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Overall, here are my conclusions on proper workflow with imported Mixamo rig/animations:
1. Import the animation file, it will come with their default rig
2. Uniformly scale the rig to you model, it will not fit exactly, but that's ok, prioritize to match hips and everything below
3. Now you can move bones in upper body a bit to make hands match to model, moving those will not break the feet
4. Apply with automatic weights
5. Now import other animations, link them to your armature in nonlinear animation editor, delete their rigs afterwards
6. Apply scale to your rig, now your animations are broken
7. Fix animations one by one in graph editor using method described in https://blender.stackexchange.com/a/268321/185021
8. Now you can weight paint and edit vertex groups to improve mapping of your model to rig
What a wild ride, huh.

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