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I want to start doing learning 3D modelling since I want to design small accessories and jewelry, mainly the kind of stuff that would be injection moulded.
So, what software should I be using? Blender seems to have a lot of tutorials available but a lot of people also decry it as having an unintuitive interface. It also doesn't seem to be that good for when you need exact measurements, which I'll undoubtedly need to be able to fit in pre-fab components such as snap buttons etc.
AutoCAD is unfortunately Windows only, which I'm not going back to ever considering the dumpster fire it seems to have become since I left. FreeCAD might be sufficient for my needs, but would using a straight-up CAD program actually be good for my use case which isn't really that technical?

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I want to design accessories and such (that would mostly be injection moulded) using 3D software. I have a bit of experience with vector graphics and I like being able to like, move vertices around. Anything specific I should consider?

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