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Thanks man, that's very flattering to hear, finally some fucking recognition!

Close, my main source of modeling and texturing inspiration is Fallout 3, which only came out one year after FEAR. I'm a huge Fallout 3 fanboy, I also love New Vegas, but 3 has a special place in my heart.

My process is as follows:

1) make the model

2) UV unwrap my model in such a way that it makes it easy to make textures for them within Photoshop. That's right I don't use Substance but I use Photoshop Elements 10 instead, using my own library of textures I've either taken from the internet or made myself by taking pictures of irl stuff and making the necessary adjustments to make them suitable for 3D work.
I make sure my UV islands are nice and flat. Once the UV layout is set up, I export it as a 2048x2048 resolution PNG file. I use texture atlases for my objects depending on their field of use, so multiple objects use the same texture image (example: all my electronics objects use the "PSD_PropsElectronics" texture atlas that I have made specifically for them)

3) Now in Photoshop I make a 2048x2048 PSD file. I import our UV layout inside this new PSD file, occupying its own separate layer. Make absolutely sure the UV layout is perfectly aligned in your PSD file, or there will be a disconnect between the texture as you see it within Photoshop and how it's applied in Blender.


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