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Looking at it the next day, you're right. Guess I got big headed. I probably need a lot more experience before I successfuly manage to do something like this. Well, at least it was an attempt out of my comfort zone, thanks for the reality check.
Thanks. Yeah, it's me, I reused the same shoddy materials from that project. The guy above is right, I'm far off the mark. And I see what you mean about the upper part of the head in general, I think that aside from the shoddy eyelashes and eyebrows, it also might be a bit too big. Probably because I did nothing but anime before, where generally heads taper down from a gigantic round brain box to the chin, and it's hard to kill that habit. Pic is the last anime model I made where it's clearly visible how it tapers down. Well, poor excuses aside, I'm gonna try to work on the parts you mentioned, thanks again.

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