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>Why is this so common?
Good question.
I think the YouTube video essays that have plagued the platform circa 2013 onwards are at least in part to blame, I'm saying 2013 specifically because that was when that MrBTongue guy uploaded that Mass Effect 3 Ending Criticism video, which was quite popular. Fallout 4 criticism videos further popularized this mentality of only criticizing content without creating anything original by themselves. I'm using ME3 and Fallout 4 criticism videos as examples but they're only the tip of the iceberg, there are way more examples of that type of content not only when it comes to videogames but also when it comes to movies, anime etc.
I think people get a rush out of being a critic due to it being the entertainment equivalent of a judge, and when you're a judge you feel powerful, feeling powerful feels good. Critics have the luxury of getting the benefits of "working" in the entertainment industry (fame, money) with none of the drawbacks (doing any labour, doing labour with the risk of it all being for nothing at the end if your project fails). With the increase of NEETs more people are trying to get into this "business" so as to not have to get a real job instead, that's why you get so many FALLOUT NEW VEGAS IS A MASTERPIECE videos flooding your recs, it's a cheap way to suck off your equally NEET audience for clicks and money. Such content creators will also shit on whatever is popular to shit on at the moment too, they're regurgitating widely accepted points and get some pats on the back in the process.
I admit I too watch such videos where these critics suck me off by reinforcing my beliefs, but I'm aware that it's all lip service and that at the end of the day it's all useless, their criticism created nothing new, it only "remixed" an already existing thing.

In the end, people are either too lazy, too scared not to fit in that they give up on trying altogether, or just plain unimaginative to create something new

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