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Alright, a little progress on this, but somehow I've dug myself into a hole. The biggest factor in how the CR presets look is down to the RGB curves (what a surprise). Meaning all the extra shit is pretty much a non issue.
Apparently curve adjusters aren't built equal, though, even when you use the exact same settings/curves.

Pic related is a comparison between Adobe Camera Raw's curves (which I'm trying to "port" over to Blender's), Photoshop's curves adjustment layer, and finally, Blender's RGB curves. All three are the same image, sRGB with no transforms.
As you can see, they're all different. Even within Photoshop their own curve adjusters are completely different in both CR and the adj. layer. As you can see, the curves are the exact same, and the histograms (between CR and PS) are pretty similar.

What I don't fucking get, is why the fuck Blender is so different. It's a fucking mystery that I have no clue how to solve. It's as if its curves act fundamentally different to how it works in literally everything else. I've found a few posts online of people saying the same thing, but all the replies are essentially "no u".

Anyone know what the fuck is going on here? Like at worse, I had expected it to look like PS's curves, "close but not quite there". Not what I'm seeing now.

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