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animation is potentially great, but it takes a long time. I've been learning how to use a FEM solver slowly since 2022 and this is as far as I've gotten - no hands, no feet, no clothes, untextured, only 35 frames long, no facial animation, artifacts here and there. This is as far as I've got, a punch animation.

I want to do superhero stuff with particles and RBD as well, so I'm going to have to keep on practicing but there is a big scripting component to all of this as well, both in maya and in houdini

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Fixed the forearm collapsing in >>961570. Discovered a new way to automatically handle self collisions. Still getting some geo collapsing for a few frames during fast action, but I think I can fix them with more substeps.

Going to try and get the actual hands and feet back and replace the face next by creating a skin cluster mesh and wrapping my sim to it and then painting out areas

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