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Not sure if you have seen where the hell is matt.
This was a viral video from 2008.

I honestly have no clue how it was done.
It's pretty clear some CGI was involved, but not sure where.

It's not possible for a civilian to do funny dances on north korea military zone and NASA training airplanes, so It's pretty clear some CGI stuff was used.

However, the level of quality is beyond any photorealism I saw from big major movies from 2008, not even sure if the technology was even capable of such realism.

Even if we use some green background removal shit, and even if we use paid actors, there's a huge number of nation actors here, in age and costumes, so not fucking sure how a youtuber got random japanese maids and spaniards and african kids from multiple black nations and argentinians and some tribal guys.

Not sure how he did that.
Also, some of the dances seem to repeat and I'm not sure if some of the dancing seem to be able to dance in something that not sure, but there's clearly some hand crafted cleaned mockup there.

Also, he seem to reach to background elements like rain and hours of the day.

So, how the fuck was he able to do this using 2008 CGI I assume maya.

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