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Spent the whole day setting up UVs, Materials and textures for a whole bunch of public toilet related shit, already fully textured a few. Will properly texture the others tomorrow.

Also goddamn son some simple ass pipes add more character to your props but also really shoot up the polycount, even basic 8 face cylinders make the object geometrically much heavier. See that shitter? It has 400ish faces, all because of the pipes. The cylinders I previously used were 12-faced before I reduced it to 8 faces it and almost halved the polycount, but it's still a lot and you can't really go any lower than that before the pipes start looking dog shit. Ah well, it's not like public toilets are populated by a lot of clutter anyway, so since in such scenes there aren't many objects to begin with it's acceptable, not optimal, but acceptable

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