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I work in a 3D company and Im not really happy with that (mostly doing props, backgrounds and environmental stuff). Im honestly planning to quit and search for something better, so meanwhile I started a side twitter account without linking my real portfolio (behance, artstation).

Im not a pro but absolutely not a beginner, and I know most of the most succesful accounts are the porn ones but :

>Biggest accounts are just porn animations using premade models.
>They dont even know how to model a single thing by themselves, not even the basic workflow, baking, texturing or rigging. Just a camera, some lights, rotate limbs and its done.
>Those "modelers" who provide them new models are just people who headhacks fortnite/lol/resident evil heads onto daz models. Thats all.
>Then theres this other 'faction', the voice actors. Most of them girls (or dudes with filters idc), they have more than 50K followers, so you basic need to collaborate with them if you want to grow and make them RT what you did.
>Finally their public, the normies dont care or dont even know how the model was done. They just think every "modeler" does it from scratch when in reality all of them are stealing copyrighted characters, clothing, hairs, textures or rigs. This is worse than 2D artists panicking about AI stealing their art, this is straight steal.
>All of them grow fast. I mean, 5k-10k likes per tweet easy. ~20k-100k followers in less than a year.

So. At the end, the real 3D artists is left modeling a character, maybe a base mesh, baking the details, rigging it, posing it, texturing everything, struggling with all the small details, figuring out how to fix that pose, that finger doesnt look right or the physics dont work the way they should. And for what? Maybe 100 likes, 500 if you are veeery lucky. Even when doing nude characters and boobs its completely impossible to go against these people.

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Any 3d generalist here? I work as a environmental and architectural artist and I cant help to keep procrastinating in those parts I dont like.

Right now Im stuck at the rigging and UV mapping. Its been a week already and I never find the proper time for start doing that, so I always end up starting another project or wasting time doing other things. Everytime I open my file I dont feel Im capable of finishing it.
Any ideas for this? Which are your least favourites stages of a 3d project?

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