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As people in Japan and the west are reacting at the latest Pokémon games being shit, they started a hashtag called "Modeling Pokémon in 5 minutes" #ポケモン5分モデリング in order to spite the creators for the bad quality of the games.

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Thought they did the same when they went from Gameboy to GBA.
Everyone I knew as a kid had all sorts of hacked and glitched pokemon. Makes sense that they'd wipe the slate clean back then, and it makes some sense that they'd do it now with the amount of work they put on their plate.

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SMT3 would like a word would you, cockfaggot.

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I used to start up Pokemon speed modeling threads on here every now and then. They were actually pretty popular. That was a couple years ago though.


It's an on topic conversation starter about 3DCG. Not sure why everybody's hating on the guy.

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It's the first sentence of an article headline. All it conveys is that some japs are doing a thing because they're mad that their Pokemon game isn't what they wanted.
Why should we care?

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No one cares about your weeb game dude.

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Anyone know the best archviz sites for subscriptions for 3d models, textures, etc?

I work for a firm and am starting to do a lot of renders, I figure it's probably a bad idea to use downloaded models and textures from cgpeers.

It will also be expensive and too time consuming to download individual models from places like 3dsky and turbosquid, it would be better to have a monthly subscription so I don't have to get authorization every time.

Anyone know the chances of actually getting caught using downloaded textures or models? Seems almost impossible but I'd still rather not risk it.

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We don't have an archviz department and I'm starting it, so I felt like I should prove I can do nice looking renderings in a timely manner before getting them to pay for a bunch of stuff. Now that I've proven that I'm asking for good sites if anyone knows of any.

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Evermotion is the go to, mostly because they are the best.
If you want to fill your projects with assets, that's who you give money to.

Def don't pirate.
If you get caught, it will be bad for you in the worst way.

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Thanks. I'll check it out and get an account.

Just curious how would you get caught? Someone recognizes a model in a render and then has to verify somehow that it wasn't paid for?

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Evermotion's site seems a bit unorganized, what do you think of design connected?

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>Someone recognizes a model in a render and then has to verify somehow that it wasn't paid for?
Yup. And the company cannot prove payment, gets sued for copyright infringement, and then sues you.

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>YWN Have a psychotic QT fixing your scripts.
>YWN Experience working under the protective, watchful eyes of the technical milf, randomly hovering above your shoulders and occasionally giving a slight glance down there.
>YWN Know the joy of having the technical guardian angel striking up some light conversation from time to time to cheer your up but always ready to dive in, shove your face deep between her boobs to yank your keyboard away and take control to shield you away from harm whenever you do something dumb.

why live

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Think than behind avatar is a ugly neckbeard autist

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If you're gonna insult someone, you should probably learn to spell and use grammar properly.

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Its ok english be na inclusive you know?

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hey everyone, not sure if this is the right place to look for but, I am looking for experienced people in making 3D clothing for hire, do you happen to have any places or boards where I can look for? thank you <3

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>experienced people

Not here anyway.

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Wrong place, this board is filled with raging blender virgins

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It's bugging me. Plus, I really enjoy Puppet Combos games.

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Yeah I know that one.
Pretty sure it's something called Questions Thread. You can probably find it around here.

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Unity, now fuck off and dont come back here again

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Anon, that wasn't necessary. He did the thing and posted in the right thread.
Should have just let it die.

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post yours

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You think you could model my house better?

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Dont let this thread die

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Threads on /3/ don't die. They are killed.

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If people don't start posting their houses I'm going to start making new threads!

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me and my gf's room.

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Hey /3/ I designed this bedstation in SketchUp. I saw your job posting, so I thought I’d sell the licensing rights to it here.
ETH 0x38d9744555bbd9ce9810643b56a7b24564bf85f1
LTC LMi3oWnwWsqF5GGFcmwEZ6euuPzAHuicii

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Fuck off cunt

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I believe they're attempting to be funny. Leave them be.

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hobbyist here. what are these dotted black lines and what do they do?

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There is absolutely nothing and no one stopping you from using 2.79 if you find the changes are fucking up your workflow. 2.8 is still in Beta. Beta is not final. Beta still has bugs, crashes, and kinks to be worked out. Thus, why it's in Beta

It is like learning the engine again because they made it so everyone can understand it, unlike most of the shitty UI of previous versions. There's also a section in 2.8 in the keymap preferences that allows you to change the spacebar to search. So if you get lost or can't find a certain tool, just look it up.

2.8 also recognizes that a lot of users from previous versions have been accustomed to old keyboard shortcuts and allows you change those settings to 2.79.

I had 2.79 on my computer forever. I downloaded over 100+ gigs of tutorials, only to never open a single one because of how intimidating it looked and how much I was expected to memorize (my memory is already shit) But when i downloaded 2.8 i didn't really feel the same way. I followed some old tuts and actually understood them. I just fuck around in 2.8 and I'm having way more fun than I would have ever thought.

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>There is absolutely nothing and no one stopping you from using 2.79
And nobody say so, i was answering to the anon saying "get into 2.8 already" and the reason i did was because transitioning to 2.8 is not as easy as it SHOULD be.
>2.8 also recognizes that a lot of users from previous versions have been accustomed to old keyboard shortcuts and allows you change those settings to 2.79.
Yeah thats why i didint say anything about hotkeys...
This is why people in this board cant have discussions on blender, you fags just dismiss any criticism about the software with bullshit like this post.

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Just because you're having a hard time transitioning doesn't mean others are. 2.8 is way easier to grasp than any other version.

No need to get butthurt, 4chan is a shitty internet forum anyway. Do you really and honestly think you're learning anything from here? If you want real discussion, go to reddit or the actual blender forums. Not this alt-right chink website

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You are the one getting salty about your shitty modeling software. Enjoy your dead thread.

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thank you, immensely, for proving my point :)

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what software do I want to use for realistic modelling and texturing
t. current Blender User

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Why are there no Russians?
That should give you a clue. Without Russia we wouldn't have won the war, but D-Day only involved the Allied side.

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If Russia didn't exist there wouldn't have been the war since nazism rose up as a reaction to communism

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Communism wasn't first theorized in Russia. Any other country where the capitalist/extractive class ruled freely could have served as a cradle for practical communism.

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yet we have this festering shithole

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do you use all 3? if not which is preferrable?

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Does anyone have access to their discord server? how do I get in this forum?

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https://discord.gg/zhbVHj join

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Hello! For the past days I've been searching for some program that allows a scanning of a certain model that I found in the internet. The model in the video is a turntable one (just like in this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6d6PlHqMLk) that I'd like to "port" into a mesh for my PERSONAL USE.

At first, I downloaded the video and took screenshots of every frame, after that, I tried some programs like Regard3D, VirtualSFM or Metashape but I noticed that I was too dumb to understand them. Even with that, am I in the right direction in using these programs?

I really need some tips.

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That .webm of yours looks great! Was it a model that you imported?

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Yes, that was scanned with https://alicevision.github.io/ , it works with some youtube videos, I had good results with these guys https://www.youtube.com/user/denofimagination?app=desktop and with others the output is really bad. I use pictures from warhammer's viewer too, that was made with 800x800 pictures from here
I think I scaled the pictures x4. you usually have good results from 50 pictures don't use more than 150, and i haven't tested the latest version.

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Great. The program says that the screenshots are missing some details such as sensor width, focal lenght and camera model. Since my pictures are obviously screenshots, what should I write in it?

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Camera model isn't needed, you can rerender the images in blender to get that values, use the default settings

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marmoset toolbag has this built in

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What's the graphical limit of godot + blender + GIMP + Krita?

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This, but unironically.

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>50k polys in edit mode
are you kidding me? I have a pretty modest machine and I can run well over that with little to no slow down.

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Hello! My team and I are working on an animal crossing fangame. We are in need of more people who can do 3D modelling and animation! If you have the time and or willingness to work on such a project in your free time, your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in participating, please join this discord and discuss with us: https://discord.gg/wP3Pbh.

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What's your budget?

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>nintendo fans
>please give me free rigs and animations
>I need you to give your work to me for free

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get the game completed with dummy models, then adjust accordingly. also, >>>/r/ >>>/wsr/

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t. dissected new leaf, city folk, and gamecube

the terrain in the games with curved worlds isn't a shader, the terrain is actually curved.
i can't remember what the diameter was off my head but each segment in new leaf is 512 units wide, and covers 60* of a full circle and the downtown area in new leaf uses a larger diameter curve than the town.

both city folk and new leaf used mask textures for the grass deterioration.

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>animal crossing fangame

Why? That's retarded.

Make your own thing and make money from it. It can even be a complete ripoff of AC, it doesn't matter.

Don't just set yourself up to be shut down after putting in time and effort, that's stupid.

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Some people have been complaining about Tifa on the FF7 Remake. "Her face is this and that."

But IMO she is perfect. They nailed it.

But I wonder, would anyone here do better?

And please do not post that gorilla Tifa here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xGkLm She is fucking ugly.

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>But if you mean the FF7 CGI, that's not canon.

That was how the character was originally viewed by the fanbase, whithout them attention grabbing cutscene knockers
and that signature braless tanktop + miniskirt look she'd prob would've remained a pretty obscure character.

Instead she remained a super popular cosplay/fanart/doujin icon ever since because her simple outfit and casually slutty look.
I'm not saying every female character has to be a sexbomb, just that Tifa in particular kinda deserves to be one because that's her legacy.

She's the braless Jennifer Aniston of gaming, a 90's icon.

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The concept art for tifa shows her with extremely long limbs and giant hands and feet. If you rescale her to have proportions similar to a realistic human you see just how large a feature her breast really is on that torso.

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I think you've been conservative in adjusting the size of her breasts.

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Sauce on those thots.

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You might be right, here's a less conservative version.
Femjoy, Friends Forever.

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How do I get gud at 3d modeling

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Same way you get good at everything. Practice

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install blender and follow blender tutorials

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>learn how to draw anime lolis
>Buy Zbrush for a mirion dorar
>sculpt the shit out of your loli until she came her brains out
>export to 3dsmax and rig it
>animate lovely tender romantic sex porn with cuddling

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Just watch anime and play video games all day long.

That will do the trick just right!

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1. learn first how to use the software that you wil be using. (Look for the best introduction tutorial you could find, don't settle with mediocrity)
2. Now you need to find a tutorial of some good artist that teach some specific stuff you want to make
3. Take notes and practice the tutorial until you got every point right.
4. Now you model something that you want
5. Finish it and look at the errors you make and look for ways to improve your workflow and to not make the sames mistakes again
6. Repeat step 4 and 5 a lot of times
7. Now that you have more knowledge go back to step 2

You also need a reference folder, reality is your best friend.

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What's the need for a Maya WIP thread?

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because ur Mom

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Why is this so fucking funny holy shit

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Tfw spir-v btfo both dx and metal

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Should I render normal maps in Direct x or Open Gl I'm confused.

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Use whatever the fuck you want, it's just a simple channel flip, you lazy cunt.

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where's the evidence?

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she is a women

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According to what's been presented it was a ongoing theme and there are witnesses to events leading up to the night in particular
as well as the way she was later threatened and treated during the aftermath.

As the story reads the crime isn't here so much the clumsy flirting/'harassment' which she seem to have dealt with just brushing the guy off.
That's just the background, the meaty stuff is that her ultimate refusal to comply with the guys request for sex once he pressed the matter resulted in threats and retaliation.

We'll know what's what soon enough depending on how all of this plays out.

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>hire slut to fuck
>fire her when she refuses
based if true

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Dont post ur identity here man. These people are crazy.

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this would make an ebin dildo. imagine what the cervix will look like thru all the refractions!

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He killed a thread. Burn the witch.

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I found your twitter account, please don't like your identity in 4channel, future employer will believe you are neonazi,incel,alt right,paedophile.

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>you are neonazi,incel,alt right,paedophile.
as if any of this were a bad thing

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