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>z is up, x is left, y is back

...and? thats the most intuitive approach! i would say, anything else is retarded!

..oh, btw, blender is a free software that is made by people with passion for free software ... when you dont like blender, or how it works, use something else ..fucker!

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...the shit you listed i never experienced! when this would be a problem of blender, every user would have this issues!

you wanna know what shit is about blender, that it crashes! but on the other side, once you learned when blender crashes, you save, you save and save ... when ever you reach a point in the project you know that blender could crash!

..but you seem more like a guy who needs a tutorial every moning before he can do the morning shit, and even than shits himself on the search for the toilett, every single morning!

>Defending blender's gui is low iq behavoir.

....your complain about the GUI exposes you as a brainlet who realy should stay away from blender!

you should try this https://www.3dslash.net/index.php ... that seems on the first look to be something that even guys like you cant fail at!

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