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Modeling and remodeling props is great because even basic things can have very different requirements, so it gives you a lot of coverage in learning without overwhelming you most of the time, building you up for more complex things. Speaking of complex things, how bad is architectural modeling? I've not done buildings in their entirety yet, I assumed 80% of that would be in the texture work, but I'm talking out of my ass I wouldn't know. I really really want to learn character modeling, which feels like an uphill battle in Maya instead of something like Zbrush, but maybe that's unironically just a skill issue.

And thanks so much for the feedback, this is the kind of review and articulation I'm incapable of that I really need to learn and understand. Like I said, I was pretty much relying on myself for reflection all this time so I appreciate someone with a much better frame of reference giving me pinpoint advice.

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