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>I just wish my general progress was faster.
That's why so few people are artists, Anon. Even disregarding 3d media, you look at someone like Leonardo DaVinci and go 'man I wish I could draw a mona lisa'-- not realizing the dude was an italian neet leeching off of family fortune to sit at home and draw all day. He was 51 when he drew mona lisa. It took him decades to get to that point. It's the same with 99% of all other artists, you have to just grind through years and sometimes decades of producing shit you'll hate (even if some other people will like it) until you get to where you're making something similar to what inspired you.
There's no shortcuts, you either survive through the grind or quit.
Another thing is that not all tutorials are good tutorials, you have to learn / practice the right things; Unfortunately it's tricky to pin-point what's right and what's wrong, as what works for person 1 may not work for person 2, which just adds to the challenge of artistic expression.
But that's also the fun part. Experiment. Try new things. Something will work, something will not, and that's ok. The journey is part of the process.

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imagine the amount of time that will take

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Well, compared to most western tutorials.

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