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due to 'tism shifting into overdrive I've decided to try learning 3d modeling to make a scale figure of a videogame character I like.
I have no experience whatsoever and I will probably drop and pick up the project at least five times before making some progress.
With that said I found a 3d model ripped from a game. I was planning to start fucking around with Blender but I'm having trouble importing the file.
It is a .mesh file along with some .png textures.
Reading up online, I found out that the file type is used by a program called XNALara but unfortunately it's only for Windows and I'm currently on Mac.
I also found out that there's a Blender add-on to import the .mesh files but it's not for the Blender release I have, so I've downloaded a supported Blender release but I get errors when importing the file after installing the add-on (pic related).
Apparently there's also a program called Nifskope that could use to convert the .mesh to .obj but I'm having trouble setting it up.
I've also tried installing the JoroDox extension for Chrome and it's still running.
Does anyone with experience with .mesh files has some tips on how to get started?

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