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>however I don't like using it myself because props end up looking TOO perfect when using it, sterile. I know it'll sound like cope to some, but if the prop looks a bit imperfect, it gives it that bit of charm.
No Anon that's not cope, that's literally the #1 rule of good art, it has to have flaws / variation, else like you say it just doesn't feel real
I would say that more than just textures, a lot of 3d artists think that high fidelity / high quality textures alone will carry their work, completely disregarding actual work on materials / artistic presentation
>Finally, the last reason why I assume Substance makes props from different games look alike is that the artists using it employ the default texture library that comes with the software
That's probably also correct, though I think they're just hacks. A lot of game studios outsource this to pajeet / chinese / russian sweatshops where the name of the game is cheap and fast, rather than artistic
Why shit like WC3 reforged looks like generic slop vs the original which at 10% of the polygon and texture resolution had massively more artistic value

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