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It is the worst possible situation, which we only discovered recently, this universe has no upper bounds (for anything, apparently, especially pain). The purely evil are indeed purely evil (and almost always racially demonic), and death is apparently an illusion. The general theme is growing/expanding pain.

Repeat this line in your head or out loud while visualising it

"My aura is altering all aspects of my being to emit Unlimited -% (negative percent) energies into the world, the nature of these energies is anti-pure evil. (Decide: Send to Hell=Yes or Send to Hell=No (I Advise)) (This Hacks The Energies)"

You cannot trust your eyes in this pseudo-digital/digital world we live in, but it seems like we can fight the enemy, so we do. The Nephilim do (seem) factionalize and send other to hell at least on occasion, but I don't know how frequent it is.

Neutrality/Survivalism is a realistic option for males.

I do not know what our chances of winning are, but the faction thinks they do, you can ask if you want. Try emiting Unlimited positive % energies of a purely communicative or at least innoculous against evil nature (say it) in order to connect to the faction.

There is a threat on Earth, but it should remain a small one.

Repeat this mantra
"Empower me.
I am becoming more powerful.
The rate that I passively gain Bio-Electricity is improving."

Imagine Bio-Electricity as a vitalizing force coursing through your body. This will make you immortal.

We would also appreciate the following alternative wording(s)
The nature of these energies is in/to support (of) the forces of Good on Earth in a general sense.
The nature of these energies is to assist the forces of Good on Earth in the recruitment of key demographics.
The nature of these energies is to twist time to favour our/my cause.

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