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We are Psychopathic Geniuses.

Only 1/31,560 people have a 160+ IQ, and only 1% of the population has psychopathy. Assuming probabilistic independence, about 1/3,156,000 of the population satisfy both criteria, meaning there are only around 2,535 of us in the world. Are you one of us?

Every human interaction induces a game. The player who wants to win the most sets the rules. Affective empathy and other forms of neuroticism set the bar for your capacity to take action. This bar is concerningly low for most people, bordering on the self-sacrificial if not outright masochistic. In effect, when faced with a purely rational opponent, such a person can never win. No intelligence makes one impotent; no lack of affective empathy and other irrational biases makes one incapable of competing at the extremes. In this sense, psychopathic geniuses are the ideal people, a superior people.

We labor to create an engaging environment for such extraordinarily esoteric individuals—a place free from the impotence of the ordinary, a place free from the irrationality of neurotypicals. We may look friendly on the surface, but make no mistake—there are no lengths we won't go to if you piss us off.


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