shitty by a thin margin.
C4d users are less ideological indoctrinated, more critical of their tools and much more aware of the limitations of their software (and their own abilities), which makes it possible to deal with them in an civilized way. The DAZ and Blender userbase is just cancer+aids.

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People who use premium software without paying for it.

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Only a fucking retard would pay $250 a month for Maya (or any software for that matter). Autodesk are probably laughing at those people too.

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It's tax deductible.

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... Yes? When you critique something you're expected to show you know what you're talking about.

I don't ask obese guys for fitness routines.

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I want more

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By your logic it should be a bit requirement for liking something aswell. And considering the kind of shit that gets unwarranted attention, I'm perfectly okay with that.

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Sure, I'll bite.
At this point though, you've already formed a negative opinion of what I've had to say, so clearly you'd find any little thing to nitpick about my own stuff just to try and invalidate what I've said. Even though the two have nothing to do with each other.

You don't have to be an expert at something to form an opinion about it. You don't have to be a director to not like a movie.

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Obviously it's different when you're talking about the effectiveness of tools. You don't have to be an expert on something to dislike the end product. No shit. But who cares? If you're going to drone on about how bad it is on a technical level, you're no longer a random giving an opinion; you're a chef speaking among cooks about why you prefer electric stoves over gas. In this case its better to know what you're talking about, otherwise you're at the peak of the Dunning–Kruger effect.

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