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It's a compromise artform between automation and artistic vision, if you draw you have to draw everything yourself, no exception; even when doing it digitally, automation is largely limited to some color correction and basic shapes, where even at a beginner level of 3d art you can take 4 models of trees + 1 tiling grass texture and scatter them with a modifier to create a background forest in <5 minutes.
>I've been struggling with a simple assignment
The problem you're facing is you aren't doing projects you yourself are excited to do, that's true for any artistic medium. Eg. if you're into rock and roll and you get into music, only to be told you'd be playing nursery rhymes for 2 years, that's not gonna motivate you. Think of what you want to use the medium for and the skills you'll learn with trash projects that'll transfer onto the things you want to do with it.
Or just realize you're not the kind of person who can into art and do something else with y our time.

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You're a retard and you've jewed yourself. TLDR is
>Stop using social media to compare your 'progress' to other people
most shit you'll se posted on social media is highly cherry picked and/or the 0.001% of autists who do nothing but <the thing> and get gud in short amount of time by virtue of having no fucking life outside of it
>I can have a front and side reference for a character and be unable to model it properly.
Hard truth is: Keep at it. You will suck. You will fail. But that's how you learn. Some people do click faster with what they're doing wrong, that's true, but for most in any artistic medium it can take years of daily practice to start producing something they themselves are satisfied with.
There are lucky faggots who just 'get it', but they're a vast minority.

Post some of your work somewhere (here?) and ask for feedback, try to apply feedback, just saying 'my work sucks' is not helpful, you've got to figure out why it sucks, and take steps to unsuck it if you truly want to make it.
Also there's a big difference between having a technical understanding of the software UI and having the artistic skill of bringing projects to life, from the sounds of it you're a tech nerd who knows how to work the software, maybe look into fundamentals of things like composition / color / etc, actual art topics, and try to apply them to you work.

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