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Huh, that tut is "new" to me. I've kinda been out of the loop for a bit, so I've missed a lot of the new techniques and shit that have been popping up since like November/December.
I've definitely ran into that issue before where img2img pushes things too far or not enough, but my "fix" for it was largely to just turn the denoise strength down.
The post date of the vid is really fucking early though (Sept 14). I think people started checking out AI in droves around mid August. The vid is still probably using SD 1.3.
So I guess I just missed this tech the whole time.

I'm playing around with the alt function now, and I'm able to get the result to change, but not in the way I'm specifying (though I guess using Gunt for the test isn't the greatest control). I just recommend using the suggested settings and then messing around with the decode stuff.
Watching the generation, it looks like it creates a version based on your prompt, overcooks it into some noise, and then maybe some kind of fancy boolean or something happens with the data.

I'll have to play around with it more, and I recommend you do as well. If I can get it working I see it being of great use in my own workflows.
For what it's worth, thanks for pointing that out to me, even if I wasn't able to help your problem.

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