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Hey guys. I'm a lewd artist who

a) got buttfucked by tumblr
b) got buttfucked by patreon
c) got buttfucked by paypal

I'm extremely nervous and freaking the fuck out. I was working on adult games mainly, and in the process learned to code and do simple 3d assets.

I have amassed a small portfolio of low poly 3d pieces, with very beautiful high quality handpainted textures.

My question is, if I put that stuff on a nice website (and fartstation) and send out some emails, is it possible to get hired relatively quickly? Does that actually ever happen?

I need to start setting up an alternative non-nsfw source of income if I want to stay self employed (and fucking pronto). The alternative is working at the fish factory, but I'd rather become a hobo desu.

Please halp

>pic related
roughly what my stuff looks like. Textures are even a bit nicer I'd say.

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Anyone can literally make that in 15 minutes. You would get hired if it was 1975

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fuck. really? i need to create next AAA characters in zbrush in order to get hired? fuck fuck fuck

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The models, perhaps. The painting, well the other anon is talking out of his ass.

You can hide the low-poly nature of models like those, so a clear venue of work would be as a surfacer for mobile assets.

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that's encouraging anon, thank you. nice! what pityful rate should I ask for starting out? should I bill per asset or hour? any other tips before i make a fool of myself?

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Why can't you do lewd art anymore?

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I can, and I will. But my traffic has dropped to around 15% of what it used to be early november. I was already wondering what was going on as I usually get a steady stream of commissions but that suddenly stopped as they came from tumblr-traffic. Now tumblr anounced they will purge all nsfw content mid december. In the long run I figured it would also be a good idea to start doing 3d art on the side as another 'safe' source of income. I was/am actually a fulltime self employed lewd artists.

Maybe it really is time to get a job though.

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Tumblr is gonna purge all nsfw? Fuck, that's the only thing it's good for. What the fuck are they thinking?

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Depends on what you really expect I know at least 3 companies that would hire you in my country with that level. Depends on what sort of money you expect.

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I want your low poly assets.
My adult game is finished coding/ character pipeline is sorted.
Need environment assets now.

How can i contact you/ get your shit.

Also as another anon said the models no the textures yes.
But don't be worried about using what you already have, don't waste work.
If someone spots models you made in an adult game and you have those models posted on a store for sale it's your excuse no matter what.
You don't have control over what customers use your assets for. GL

P.S: I'm serious, I want those models.

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Yeah, it's pretty fucked. Lots of artists freaking out and even if tumblr isn't an artists main platform, it's shown me that self employment isn't really 'independant' either. Platforms or even google can fuck you over super hard.


What country is that? Considering my 2d art skills I'm pretty confident I could also get a job at a game company in my country. But I love the home office life. I definitely do expect big bucks starting out. If I can make $100-$200 per day I'm more than happy. In a day I can model and texture maybe 2-3 simple assets like bushes, barrels, crates, trees etc (no rgging or animating). Would that rate be somewhat realistic?


Neat! I hope to have an artstation up within a day or two. Atm I have one pretty nice looking bench (stone and wood for the planks (pic related, also so you can get an idea of what my handpainted textures look like), a mace with nails sticking out (fantasy style weapon), and a set of shrubs, bushes flowers and trees in a cohesive style (they look a bit like enviro assets out of league of legends style wise. See pic related. Is this something you can work with kind anon?

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>I definitely do expect big bucks starting out.


I meant I *don't*

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>Hey guys. I'm a lewd artist who
>a) got buttfucked by tumblr
>b) got buttfucked by patreon
>c) got buttfucked by paypal
>I'm extremely nervous and freaking the fuck out. I was working on adult games mainly, and in the process learned to code and do simple 3d assets.

Here are some options for you I came up with when I tried to make a plan for myself:

1st option
keep doing what you were doing on https://fantia.jp which is japanese patreon, so you need to censore your art

2nd option
work toward releasing your adult game on places like steam, nutaku.net for the uncensored content, or dlsite and similar for the censored.

3rd option
migrate your nsfw content to sites like newgrounds, hentai-foundry, post even on boorus, pornhub, naughty machinema, iwara, make your own website. Keep creating nsfw content and expanding your fanbase, while at the same time using patreon, subscribestar to earn money with sfw posts e.g. your >low poly 3d pieces, with very beautiful high quality handpainted textures
just make sure your fans know that by them giving you money for sfw, they indirectly support the nsfw that is posted for free

4th option
wait for sponsorion.com

I advise doing a mix of the above options.
good luck
Aspiring Hentai Game Dev

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>4th option
>wait for sponsorion.com
Very interesting. I wonder how long something like that would last though. These "fully neutral!" platforms always run into some kind of controversy that results in:
1) them entirely backpedalling and adding a ton of restrictions that go against their "core values" (patreon and relevantly tumblr)
2) them sticking to their guns but getting shunned by mainstream providers so fucking hard it's near impossible for them to even continue existing (gab)
Still, not saying that I don't have faith in something like this. Been looking to get on this lucrative digital porn industry and something like this is wonderful news amongst all the other nonsense happening to other platforms. Thanks for sharing, anon.

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I believe in them because they stay out of the gray are, and are aiming for money processing with EmerchantBroker which deals in adult transactions.

Spread the word about sponsorion for uncensored crowdfunding and fantia for the japanese alternative.

what's your game anon? is it original? I love hearing about new adult games

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>If I can make $100-$200 per day
I work on AAAA++ budget characters and I don't even make that much.
Granted, I'm underpaid as fuck, like 10-20 times less than I ought to be, but still, I'm just starting out (and I'm pretty fucking good, that's why I get to put my hands on the characters). And I can tell with 100% certainty that you would look like a fucking casual shitter compared to me.
What makes you think you're just gonna get that kind of cash with some cheap environment porn assets in your 'folio and no experience? Get in fucking line, kid. You'll be lucky if anyone even looks at your crap.
You wanted to make quick cash with porn? Sorry you didn't break it like that one furfaggot who became a millionaire by barely knowing how to slap vertices together in Blender, you got buttfucked? Suck it up. Next time you are born, you'll choose a better career instead of appealing to desperate nerds on the Internet with shit taste.

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Take it easy man, nobody is trying to steal your lunch money

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based "i'm in the INDUSTRY" poster
at least you're not the one who whines about his shitty life and sees himself as morally superior because "i don't do porn :^)))"

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What's that? Yes, I would like Sweet Curry dip with my fries, thank you.

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Fuck off, jew.
Go flip them burgers like everyone else.
Your shekeleer era is over, 3d porn is only for hobbyists now.

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Thank god that porn gets banned left and right everywhere. Time to do some honest work.

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>Not making 200$ a day working in a AAA studio
Absolute cuck.

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Yeah, I should be making 10 times that.
Too bad I only have 6 months of work experience under my belt and not a leg to stand on in salary negotiation. Such is the life in the real world. I don't have pathetic nerds giving me their rent money for cummies.

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>something you can work with kind anon?

On second thought i'm good.
Realized what i'm looking for is more The Sims style of stylized, not too far from real but comfy.

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It depends. It's very hard to get into games and movies these days, and it's very competitive.

But there is plenty of work out there if you know where to took. I find a good primer is:

Lots of smaller scale, local businesses will sometimes need 3D work, but not enough to justify having an in house team. You can get free lance work modeling their stuff.

Your painting in >>653799
is top notch though, so you might be able to get by with just texturing.

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I'm sorry, but Dunning-Kruger is not a skill for which you usually get paid.

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>Mike Herpes
Can this guy's advice be trusted?

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Other industry fag here. I made between 100-200 on my first 3d job while basically being a beginner. Its not that much for a freelancer that has a steady stream of works.

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Not really, you can mass produce models like in the pic you posted and hope someone will buy your assets. But as I said, you need to be a fucking machine who mass produces because it's pretty much like in the stock photos market, it's oversatured.

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Mike Hermes is a fucking joke. Watch his sci fi door or anvil tutorial if you want a good laugh. And as expected he renders in Keyshot like a pajeet.

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But if porn gets banned everywhere, what are you going to fap to?

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Those textures are absolutely lovely.
Did you try stuff like hentai-foundry? There's bound to be people there interested in your work.

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yeah, you have other pathetic nerds giving you and your studio their rent money for degenerate video games that bring nothing useful to this world anyways.

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good luck

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They're game models. Even the quads become tris when they're exported for a game engine.

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You too, huh? I was just starting out myself, and then poof! Wonder how many more labels I'm going to have to add as time goes on.

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No one likes pedophiles. Tumblr did nothing wrong.

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Show us your adult models already OP

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How do I begin 3d design, what tools did you use and how did you learn?
It's always something I've wanted to get into but never knew how to

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Good. F you and your degenerate shit.

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If only where was a post dedicated to information regarding 3dCG.

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Can someone explain how the bushes and the bench are made in the OP? They're taking a lot more space, highlight and texture than the one on the right. Is there a tutorial for this?

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Ignore this guy. Your texture art is decent and it really doesn't matter if 'anyone' can make it, because even when 'anyone' can make it, -someone- still has to.

>I work on AAAA++ budget characters and I don't even make that much.

Dude you can charge like $300 per character model of people's gay ass furry and anime characters on. If you're being paid less than $100 a day you would literally make more money freelancing.

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Character model
1-2k tris
no textures no rigging

how much?

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I'm another anon. I can do a full textured/rigged model like in your pic for $150. Without texturing and rigging (Im assuming you'll need uvs), $80. Email me to: [email protected]

I can animate too. Attaching sample of work I did some time ago. Just some props don't want to get recognized. Not that I'm anyone important.

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Can do props too.

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>lmao with the shit I worked on and the multitude of skills I have and the amount people get for head hacks and shitty blender-tutorial tier models I should charge 30k for gay ass furry and anime characters and nobody better dare bat a fucking eye before I charge double that.
Taking into account the exchange rate, I get just short of $100 a day, but everything's fucking expensive as shit.
Still, I'm not even getting junior rates yet.
All I can do is keep climbing dem ranks.

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lmao with the shit I worked on and the multitude of skills I have and the amount people get for head hacks and shitty blender-tutorial tier models I should charge 30k for gay ass furry and anime characters and nobody better dare bat a fucking eye before I charge double that.
Taking into account the exchange rate, I get just short of $100 a day, but everything's fucking expensive as shit.
Still, I'm not even getting junior rates yet.
All I can do is keep climbing dem ranks.

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If it makes you feel better, I'm an equal opportunity degenerate

I've made a note of your email address.

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Have you tried selling your models on the Unity/Unreal marketplace? I've seen a bunch of low poly asset bundles for games in both.

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Not him but I've been thinking about that for a while. I'm not sure what to make though.

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Are you trolling or something? Those are triangulated quads, they won't be causing any shading or deformation issues. You can also animate/deform them without any issues. All models are getting triangulated in game engines. Triangles are also fine on flat surfaces that won't get smoothed.

This triangles are always bad meme is really getting on my nerves.

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did you made those textures?
everyone can make LP but handpainting is well paid

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Get out, you don't belong here.

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>muh tris are bad
Oh man, you're gonna have a bad time in the industry if you want to do anything besides sculpt renders

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no u

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dude what are you doing, use fucking bump maps wtf

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I would suggest looking into other websites such as sketchfab for example who have a store. All you need to do is do a little research and find out what people like, make a kit of 30-40 models of said stuff and post it for sale.

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> If I can make $100-$200 per day I'm more than happy
> Low poly asset ( Modeled low poly asset )
> Cmon bruh. Wake up

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CGI porn is blessing. I guess it is a phenomenon, like a fortnite and minecraft but for 3d artists.
I have made 4200 in last month for commissions only. But also have working expirience in AA studio as Character artist. And quality level and skils taht is necessary to wrok in studio is way higher than you mat thing.
Same will happening with porn. I can reccomend found another payment system for commissions. Becouse this " phenomenal Market" boost wont be opened forever.
> I dunno. Good luck man.

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Took an amateur 25 min to do this. (mesh + texture + texture finding + texture editing + screenshots)

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But it looks like shit. The ones in OP's pic look good.

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I managed to disprove that faggot then.

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complete trash

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I have no advice to give, only that at least your pic related looks really good. I find that style so cute and nifty and the fact that it's low poly is even better. If I was working on a game with that kind of style I'd DEFINITELY hire you anon.

Actually, here's a suggestion though. It's not the best source of income and the "game" is ridiculous (and so are its mechanics/performance), but you can try Second Life. Making your shit and selling it. They also allow adult stuff.

Or partnership with another creator and paint their items, because your painting/texturing is really good anon.

good luck

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how did you get fucked by patreon? i thought all nsfw except the most extreme rape stuff was safe?

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op here. didn't get fucked by patreon, i just made that up for additional dramatic effect. only tumblr fucked me, but it made me nervous enough to start contemplating creating atleast one sfw project should the banning of porn eventually extend to twitter/patreon/etc. i think it will desu.

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Tf? What went wrong with Patreon?

>> No.659356

This, also, is Anon working with a team or is this a solo project?

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Kill yourself

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Look for jobs in Mobile game startups or the like. Those assets are fine for that and it would take you further down that low poly path.

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>Platforms or even google can fuck you over super hard.
/g/ has been trying to tell everyone this for years

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You can make $200 a day flipping burgers at mcdonalds mate.

Go get a real job and build your portfolio in the mean time, then come back and negotiate.

Accepting small wages only devalues yourself.

>> No.659790

No fry cook at McDonald's is making $200 a day.

>> No.659797


You need to step up your game and do hero props. You cannot get a job doing basic props as they are becoming obsolete with unity store.


Lewd artist, how long you been doing it? You should have built up a fanbase if you been doing it for more than a year.

My advice, get a normal job and work on your 3d skills. Pick up substance painter and designer, learn to make characters if you have a background in anatomy.

You can make money off patreon just need to up your game.Also, why your not making characters if your making an adult game.

You need to up your skill, you can make money on patreon. If you look at new adult game devs some of them can break $400 usd in the first month.

>> No.659859

not Op, but I have some questions. I don't follow any people on patreon, how does the game devs get money of it? Do they provide supporters with beta? Some demo? or is it just posting updates about their game progress? So the supporters don't get anything besides some screens and asset renders?

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well, when you choose to become Adult Artist, you always knew that you were working in grey area.
and you always knew the risk..
deal with it

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Very helpful, Captain It's-Ugly.

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Ironically the pedos are the only ones that didn't get banned

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