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>>Just finished a tutorial
>>Same exact filename exists
>>Opens file
>>wew lad
>>I already watched that tutorial 4 months ago
>>Forghetti Spaghetti

I wish I could specialize in one godsdamn thing instead of learning all the things

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>managing to forget a project from just 4 months ago
based dementia poster
i bet OP's forgotten even posting this thread

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Happens to me all the time. As long as the project gets done and the cash comes who gives af

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it's pretty funny on the first glance but actually sad
is there a good drug for memory or some training? anyone used something like this, does it help?

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Methylphenidate, sold as Ritalin.

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It's called Practicalin. What you do is take it, then do the same thing a few times and then you'll remember it.
Remember, "Practicalin makes perfect!".

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>got in to a art school
>it’s worse than private educational institute in my county and 10 times more expensive

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Was going to say “country”, fuck autocorrect

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paying money to learn art is the worst thing you can do honestly.

if its not a world renowed cg school, then get the fuck outta there and ask for a refund

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if only I could pay for someone with a big stick to slap me every time I start procrastinating or pay some studio that is in constant state of crunch to let me in and drown me in their projects that would be one of the best investments in my artistic career and improve me greatly
some people, maybe even most need that big rude uncle who hits them every time they stop improving

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I agree, freedom with no deadlines or responsibilities requires good self discipline

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Hey guys I've been making some custom models for the upcoming game Hytale! Really wanted to share them with people and get feedback!

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Nice feets

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Not sure if this is a joke or not but these are direct WoW rips.
1. Gorehowl
2. Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Wibdseeker
3. Warglaives of Azzinozh.
This is the iron axe from skyrim I think.

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the first three ones certainly look like it.
OP is a ripper.

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In photoshop

>resize texture to something much smaller like 128x128, 64x64 or w/e, keep it powers of 4.
>set resample to "nearest neighbor"
>you can make it bigger again with the same resample setting and it won't blur the edges

If you want it to look pixelated in whatever 3d software/game engine you use you need to make sure the materials have mipmapping disabled, or set them to nearest neighbor again, depending on what you're using, or the result will have blurred edges between colors.

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There's no "looks like it" about it, these are literally the models.

It's not wow-like, just actual wow assets.

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has any anon got this?
is it any good?
do you recommend?
why arent there any book sharing threads?

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clickbait in book form

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have they stopped making all these books? There used to be a new Introducing or Mastering Maya 2016,2017 etc every year ?

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seeders are overrated

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Most of my books come from /ic/ but I strongly believe that 2D and 3DCG have interconnected disciplines and underlying principles.

Pushing Points(probably the only truly "/3/" book in this list. topology and all it takes.)
Game Programming Gems(there are several volumes, one of the most interesting imo is 8th by Adam Lake: very useful if you are interested in how things really work inside and maybe wish to write your own shader or solver at some point)
[Koos Eissen\Roselien Steur] Sketching series(Despite intended clearly for 2D product designers, LOTS of useful ideas and actually working techniques for ideation and creativity training, never expect anything less from these guys, new ideas is their job after all)
[Scott Robertson]How to Design(Robertson employs all sorts of tricks to get his concepts done and in this book he shares at least some of his secrets, they will help you too since every model starts from concept)
Illusion of Life & Animator's Survival Kit(Animation, basically a twin bible at this point, authors don't need to be mentioned everyone know them anyway)
[Mike Matessi]Force - Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators(gesture\rhythm\energy of life\whatever you name it applies to our stuff too!)
[Joseph Gilland]Elemental Magic(2D VFX, but it's still worth reading out since they tell about underlying principles and beautiful books worth reading overall)
[Marcos Mateu-Mestre] Framed Ink(composition, mainly composition. explains almost everything you need to know about this tricky beast)
[Uldis Zarins\Sandis Kondrats]Anatomy for sculptors(very good atlas)


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so im currently working on a transforming robot but im getting very antsy over some parts and how the hell am i supposed to hook up machinery to the shell in a believable way. i have to top of this shell pretty much done

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switch on the automatic edge breaking.

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Idgaf edgelord

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then why should people give a fuck and help you?
I could, but i don't because you are disrespectful and piss me off with your attitude.

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the hell am i looking at?

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Its a kinder egg

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So.... Blender is not used in professional environments, hu! James Cameron design team uses it what do you think now


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>autodesk using blender
this will never fucking happen

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That's just probably open bionics that is using blender.
Not Cameron's studio.

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I actually prefer using Clip Studio Paint, a painting program, as an image editing software rather than installing that shit.
When I'm to lazy to install photoshop on a fresh machine anyways.

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(((Andrew Pricestein)))

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Juan (((Linietsky)))
Ton (((Roosendaal))) (Rosenthal)

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How can I make it spherical?

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You just killed a thread for this garbage-tier post

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Since avoiding insane poly counts is vital for game modelling, what do you find easier - straight up polymodelling or sculpting something out and then performing retopology? What parts about one method make you prefer it over the other?

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Not very effective. Breath of the Wild's models look great and the game still manages to run like hot garbage on all available systems, despite the environments looking terrible and a low draw distance to compensate for them.

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I didn't make that. I just needed something for the OP image, preferably related to the topic.

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None of that is due to an excessive amount of polygons on screen.

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Are you the autist from the other thread desperately defending a sculpting workflow for hard surface?
>barely anyone in the industry these days polymodels hard surface
Couldn't be further from the truth.

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I model with sculpting and baking in mind. Usually my low poly doesn't need any extra work after high poly is done.

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I have noticed in the last year or so many arch viz artists are moving form vray to corona.
Do you think its better? what about vray next- Gpu is pretty fast and the viewport live render is a good addition to. how about Fstorm?

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Then imagine doing literally nothing but adding a single default cube to the scene and suddenly everything is fixed

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>Actually you'd be surprised, how many people use eeve for arch viz.
Considering it's not even stable, I would assume it's a pretty low number. In other words, you won't convince anyone, Blendlet.

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Which renderer has the most autistic PBR system that doesn't have any ```artistic''' non-scientific crap?

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None because the margin of error in these "physical" controls is way outside the boundaries of what actually gets measured with real materials. If you don't allow fudge factors you can't actually achieve photorealism. Most of these artistic controls retain conservation of energy anyway.

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For a system that claims to provide a unified interface for materials it sure does suck at it
None of the physics and computer graphics courses in the world can prepare you for all of these retarded variations of the same sliders, and it's a wonder that there aren't publicly available basic materials for random shit like grass

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What is the best way to make fur shells in Blender? I can't seem the find any tutorials or information on this. Everything I turn up involves baking everything from the fur mesh to a single texture and mesh, nothing really covering shells.

Pic related is my attempt at baking a hair particle system converted to a mesh then baked to 5 textured shells only baking the direct diffuse light. So far after messing with the bakers in blender such as AO and Normal, this seems to yield the best results, but I am sure better can be done.

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...and the FPS is effectively halved on a mid-range gamer card. No, thanks

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Fucking this.

What about games on phones with fuzzy characters or objects? Then what genius?

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>What about games on phones with fuzzy characters or objects? Then what genius?

Then you stop being a faggot and go google breakdowns from fucking 2004. I believe there is one from Shadow of the Colossus.

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The shell method is way older. So much older that I wrote an article for a magazine in the 90s about it.

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Because they don't actually do 3D, they just shit on other people because their life has no joy.

>B... Bu... But-but i do 3D I'm not retarded!!
show your work
>I can't because all my work is for my job and I can't show that.
why should I believe you

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give me a plausible reason not to use sketchup

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I dis better on paint...

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you will come into problems if you want to do anything detailed or if you have to use another architects model that isnt clean and they usually arent.

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Rhino can do product design which Sketchup really can't do at all plus it's fine/better for architecture anyway

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Any tutorials to make a female body with CAD? Used a CAD software to model some robots before but I wonder if this could work for more organic stuff

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Any recommended tutorials for creating hard surfaces in ZBrush?

I've tried shadow boxes and using the clip curve thing but they don't look as clean.

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>hard surfaces in ZBrush

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Check out this guy, see if you can keep up with his speed of teaching.

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just look into Zbrush Youtube official channel. there is whole class about.

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/ic/ here, I'm slowly mastering the trad art, at what point should I advance into blender and 3dsmax (know some basics, but still grinding hands and faces and perspective daily and it keeps me busy)? And what should I consider if I want to do /3/ stuff for living? I'm 25, no time for failures or changes of mind, anymore.

Are video games and TV (quite common in here) the only jobs that make use of 3d stuff?

Is 3D printing (modeling in CADs) an employable skill outside of niche marketing companies?

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>I make extra money selling my renders on posters, shirts, and all sorts of stuff.
Not OP, but I'm interested in this. What sites would you recommend? I heard of Redbubble, but this is a space I really know nothing about.

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3d printing is a rough business. You can practice on FDM machines that run like, 300 bucks in your garage and get some experience with the software side of things in NURBS modelers, but its all hot garbage. The people who are really good at this are making art/culture/sculpted adnois won't touch FDM. Those designs are extremely hi-poly meshes and fragile with too much detail to print. Requiring SLA (or even stacked powder printing) just to exist. And guess what- that's where the money is. That's the whole point of 3d printing, no one wants shitty home depot DIY plastic cases. So on top of this crazy high poly modelling that's super fragile, you gotta learn about injection molding (because your print is just a master copy that will be mass produced without a 3d printer). There is kind of a similarity between 3d printing and those anime resin figurine kits from the 90s. Artist makes the master model, breaks it into castable pieces, and uses vacuum tank with silicon to make the mold, then shoots hot epoxy into it a million times. But in your case, you will probably be running a bank of form 2 printers or if your lucky an HP inkjet that comes out perfectly after you model it and all you gotta do is mail it to the people casting it.
If you actually like blocky CAD nurbs 3d modeling, you should get into solidworks and CNC fabrication. They use tiny drills to actually make a steel mold of your blocky thing with gcode and pathing and kerf and all that horseshit I hate dealing with.
>zbrush is the best and only way to make hi poly SLA/powder 3d printed models. Blender is what you bring your model in for rendering it can't create this kinda stuff.

>> No.667516

I use Redbubble and Threadless.
If I gotta be honest, Threadless is a little better in terms of margins, but Redbubble is decent just because of the variety of shit to put it on, and it's just a "set it and forget it" kind of thing.
I've tried to get into Patreon for a bit more consistent income, but I can't really figure out what to really give out on there.
I also want to try my hand at printing out some of my work and selling it locally at art fairs and the like, but I haven't gotten around to it, and haven't really found a place that prints cheap enough.

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Wow, really cool that I got these answers I expected /3/ to be much slower.

>If you've got a good enough grasp on form, lighting and volume I'd say jump in. I would keep doing traditional art as well though, as it's a different mindset to 3d and might help you later on.
>the job part
Sooo, is it sort of like... the freelancer thing for /ic/? I'm OK with it as I'm only mildly sociable and I fear corporations, but isn't it difficult to find commissions? At least, right now I'd have no clue where to look. I'm EU, btw.

Sounds like a huge upfront investment, doesn't it? Is it mostly for industrial customers or do people who want these models/molds are also smaller businesses?

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>Sooo, is it sort of like... the freelancer thing for /ic/? I'm OK with it as I'm only mildly sociable and I fear corporations, but isn't it difficult to find commissions? At least, right now I'd have no clue where to look. I'm EU, btw.
Dunno about the /ic/ freelancer thing.
But all I can say is do your best to build a following. Commissions will come with that, though it helps to remind people from time to time that you're available. A good way to get a quick boost of followers is like I said, follow trends. Do artwork tied to popular franchises like Nintendo games or popular anime. You'll build a following rather quickly as they're generally high profile and have a wide audience. Then as you feel comfortable with your work using popular stuff, gradually shift focus to what you really enjoy doing. Obviously you'd have some bits of that in your work beforehand so the transition is smoother. So for example if you like doing environments, maybe recreate areas from games or something, then later do original environments.

In any case, it's good to be aware of what you can and can't do. Don't take a commission if you don't think you can do it justice. It's also important to always stay professional, conduct yourself like a business, not a high-schooler.

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Working on recreating my room in blender as a bit of practice (all I've done before is the donut)

any suggestions? I'm trying to make all the materials procedurally using nodes, should I just suck it up and stop fucking around with that and download some premade materials?

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Also, every time I try to apply a material to one face in 2.8 the whole fucking program crashes, so I'm being forced to make each face I want to material differently into seperate objects. pls help :(

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there's a WIP thread for this.

there's a /blender/ general for this

sorry for being a dick.

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This, please

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Can you share yours?

>> No.667388

One detail, I delete (or not download... I'm not sure, because I'm not attracted for) Asagumo and Yamagumo, but Minegumo not are modeled(or I not found)

>> No.667390

>>667388 This contains the original files in japanese, I forget to mention that.

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guys i want to make sweet shinny monster skin and guts but i cant find any good resources on painting subdermal epidermal and scattering maps.

p.s. im not rendering in blender guys sorry

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>bake a curvature and thickness map
>or better yet paint it yourself
now fuck off

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So that's how you do it, hmm hmmmm

>> No.667465

The maps are just the fine-tuning you need to dial in the settings in the shader and the scene light so that your material renders like a fleshy rubber without any maps at all.
then it will be self evident what values do and what colors you will need in them maps to get the look you're going for.

In general it's not so much subsurface scattering that makes flesh looks like flesh as it is getting the diffuse falloff and reflections right (aka the BRDF)
so that is priority #1 to nail if you want something organic to look highly believable.
For something very translucent like a sludge or larvae sure SSS is very big part of the effect but on creatures like humans it's a very subdued and overestimated effect.

In daylight conditions you could render skin with or without any subsurface scattering and you should hardly notice the difference because the backscatter is such a small part of the returned light.
Artists routinely use several hundred percent higher than realistic values when they first start doing this stuff because they think it's the magic bullet that will make skin look real.

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Why would anyone think it was a good idea? The whole advantage of non-live-action is that your characters are built from the ground up, they can look exactly like their creator envisioned. They aren't just another actor playing a different role, but the character at its purest.
But, yeah fuck that, let's constrain ourselves by reusing the same character models.

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Well I actually like it. Now, characters in capcom games don't look like shonen characters anymore.

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>Because you're forgetting the appeal of actors.
So, how come 3D hentais made by the same studios do not do it? Even in 2D ero-animes, it's very rare (the only example I know, being the pic related).

>> No.667691

Daz: Origins.

>> No.667692

All anime characters look the same. Your point is moot.

>> No.667706

They did it on a level/scale and with technical proficiency that was unheard of at the time. Pushing the envelope.

All while Poser/DAZlets 20 years later push absolutely nothing.

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Need help,
Couple of years back there was a very easy to use software for creating avatars, I cant recall what the hell it was called. It suited me because absolutely every aspect was controlled by sliders, almost like the way you'd create an avatar in SecondLife but far more detailed.
Does anyone know the name of this software?

pic nor related , but life size Baby Groot so why not?

>> No.667323

creature creator pro

>> No.667326

Daz 3D, Poser, FUSE, Reallusion, Makehuman

>> No.667330

Makehuman, thats the one, thanks for that anon

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Where can I find a quality update of a Night Elf model with the WoD update?

There's a huge assortment of links through Google that are all of questionable quality (old model, custom edits). I just want the canon WoD model for the Night Elf.

>> No.667230

rip it yourself retard, it's not hard

>> No.667419

based futa porn 3d artist

>> No.667493

Best way to most reliably know you have the actual model and not edits, is by getting the WoW model viewer. You need the game installed for it to work, but then you can just pull up any of the models and export them as fbx or obj if I remember correctly.

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