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What is the absolute most anatomically correct female model you have ever seen that is free to download?

Not looking for lungs and kidneys anatomical if you know what i mean.

Thanks guys.

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(Also wondering about ones that are made of jelly material so as to be fidgeted with inside of a vr goggle room)

(Currently using a vive if controller size makes any difference)

K ill shutup now and let the magic happen, crossing my fingers guys

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>jelly material so as to be fidgeted with inside of a vr goggle room
Ah yes. I too enjoy fidgeting with my jelly models inside of my goggle room. A true 3dcg must for all aspiring cgi peoples

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Ehehe thanks for reply. (We shall both be monitoring this thread then i presume. Lets sit tight and wait for the magic to happen. All good things come to us if we wait)

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>(Also wondering about ones that are made of jelly material so as to be fidgeted with inside of a vr goggle room)

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I just mean something that can be pushed with a vr pad and have it ripple or sway. Nothing crazy, and not really necessary, was really a side ponder of my main question about the (anatomically) correct and best -free- model to download. If you follow.

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if i understand correctly, he wants an anatomically correct jelly model that can ripple and or sway, when pushed with his vr "pad" inside of his damn goggle room.

this is a common plight.

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Heh, well i think i might have explained it badly. Botched the whole thread as a result. Have to go to bed now, if you guys wana delete the thread i will understand (if not i will surely check in the morning to see if a little magic dust was sprinkled and its my lucky day)

Peace out fellas

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>(Also wondering about ones that are made of jelly material so as to be fidgeted with inside of a vr goggle room

Do you touch the jelly model irl or does it only exist in vr?

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Oh cool, my thread is still here (not like i didnt sneak a handsome peak throughout the night hehe)

lol i should have said "model programmed to be soft". But after reading more /3/ i kind of see now that is harder than it seems. and vr isnt really the goal here primarily. just wanting to hear some of the seasoned experts opinions on here about the best female model that is true to real life, and has -inner beauty- at least a little.. if you are understanding me eheh.

thanks for your reply boss ;)

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I have nothing to add, but this thread is hilarious thanks op.

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Just import a ripped Dead or Alive model, import it into Unity 3D, build boob physics and full body reverse IK, then just import your VR SDK and refine the project to your liking.

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Im looking for something extremely detailed in terms of female anatomy, and im not a boob guy if you know what im saying, im more of a front door/backdoor man.. pardon my french. also the VR part isnt that important. thanks for the reply sir.

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>not that kind of anatomically correct
Use a much or as little of this as you want, if you just want the large intestine delete the rest.

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Not OP, but you should probably link something that needs registration, is closed for registration, and has some weird php landing page with class elements insulting the intelligence of the user.

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Almost everyone on this board has an account for one of those sites

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This is the most cringeworthy fedora tipping incel thread I've ever seen on this board.

I'm pretty new to this one specifically though so

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OP is a special person and is new, just casually saying your link probably wouldnt help

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but youre a gigantic faggot so it evens out right

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Mission accomplished, tab closed.

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and reddit applauded your bravery in admitting defeat. nothing personelle.

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get the gen 3 fem "build a body" from smutbase

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This body is great and does good things with some clever use of cloth physics.

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OP here hey cool, ill sign up (on the 15th i think is next opening) and get that model.. sounds nice hehe cant wait to see

im new yea, sorry i should have researched a bit more. and sorry if i seem kinda stupid i probably am a little.

smutbase. ok i will google that and check it out thank you sir, thanks for the reply and talking to me in the thread

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(Forgot to say that i am thankful for everyone being cool to me and making the magic happen even though u didnt have to do it. Also if anyone needs to delete the thread cause its lame and need to make room for something more legit cgi topic wont even be upset gappy to have had this much interraction so far thanks)

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Hm, can't actually find it. What's its actual name/link?

Nah man, /3/ has no active mods and none of us has the power to delete this thread. It's gonna stay up till it gets archived then 404'd.

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Which, let's be honest will take about a month haha

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I've been testing out boob animation by mixing blend shapes, but I want to start looking into soft body physics. I have access to most modern programs, where should I start?

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Search for scans, there are plenty now

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