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>Did you make this barrel? wagon? whatever its called
Propane tank and dolly cart, yep, I made 'em.
Thank you, Half Life 2 also has props of a visual style I find appealing and therefore inspirational.
If by looking at my stuff you think of that game, it's probably because with 99% likelihood games of that era also used Photoshop to create textures. Substance Painter came out in like 2014 and might be the reason why many games look samey now: many if not most game studios have adopted it as their texture making standard, and for good reason because it's a powerful convenient software, however I don't like using it myself because props end up looking TOO perfect when using it, sterile. I know it'll sound like cope to some, but if the prop looks a bit imperfect, it gives it that bit of charm. It's also nice to know when looking at an item that an actual human being made it, I hate all this fucking automation that's all the rage these days.
Finally, the last reason why I assume Substance makes props from different games look alike is that the artists using it employ the default texture library that comes with the software, so you have all these different games using "wood_texture_1" for objects made of wood, and so forth. Personally, I either picked and downloaded textures from the internet for my personal texture library or have taken irl photos and made my own

Yep, I use a Wacom Pen CTL-480S, cost me 60 euros. I mostly use my pen, but sometimes I use the mouse for example when I wanna draw a full opacity line with the "point to point" method, so the one I explained earlier where you:
- click LMB (left mouse button) on any point on your canvas
- release LMB
- hover your cursor elsewhere on your canvas
- hold Shift + click LMB again; this will result in a line being drawn between those two points (I strongly suggest using a hard round brush for this).
I suggest using a bit of both (mouse + pen) depending on circumstance

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