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I see, thank you for this post.

I'm just worried that it was a "teaching a monkey to do algebra" deal and that if basic things weren't clicking by now, maybe they were never going to click. But now that you point it out, I'm starting to realize I kind of isolated myself where I'm my only critic, yet I don't have the frame of reference to articulate what's problematic and google searching only alleviates so much. I wouldn't want to post my best work here since it's probably a reverse search away to find my real identity, but I am going to be modeling today so whatever I make today I'll post ITT.

Yeah you may be right, I think navigating Maya's UI is probably the only thing I'm kinda relatively confident at (though there's a lot of room for improvement on fixing my topology issues) which maybe made me think I should be producing better quality work than I am, even though artistically I'm frankly pretty clueless. I just feel frustrated like I must be wasting my time if people can make better in such little time, but then as you say, I could be just obsessing over being as good as a tiny fraction with autistic amounts of talent. Every time I model I do learn something that I end up applying to my models in the future. I just wish my general progress was faster.

Anon that's amazing, the textures are just... pic rel. I only put Klaymen in the OP because my meme folder is lacking and I was listening to the Neverhood and Skull Monkeys OSTs, I really appreciate this, it's really inspiring. Thank you for posting.

I am absolute ass at drawing. There was a time when I was really determined to learn and was lurking /beg/ on /ic/ for a while but, like 3D modeling, I was hitting a wall and struggling to improve. I still use 2D to conceptualize but I'm not skilled at it at all, and I've probably been coping like a retard by reading about extremely lucky people who can model perfectly with 0 drawing talent as an excuse not to learn it properly.

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