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Oh my, tried a few silly things more like additional bone with IK constraint etc, nothing did work.
> I didn't change anything except global scale of the Mixamo's rig. Even though it didn't fit my character perfectly (for example skeleton legs were slightly in-between actual legs), it automatically mapped weights just fine and animation looked pretty good.
Then I just repeated this whole process of reimporting the rig and animations and only did scale it without moving shit around, and also did a bit more work to center it precisely, and everything works as I want now! Maybe the problem with last 2 tries before was that I incidentally fucked up animations themselves a bit in the graph editor, or the rig being slightly off-center also contributed to bad result... Now that feet are perfect I started moving hand bones and remapping weights and checking that feet are unfucked after each step and so far it's all good. Here's what it looks like now.

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