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When is too much realism too much?

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I think striving for photorealism is fine in more fantasy/scifi-like art, since you're trying your best to create immersion for your audience into your world. But otherwise realism in more conventional/contemporary means is pretty pointless. Don't remember the exact quote, but something like "what's the point in mimicking reality? it's just going to be boring."

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When the slope is negative on this graph

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> just going to be boring
Not if you are making realistic porn with celebrities or lolis, since it's not accessible irl.

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Do you have the title of the paper?

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Plato defined art as imitation. So that pic doens't make sense.

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Plato also fucking hated artists.

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Plato is literally responsible for Marxism, his opinion doesn't matter.

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Everything goes back to Plato, even fascism with its ideals of pure race and nationhood.

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What a pleb opinion. Realism is stupid if you're mimicking someone breathing air or perhaps walking. But realism in literally anything is great, not everyone goes around killing people. Not everyone jumps huge skyscrapers, and not everyone has went on an extraordinary adventure. The idea that realism is silly is a preposterous statement, it's the ideas on which realism brings to life that make such aspects acceptable. Watching paint dry and creating a breathing simulator? Not so much. Developing a war simulator so people who want that virtual experience can have it? Acceptable. I hate this gay fucking opinion, it's beyond stupid, and I work in stylized asset creation solely, I just know that realism is beautiful because we can convey our ideas to try and reach immersion.

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>tfw you fail reading comprehension
Read the first sentence, holy shit.

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That depends, is this porn?

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>moving the goal post
Either that, or you didn't convey your exact thoughts well enough in that other post.

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Are you a fucking idiot? That's Socialism and Communism, race. Fascism is about accepting everyone of all colors, judging them on their actions, and looking them in the eye. It's about caring for your nation, no matter what country you live in, and strive to bring up your country for future generations rather then bring it down. Fucking Cuck.

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>in more fantasy/scifi-like art
Meaning anything fictional. I guess I should have been less specific in that regard. I heavily agree with realism in fictional contexts, because it helps to sell immersion and I literally say that in my post too.
>immersion for your audience into your world
And sure, maybe I should have been more specific with that conventional/contemporary statement too. I meant that in incredibly plebeian means, like recreating photos or illustrating lifelikes of people and landscapes.
But the point is we're on the same page.

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A high degree of simulation is not enough.

The power of the medium is that you can go beyond realism. Photographers do this, it's how award winning photographs are made.
The photographer has to stage the scene, and then make a hundred million adjustments in post, even composite several images together to form the final image.
The foundation is solidly in "reality" but the final product is more than real.

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Realism is good if you like realism. I don't, but I know plenty of people who do

There's no "right" style, just good technique

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Are you an ESL or what? His post was "Realism is cool BUT it can be cooler", you're literally saying everything he said but in a stupider way.
For the betterment of all, I encourage you to self terminate, you have no value and no place in this world.

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I believe there are two possible definitions.
"Realistic" as less imaginative/down to the real world, or "realistic" as lifelike-looking but depicting something that you wouldn't necessary see in real life.

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Does that pic look like porn to you? Holy shit.

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Plato didn't invent art, so his "definition" is just his opinion.

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Off yourself you ignorant fuck.
> But otherwise realism in more conventional/contemporary means is pretty pointless.
No you stupid twat, you're the one with no brain you uncomprehending fuck. Realism is absolutely fine in every single scenario except on which it's something the entirety of humanity does, and even then, if you can do it in a compelling way, it's acceptable. You are not a gatekeeper, faggot.

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>lol if i insult him enough i'll be right

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>have a retard comprehension
>surprised you get ignored and insulted
Haha. Imagine having no reading comprehension to understand that the person he was replying too thought the person they were defending thought realism was fine in their original post. Imagine having such a feeble, pea brained mind that you didn't realize the person stated realism was worthless/useless in a conventional setting.
>I think striving for photorealism is fine in more fantasy/scifi-like art
>what's the point in mimicking reality? it's just going to be boring.
Off yourself you dense cunt, you have like 90 IQ.

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Fuckin' christ dude, read the response: >>654080

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Doesn't matter, you call me ESL or whatever and you expect me to pretend moving goal posts is fine? The fact that the poster fucked his entire post up and then proceeded to pretend he said the same thing I stated in my post and then has to correct everything he stated in his original post with a new post shows to me that there are two retards here. You, and him. Off yourself you 90 IQ faggot. No one cares about you. :)

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Just for you:
Are me. That other anon that called you an ESL wasn't me. Sure, I made that post while I was a little tired and may have not gotten things entirely right. But you sound incredibly assblasted over like... nothing? Seriously, I don't know if you can tell but you're sperging out hardcore, going "LOLLLL FAGGOT FAGGOT WHAT A RETARD HAHAHAHA" over a small opinion that doesn't even entirely conflict with yours.

Here, here, have a "long post" because I don't want to hear you call me a faggot anymore:
I meant realism in the context of full photorealism. The act of making things as realistic as possible. Completely devoid of simplification and exaggeration, which still remain incredibly prominent in a lot of media (and which I do enjoy too, mind you).
Of course realism is fine. Already said, used in the right contexts it helps immersion a ton. But...
>conventional/contemporary means
Can you even figure out what that means? I really don't think so; let me spell it out for you: Every. Day. Current. Things. Brewing a cup of coffee, scrolling through your feed, admiring the weather. Translate that into art? Painting a landscape, making whatever "simulator" game, there's nothing interesting or unique behind that at all.
That was literally the point of the post. Reread it, like I said (and asking you to reread something isn't "moving the goalposts" by any means, just saying), and you'll find out what I'm saying here aligns with what's in the original post.
And jesus, dude, you can't follow context, can you?
Your post right here. You extracted the quote when it's damn well clear it was part of a different sentence with different context. Congrats, looks like you're movin' goalposts too then.
But whatever, you're just here to call me a faggot because "wow, people are able to foster opinions different from me??" (even though I actually agree with you?)

Enjoy your day like I have mine, anon.

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Firstly, I'm actually quite cordial right now, but I only am rude to unintelligent babble and mindless opinions. I've been dancing to music because our sales numbers have went up and I'm going on a lunch date in a couple hours, so take that for what you will. You may seem to think your opinion is appropriate, but it's pretty much flagrant bullshit, let's dive deeper into your more 'cohesive' response.
Realism in the context of photorealism pursued into avenues that the daily life allots can be very much appropriate and the fact that you think strolling through a photorealistic forest with aura and sounds is worthless/useless/uninteresting is perhaps the most pleb opinion I could witness. Have you ever thought that perhaps people have never been to forests in their entire lives? What about the disabled or the obese? The loners, the failures in society that do nothing but sit in their room all day? To anyone who has never visited a forest or has no time for such activities, a virtual experience of a forest could perhaps be something to soothe the mind and give insight into. Imagining a fully immersive forest in photorealistic complexities and audio, it would perhaps be one of the greatest gifts to the city-dwelling children that games could give. Yes, there is a lot of pretentiousness in the indie-scene where these types of games are quite common, but that doesn't matter. It's about the experiences that humanity cannot partake in on which realism is beneficial; in the future where games become so photorealistic it is hard to discern between reality and virtual space, this will become much more important. You quoted Jean Renoir, a French director, whose hot takes on film and direction were worthless because he solely delved into realism within his works such as The Rules of the Game (good movie by the way).

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Your opinion is nothing like mine, and perhaps in my original post I should have been even more clear, because I too was tired: Realism is a doorway into aspects of life that not everyone experiences. Yes, perhaps a walking simulator that stands on pretentiousness is trite and overplayed. But is not experiences like war, robbery, crime, and athletics a part of everyday conventional life? It is just that these experiences the whole of humanity does not always share, and that's the point: realism is an ability to experience things as 'immersive' as possible, because your life most likely does not include as such. I want you to imagine a game where someone has a complex, romantic relationship with another human being. I'm not talking about those gay ass dating simulators/visual novels, I'm talking about a fully conclusive, relationship simulator on which you can fall in love with an NPC. The gameplay would be a normal life of living, the average to say the most. But there would be quirks, events, scenarios that would always play out, and it would feel like a real relationship. That in and of itself is one of the most conventional aspects of most daily lives, yet how many millions yearn for companionship and love? Too many. Literal millions die alone, never experiencing any true life lasting love. They die cold, afraid, and alone.

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Tell me that a game that emphasizes to attempt to simulate a relationship of love is not conventional, you can't. It's something millions would play though if done well. Reality can always be compartmentalized because of its 'objectivity', in and of itself it is really only subjective (that's another topic though). Which means because of its ability to be broken down into smaller aspects, you do not always need larger than life experiences in video games. Even painting walls could be fun, technically, it only matters if society and further, the individual, finds it an experience worth partaking. Yes, it's virtual. Yes, it seems a bit pretentious to be standing by this argument now, photorealism in games isn't really photorealism, it's still obviously virtual. But conventional is still beautiful, and no matter how much post modernism you may envelope yourself in reality is absolutely incredible. Sci-Fi/Fantasy? I work on Stylized Fantasy for my job, it's absolutely awesome, I love it. Substance Designer is an incredible tool and it's so much fun creating objects that have never existed. But tell me you wouldn't want to play a game simulating the harsh working conditions of China, especially a game where you would play as a kidnapped laborer that must survive authoritarian conditions. I would even play a game where you pursue life as a Muslim in China, they have detainment centers for such and it's incredibly brutal. Even if it's virtual, reality in simulation are experiences that will only become more rooted in helping humanity connect to our world.

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How many thousands are enslaved in a system on which they are forced into labor? Is that not conventional for them? Tell me how reality should be tossed aside just because people live in it? A thousand years from now they will most likely find some of our art, assuming we haven't offed ourselves. If no one painted conventional reality, if no one created realistic art, visualizing aspects of our perceptions right now, how would we know in one thousand years time? Taking looks at Greek and ancient art millenia ago, you see their captivation of reality, the human physique. A beauty in all its glory, the human body. Reality is beautiful, and even if you love SciFi/Fantasy you should never forget that aspect to life. It's all still escapism, perhaps, but it can all still be quintessentially beautiful for anyone to enjoy and experience.

tl;dr; reality is beautiful, even its most mundane aspects.

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>inb4 photos
Photography is art, breh.

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Not imitation, but imperfect copies of perfect ideas. To him, artists were all liars.

(he also loved the harp, and hated homos even though he was a homo)

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hyper realism is boring, I always want a little painting aspect

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no one invented art kiddo
that's fine

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Glad to see most agree. You need some sort of artistic quality, a style, a fantasist direction to steer away from the uncanny valley.

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The collar changed that from cute to disturbing.

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Blame Dead or alive, it's their model and concepts.
I just added braces, and it really shows the intent of Team Ninja in full force.
(Marie-Rose, dead or alive 5)

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>Marie Rose is the shortest female fighter in the Dead or Alive series, standing at only 147 cm (4' 10"), with a small frame. She appears very childlike, and looks younger than her actual age.

Japan being Japan

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just because you're uneducated doesn't mean you have to be mad. You sound like someone from a Trump group on Facebook or something. Fuck off normie.

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Women who wear collars are to be treated as dogs

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>posts a little girl model to gain attention of the majority lolicon demographic, which is 95% of /3/
>"Does this look like porn to you?"
Where do you think you are?

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is that why there are zero loli threads?

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I smell loli

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Which director is that?

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I'm the 5% then. All lolifags need to neck themselves ASAP.

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Alfred Hitchcock

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i want to

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