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2000 faces for a game ready gun model is too much innit? It WILL have to be right up in the player's face so it's reasonable to go higher on the poly count there, but what is the standard really for FPS gun models?

>do a little research
Results were inconsistent, various users claim vastly different numbers when it comes to reasonable poly counts for vidya guns.
However, I stumbled upon an interesting thread on Polycount going over some polycounts of some older games, listed in alphabetical order:
Half Life 2's pistol model including the arms has 2000 polygons, whether those polys being referred to are triangles or quads unfortunately isn't specified.
I also saw another comment someplace else claiming Arma 2 used 8k polys for guns, 10k for characters and 20k for vehicles; seeing the visual fidelity of Arma 2 this time I'll assume those polys are quads

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