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So I made a skeleton for my game and now I want some animations. I downloaded a bunch from Mixamo, scaled and applied their rig to my model and overall everything works fine. Except one small but important detail. Feet are kinda floaty in z-coordinate and not consistent regarding it in various animations. For example if I move model to make feet perfectly align with ground during walking animation, I will get them slightly above the ground in sword attack animation because knees are bended more at all times in that one. Moreover in those attack animations feet are moving sligthly inside the ground and slightly into the air. Is there any good way to fix this without needing to edit every keyframe in animations? I think this is a general question of principle/approach, but if that's important I'm working in Blender. I think there should be some way to lets say ask feet bone to be as close to given z-coordinate as possible and everything else animate around that "pivoted" bone.

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