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Where can I models with removable clothes that I can import into Maya or Blender outside of some cases of Xnalara and DAZ?

Asking for a friend.

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Fuck you Renpy game fags.

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This has nothing to do with this board

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Can someone recommend a uv mapper that isn't blender? I'd be willing to pay up to $200. I do NOT want to use blender, it's a fucking mess. Mac is preferred but I'll use windows if I have to.

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wow this looks fucking incredible. thanks for actually delivering anon

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Roadkill uv

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ok boomer

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Stay salty kid

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Hey Blendheads, just to give you an insight that you can use Blender in a non-animation setting...

I use it for packaging design/layout for sample parts that we ship (at a 3D printing EOM company).

I use it to give me a 2D representation of the foam cutting pattern as well, exporting it as an svg for laser cutting machines.

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Low Poly PBR.

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Looks great. Love it.

Do you have a blog that I can follow you with?

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you forgot "stylized"

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>warping texture


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I post on agdg.

dunno, I think it looks great.

because it's seen really small on the screen so is not like it matters.

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Yo so for 3D modeling I think i've reached a point where i'm happy with the models I can make but i'm still ass at making the textures so what are the best courses for someone who would be a complete beginner at that side of it?
I've got access to 3Dcoat, substance painter and Armor Paint.

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Cheers I'll have a go though some of these

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Post your work.

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Work through this series:
Includes pretty much everything you need to know about SP.

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throw on some low contrast fbm and low res decals, with bilinear filtering. Coupled with some janky linearly interpolated motions, with no anti-aliasing, and the ``soul'' fags will totally eat it up.

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Did you see liquids on HL Alyx? Now this is the future. Its the first time Im seeing something like this on a real time engine.
Do you know how to make something similar with UE4 for example?

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It's an iterated on version of the same thing they used for Jarate, Molotovs, Boomer Bile and a bunch of other stuff from TF2/Left 4 Dead. Has nothing to do with Physx.

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it's just a simple fx
the fuck is wrong with people going insane about little clever effect holy shit

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Because it's clever

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I've never seen this in a video game and if I have, it looked like shit

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Does anyone know how this demonic looking gif of dwight shrute from the office was made? looks like artifacting typical from an older TV with shitty recording hardware tho im curious if its possible to make in after effects or something (any links to guides if possible would be dope)

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Exactly, thank you so much anon.

For OP: What I was referring to as the ''still images" are i-frames, and the motion is saved in "p-frames". Those kind of videos are made by displacing one or the other in the timeline.

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looks like data moshing with a bunch of still/2-3 frame clips

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Looks like shit and would take 5 mins in AE

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what does this have to do with 3d

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What do you think it would take to get most of halo 3's textured upscaled like this ?

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What do you mean? Just batch them all into your favorite AI upscaler of the week, done. Still looks like ass.

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we must use technology to make our shitty games look less like shit. But honestly if the community got together to upscale all the textures and improve the shading remastering halo 3 could be feasible could it not? Perhaps some global illumination ?

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Do you hear that, anons? It's the sound of SideFX shitting their pants.


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Just on this board?

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managed to crash blender a lot using it, but its still kind of neat

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The idea behind this is really great, the node-only approach seems practical both for procedureal modelling as well as particle systems.
Too bad that this isn't a part of regular Blender development yet; an official release would bring more streamlined/ standardized nodes along with better performance and bugfixes with it.

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it will happen eventually

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Where can I download this or a similar character for free?

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Just convert them. You want to redo the entire skinning/rigging anyways since most of these clowns providing the models don't know shit about it.

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What are you talking about?

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How do you guys make money with 3D at home? Not looking for anything crazy, but some income on the side would be nice.

What's popular? I don't even know what to look at. Freelance websites are filled with 5$ pajeets and people asking for complex models/anatomical sculpts for like 50$. The only thing I can think of is making kitbash kits or something. I can't imagine putting up models on turbosquid is gonna bring in any money.

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Who/what are you quoting?

Yeah I find their work to be pretty fucking shallow and meaningless. Just take stolen assets, and dress it up and watch the followers roll in. C4D users on Instagram are essentially just Dazlets.
All I'm saying is that their art is relatively popular for some reason, and it's an example of something people would commission, steal, or license for their use.
Not that I particularly like their work.

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>The only thing I can think of is making kitbash kits or something.

I would really love it if someone put out bundles of parts for kitbashing into tabletop gaming miniatures.

Basically a DIY version of Heroforge that assumes the customer has the basic competence to position and make simpe modification to the parts themselves.

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I work remotely for a studio as a freelancer. Try finding some studios where you can work remotely and apply.

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make blender plugins and sell them to blendtards

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So I added the vertices circled in red in order to fit the inscribed circle with quads, which is good. But the issue is that this effects the subdivision surface, making this particular section slightly flatter. How is this avoided?

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If you're gonna subdiv it don't go so high as 12 edges in your circle. Go for 6. Same goes for other geometry. Makes no sense why it's so polygon heavy. Just go lower, you have a lot of edges that are redundant.

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>That sort of "just eyeball it, whatever it's good enough" artist mentality drives me up the wall.

This is an ironic statement considering you fucked up your subdiv by having irregular polygon sizes. The edge where the hole is located is actually straighter and has a different arc than the rest of the model.

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your arrangement of vertices on a flat surface really doesn't matter.

Where topology matters is animation. If you want a knee to bend correctly or face to deform correctly then you need to watch your topology.

When the video card renders your model it converts it to triangles from quads anyway.

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>That sort of "just eyeball it, whatever it's good enough" artist mentality drives me up the wall.
fuck you nigger

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>When the video card renders your model it converts it to triangles from quads anyway.

No it doesn't, you retard. Converting to triangles is about tangent normals, not topology. If it looks bad with quads it will look bad with tris.

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Has anyone figured out how 3rd art does it, and no i'm not happy with jiggle bones.

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softbody / cloth simulation

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You really are a complete moron. Piss off.

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For those with Unity knowhow, why can’t my sprites cast and receive shadows?
I’ve looked all over for a way to get it to work but found very little and the little I’ve found has not helped.

Any info would be appreciated. I’m stumped.

Also what other boards might know more about this?

In the pic: Right is a normal sprite, not casting shadows and animated,
Left is a plane with a transparent cutout material with the same sprite applyed, casting shadows but seems to be missing the texture even though the outline shows otherwise.

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lookup shaderlabs docs
give tag and entry for shadow so its active in shadow pass
or just copy and tweak the internal shader until it work if ur too dum to rtfm

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Every animation studio seems to go creatively bankrupt after their third or fourth film without exception.
I guess that because of the extreme workload and deadlines, the artists making the films become burnt out.
Can anyone in the industry give some background as to why this keeps happening?

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same. I like the first and found it funny that they never addressed the few times Mr Incredible killed some people (that one seen when he threw a rock at a guards head when he was sneaking in).

1 had soul, while 2 never had a cool twist like the 1st one.
The story should've explored more family stuff with how serious super heroing really is but treated like an annoying destraction / a job, which the kids get lazy with and causes people to die. That would've been a cool theme to explore

>> No.744902

Basically they're young adults, Dash stops giving a crap about saving people and people dying because he'd rather do other things (like Nurses) while the Sister who has a lot of empathy would pick up the slack.
The parents would be disgusted with Dash's attitude towards saving people's lives, and Violet is concerned for her brother, which brings up a good theme of "Why is this MY problem?" that's never been addressed.

Dash would be a mini-villain, who realises he as a Super is superior to non-supers, so he uses his superiority to get what he wants. Since he's isolated he lets the idea grow that he really is superior to the inferior races (ie non-supers) and believes in that in their domination there'd be peace (an idea for the sequel).

The family fights the bad guys and hoping on Dash to help but he never shows up. He feels abandoned, shunned and angry, all he needs is someone who understands.
Dash never gets the help he needed throughout the movie and kills Mole-Man in the final battle.

The family is divided on Dash. Dash at the end hugs his family goodbye and runs away, leaving him as a possible villain in the 3rd movie

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You're missing the point where they kind of never really wanted their kids to be superheroes in the first place and wanted them to find their own thing. Partly because of the whole thing where they had to keep things secret, but also because of the dangers involved with being a superhero. No parent wants their kid actively seeking out dangerous situations or getting hurt.
One of the big points in the first movie was that they didn't want their kids put in the same dangers that they were and that it was a different world and more dangerous than the "propaganda" made it out to be. Which was the important bit about them actually using their powers to their fullest extent when faced with actual danger of people trying to kill them.
It all ends with everyone coming to grips with themselves, the times they live in, and learning to celebrate their differences with each other, and the regular people at large.

It's basically a movie about being yourself. Except in this case it's with superpowers.
The sequel didn't have any overarching lesson/narrative to tie it together. It was just bad fan-service and "yaaaaassss queen" moments.

>> No.744916

I'm not really into your idea for a sequel though. Seems like it'd be too edgy for something that'd ultimately be rated G or PG.
I think a good place to go with it, would be one of the kids decides to be a superhero, and both parents take it upon themselves to show them the ropes, and teach them. While also showing more of the behind-the-scenes stuff about being a hero. More of the super-suit stuff where they show the logistics and stuff besides the flashy saving people stuff. Like where they get their cars/gadgets, is there some kind of union or something with other superheroes, what happens when 2 heroes arrive at the same crisis, where do heroes go to unwind? But also show change with a new generation of heroes entering the fray since the ban on supers being lifted and other heroes' kids deciding to enter the hero game.
With a villain in the group of kids that were friends with them. So they have to take down someone they're close to and deal with that. With the kid's parent being an old villain as well for the parallel narrative.

At this point though it doesn't really matter. We got what we got. No use really speculating on what could have been.

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Why do games use weird cg

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games use weird cg because they generally need to render in real time, while cg in movies and videos do not have any such limits and can render for as long as it takes to get a desired fidelity

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I think he means why do the pre-rendered FMVs in older early-mid 2000s games tend to look like some kids first blender animation. I don't think he's talking about the in-engine cut scenes where the characters prattle on about some shit.

I think the FMVs look like shit because of lack of experience/skill and the studio was too cheap to buy the software to make actually good FMVs. I mean ffs look up how they made the FMVs for Silent Hill on PS1. It was basically one guy who convinced management to use pre-rendered videos instead of engine cutscenes and for a while he was the only one making the FMVs. And he wasn't really all that experienced either.

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Because they think coffee is good for you

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Restate your question

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Am I a fucking dumbass or there is no IK arm controller like there is one for the legs, Is there no way to move the arms like there is for the legs? Auto Rig Pro is better in every way compared to riggify but I still have to use riggify for this reason

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Me thinks you didn't use the addon right, because I've seen it when I (attempted) to rig with it.

>> No.744672

because autorigs are for dumbasses

>> No.744675

there is. you can toggle it for each arm indivudally and you can also pin the elbows.
read the docs nigger

>> No.744800

Check the Tool Properties.

There is a lot of options to toggle Fk>IK

Its just that FK is ON by default

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le bûmp

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Pixel art substance designer.

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>Picture made pixel by pixel by hand
>not pixel art

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What is the point of pixel art if you're going to blur it with texture filtering?

>> No.744665

>a render of some smears on a cube
>Picture made pixel by pixel by hand

>> No.744731

Honestly, when I think of pixel art, I think of 8 and 16 bit. This looks like ps1/ps2 type graphics. That's not pixel art.

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Anyone know how to open/view a 10 year old Lightwave (.lwo) file? Lightwave needs me to register an account but won't let me do that. I've tried viewers but they're from the days of Windows XP and don't work on modern machines anymore. File is too big for online converters and I'm out of ideas.

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You are goddamned hero anon. Thank you! Much appreciated!

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Yeah I have no clue about Lightwave. There were some image maps in the folder but I just wanted the model to use as reference cause I wanted to recreate the ship and eventually 3d print it. Image references are woefully inadequate yet somehow the original modeller did a bang up job. I'm guessing the model needs a lot of work to make it 3d printable?

Dude major thanks once again. I've been wanting to tackle this project for YEARS and you just made it possible.

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is it in plaintext?
knowing what I know now I can reconstruct it just from data alone

>> No.745061

No problem anon. I guess its overall shape isn't the most suitable for 3D printing.

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