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Hey nothing wrong with kissing my ass, I love getting my ass kissed! Just kidding, but seriously there's really nothing wrong with complimenting someone if you think they did a decent job, don't let this site's often overly negative attitude warp the sense of worth you assign to things
>psx graphics
Yeah PSX graphics are a bit too low fidelity for my tastes, I think graphics peaked with the PS3 era, anything beyond that is just diminishing returns. PS3 graphics is what I aim for as to me they strike the perfect balance between visual quality, performance and ease + time of creation. If I want PBR maps for the textures I made, I just run them through Materialize and call it a day, without having to do all that fucking sculpting and baking shit, it's just such a tedious workflow that really does not seem like a viable way to make game meshes to me, it simply takes way too long: by the time I sculpted + retopoed + baked a single mesh I could've already modeled and textured a whole bunch of other meshes. Color + height + roughness maps is all I need, normal maps are overrated, impressive maybe but not worth the effort to create. Maybe using Substance would make my life easier but I've already spent so much energy learning Blender, I really don't wanna learn yet another software so I'm sticking with what I already do know, i.e. Photoshop. It's so nice because it's such a simple straightforward way of making textures, I recommend it to everyone who wants to get started with texturing. It doesn't even have to be Photoshop: GIMP, Krita, probably SAI too, they all work just fine in conjunction with Blender

See >>962741, point 6), but yes references are everything, if your references aren't good your models and textures will be shit. Reference gathering is 50% of the work

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