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Back in August I was posting some wanted ads for for a character sculpting job. I got a number of good bites, and ultimately ended up hiring someone from here.

They wrote their own contract to have a project due date of November 1st.

They finished sculpting the character at the start of October, and only needed to tool it for articulation. But I haven't heard anything from them since.

Should I go ahead and file a PP claim, or assume he was dyslexic and wait until January 11th?

I can't imagine why anyone would finish the job like 90%, then ghost before getting the last half of their payment.

My knee-jerk about having been fucked over too many times is fighting with my "maybe he's in a shitty spot and a PP claim is the last thing he needs"

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Problem is that there is always a bunch of retards, kids, and indians driving price down of everything online.
This is why 3d freelancing is such a nightmare dominated by crappy quality and art thief.

I see this shit all the time, people taking on jobs that are way beyond them and then figuring out mid way they fucked themself over, maybe what happened here, while modeling is pretty forgiving when it comos to topo and polycounts the moment you start decimating, slicing dynamesh and projecting super high dense models your pc will shit yourself, you will spend 10 min at a time staring at frozen screen and wasting your time, you need to know what you are doing.
Also why initially 3d may seem faster than real life sculpting, you soon hit software and technical limits that dont exist in real life, you cant put on too much clay and crash your tools, and you cant make a model unrecoverable by saving it with one 1bit mistake in vertex order in a 2gb file, but zbrushing or maya crashing is like their default state of being.

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fuck off, idiot. No one forced the contractor to take the job.
When I was still learning, I would have loved to get such jobs, not be an asshole to the client.
Let me guess, you are one of those assholes, who snatch a job by undercutting market prices, then shit on the client, because the project took longer than you had envisioned. Shits like you give freelancers a bad name.

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Yeah, based on these drawings. I was happy with it, so am very disappointed it's never going to be anything other than these jpgs.

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OP these are cute drawings. You have the ztl or obj of the original file?

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No, the person I commissioned only sent over .jpgs of his progress before all the ghosting happened.

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Anyone here interested in modeling backgrounds for a SHAFT inspired project?

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>Eternal Project
Give me a quick rundown. Through mentions in the archives I found out that it's an EVN. Everything about it looks and sounds pretty bad, except settei quality (but not the designs themselves). Then I saw the staff list.
Assuming it's real, what the fuck is it? Some retard with no creativity beyond aping Shaft's quirks hires actual anime industry professionals for his shitty VN idea?

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quick rundown:
>legendary kusoge a decade in the making
>everyone and their moms got invited to work for free on it over this timeframe
>a ticking bomb of plagiarism drama built on completely ripping off SHAFT works down to tracing over frames
>got signed to a publisher a couple of years ago somehow in spite of all red flags, which is how some Japanese guys were afforded

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Yu here. Yes, this is for ETERNAL. Let me clarify a few things. (I doubt it will change your opinion.)

>legendary kusoge a decade in the making
It hasn't been a decade yet, but yes, I have been working on this for a while.
>everyone and their moms got invited to work for free on it over this timeframe
ETERNAL started as a passion project between me and some friends. I am a nobody with no money. I thought we could do something like Katawa Shoujo on a larger scale. Everyone who signed onto the project was fine with this.
>a ticking bomb of plagiarism drama built on completely ripping off SHAFT works down to tracing over frames
There was never any plagiarism drama or tracing.
>got signed to a publisher a couple of years ago somehow in spite of all red flags, which is how some Japanese guys were afforded
Most of the Japanese guys were on the project before we were signed on with the publisher. It was actually one of the Japanese members of the team who suggested this.

>Some retard with no creativity beyond aping Shaft's quirks hires actual anime industry professionals for his shitty VN idea?
Yeah, sorry.

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I'd be happy to help out if you think there's anything I can do for you.

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wow, just the best 3D artists on /3/ are in charge of this proyect, I'm really hyped rn!

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opinions? i got bored and started pissing around with displacements + a shit ton of subdivision surface and added some reflective materials to it and this is where i ended up

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Lower your monitor brightness, my dude.
Also, proceduralism FTW.
Also, post in the goddamned /wip/ thread.

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>made this cool voronoi fracture in a few minutes
wow good job nice tyvm i hop 2 b as good as u 1 day
her is a star that i made n defiantly ddnt get of internet
u r so good

greetings from india

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this looks like something that is a few minutes away from looking cool.
Right now it's too confusing / random.

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>this looks like something that is a few minutes away from looking cool.

>Also, post in the goddamned /wip/ thread.

yea i really gotta add some stuff to it, good point, good point

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How would you even make a model like this? It's so fucking hard. I can't even comprehend.

Like first you have to master sculpting and then master texturing or your master sculpt looks like shit. It's too intense brehs...

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learn to do everything from scratch at least once

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>You need to look up tutorials on edgeflow and topology.
I gotta be honest, you're not the first person to say this to me. All I did is unwrap the face very thoroughly, avoiding triangles, and then just went on with what I have to unwrap the body because I thought it won't really matter since I'll drop some clothes on it anyway.
Not trying to defend myself or anything, so is there a guide that focuses on the things to avoid? I mean, I could just copy things like a monkey but it won't give me the knowledge. And thanks for the feedback.
I think what I've learnt so far is that you gotta have 3 loops on the every joint and the shoulders and feet are the only placec I truly fucked up. Or at least that's how I see it.

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cgcookie has some explanations on edgeflow and topology
There is the blenderella series
I can't remember them all search and consume what you can find.
the tl;dr for edgeflow and topology is that it is a mix between the best geometry to deform when animating and somewhat following anatomy.

Look into the theory find some videos and download some game models and look how it is done there. You will get an understanding for it.

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Very elaborate post, thank you.

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Ya I'm saying nowadays. Things that were hard then can be replicated with just a few tools now. They didn't even have pbr then.

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anon use green matcaps.

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Good arguments and I get the practical benefits you are mentioning.
For learning I'd say gray beige is a good matcap.
When you model late and want to go to bed more easier, it's good to use stuff like redshift, to keep your serotonin levels from going wonkers due to blue light.
The redshift will remove a bunch of contrast levels from green/blue colors.

Modeling at day: green/gray/blue matcaps
Modeling late: beige/gray

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>Modeling at day: green/gray/blue matcaps
>Modeling late: beige/gray
I am not knowledgeable regarding the blue light thing. Sounds reasonable.

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fine job, looks terrifying

>> No.713977

the tl;dr:
If you have trouble sleeping and often use your computer late, just install redshift and you'll have less sleeping problems.

The medical reason was (if I recall correctly):
if you see blueish light (like during day), your brain thinks it's day and will change serotonin values, keeping you more awake. This results in sleeping problems, when using regular monitors.
Additionally this serotonin levels increase craving for carbohydrates (which will make you fat).
There seems to be a serotonin-imbalance and depression correlation as well, but it's not clear how much they are related and if so, which one is causing which.

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Give it to me straight /3/, becoming a 3D animator isn’t a realistic job isn’t it?

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can one git gud at 3d modeling simply by watching others model?

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Why did it fail?

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wrong board, theres nothing wrong with sailfish though

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It's also getting revived on PinePhone and Librem 5

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Is there any real reason when you try to animate two rigs using the same animation, the second becomes smaller and change a diferent position when you do that?

on blender.

is this a bug?

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>is this a bug?
It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature.

>> No.713488

idk if its an option but if you need two identical figures to use the same animation you could just apply an array modifier to the first figure below its armature modifier, assuming u arent doing that already

>> No.713701

I mean I'm trying to have a skirt and long hair as diferent armatures, and this shit keeps happening.

Also, dunno how to export as a single animation to godot, since godot sees it as two diferent animations.

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I want to make a bas relief in 3ds max from various objects. You cant just use z depth as depth information needs to be rescaled and modified to create the illusion of depth and additional shading in the shallow environment of a bas relief.

This plugin would have been perfect, but the plugin isn't available anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmv3QAuAYlA

Anyone have any ideas/similar plugins? Pic related, bas relief in bronze by Ghiberti.

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cant you just use some kind of terrain system and feed it with the height map?

>> No.713506

Can't you use alchemist for this?

>> No.714031

Any update on this because iv been trying to figure out something similar. I'd like to 3d print some reliefs.
I know there is a technique to do this via height maps but I'm not sure the best way to go about it. I saw a guy a while ago using a program to take a flat 2d image and turning it into a releifed 3d model then 3d printing it, looked great.

>> No.714032

Can't you just set the curves of the texture to make it look good?

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IK is useless garbage.

I've tried to animate with IK, is just useless garbage that makes the animation just more complex for not real reason.

IK is garbage that is pushed by retards who fell for academia.

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holy shit. This is so good. Fuckin saved dude.

>> No.713672

this board has the weirdest bait threads

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thanks a bunch anon, will definitely read it

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how do u learn to rig in blender 2.8?

>> No.713731

you practice, practice, and practice

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Holy shit mouth loops fags eternally btfo

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>he thinks the dimple magically manifests itself
I could tolerate you calling me rude if you hadn't said something so stupid.

I am not >>713502

>> No.713551

sculpt+retopo fags cant comprehend the superior subsurf modeling.

>> No.713554

That's right, retarded faggots, deal with your shame in silence.

>> No.713555

read between the lines anon

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So I don't know a lot but what's the big deal about this?

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Photographer derryl here. Quick tip for sculpting in blender. Most professional photos have pretty reliable metadata. Look at the focal length used on the photo camera from the metadata on the file and use this to setup your camera in blender to get an exact reference camera.


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No because with a real camera you would notice the massive drop in resolution

>> No.713602

Yeah this isn't about the resolution though.

>> No.713624

There won't be a different result. But you don't even need a camera. Use your eyes. Pick a cube-like object and hold it near your eyes, then far away. Notice the changes in perspective. Your eyes' focal length hasn't changed much (besides focusing, etc.), it's just the distance to the object that changes. With camera lenses it's the same. Focal length determines the angle of view and therefore how much of the scene appears on the film/sensor frame. Wide angle lenses allow for much more of the scene to be projected, with makes everything appear smaller; so, to fill the frame with a subject, you get closer, and that's what causes the change in appearance. And you do the opposite with long lenses, with reduce the angle of vision, forcing you to move farther, which "flattens" the object. You might remain stationary in both cases, changing only the focal length, and the only difference would be in how much you have projected onto the picture frame, not in how things appear regarding perspective.

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>So for example.

>> No.713714

>This is true of the newer titles using proper cameras
So how do you suppose it was done in the "older titles"? Do you think they invented curve based Ray casting or some shit for them, making it much slower, more complicated than the ultra simple straight line triangle method?

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Is there a lightweight model viewer for Windows that I can use to show friends/clients?

Something like FBX Review but that's too simple and has no shading, and Marmoset on the other hand requires setup you can't just load any random model from your collection.

Pic related is the Windows 'View 3D' app from 2017. Unfortunately they removed it for some unknown fucking reason and replaced it with VR / Mixed reality bullshit.

>> No.713270


I have no problem with the windows 10 3d viewer.

>> No.713339

second this. the 3D viewer is just fine.

You also always have marmoset.

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>What Software you use
>Tips that you wish that you knew at the start
>How do you see Photogrammetry?
>Best Software?

Honestly been trying to learn photogrammetry using multiple different software. I'm using my note 10+ to take photos at 4k with a tight apeture. My results have been not too great as I don't have a proper set up.

Software I've tried: Meshroom, ReCap, Metashape

Out of all of these I reccomend Meshroom for beginners and hobbists. If you are fine spending money to AutoJew then get ReCap.

If you were wondering about the quality of the 3d scans using the Note 10+ its not bad and honestly a very good alternative if you have the phone.

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By scale the image what do you mean?

>> No.713325

make the img bigger, the program by default works better with 4k imgs, I think it shrink the imgs but I can't remember where to change that > extract the frames > make them 4k. I use https://bulkresizephotos.com/

>> No.713331

that's breddy cool!

>> No.713421

Colmap is really good and has GPU compute support. https://github.com/colmap/colmap

>> No.713620

Gonna give it a shot.

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Are the new Surface Pros good? (the X or the 7)

I'm going to start a 3d course of modelling and animation, and i need to get a new laptop for it. Instead of getting a big ass "gaming" computer for 1700-2000€ + a wacom pro tablet for 600€, would it be ok to just get a surface pro?

I feel like im gonna be mocked if i show up in a class with a surface pro

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yeah i just saw that ARM issue, and took the X out of the equation.

In terms of rendering, i would probably render things ate school, the laptop would serve more as a "work at home" machine, then rendering things on the uni's render machines

>> No.713213

if you're only doing very small scene, relatively low-poly work, it might be passable, but t b h, it's hard to recommend ultrabook processors for this type of work. H/HQ series processors with a dedicated GPU is a much more sensible choice.

the gamur machines unfortunately, have decent thermals for the most part, but if you really don't want to go down that road, there's plenty of business 15 inch laptops with H/HQ chips + nvidia gpus that don't have gamur aesthetics.

>> No.713218

I get what you're saying, but the main objective is to be able to sculpt. And i'm so used to using my wacom i can't return to using a mouse. Thats why i thought about this laptop, since it has a touchscreen that can work as a tablet.

>> No.713249


Why not get a Wacom mobile studio.

>> No.713427

It definitely isn't ideal, but there are some workable screen tablets for $200-$300. Not ideal, but that's an option if you go for a non-touchscreen laptop

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>Conference about Computer Graphics
>Theme is Diversity


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>> No.713979

most often the least talented (most SJW) people end up as 'community manager'.
You can try and post results.

inb4: you are getting ignored or get a "diversity is our strength" copypasta.

>> No.713982

Your name would get plastered everywhere as "known white supremacist, transmysogynist incel glumpf supporter"

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>tfw you will never trigger a sociopathic suit with your subtle off-white colored, tastefully thick, watermarked card

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What happened in Siggraph 2009?

>> No.714287

>better work on my portfolio for a couple more years
>s-somebody will n-notice me, any day now...

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Last thread: >>706096

Character Creator 3 Help: (https://forum.reallusion.com/Character-Creator/General) (https://www.youtube.com/user/Reallusion)

Vroid Anime Tool: https://studio.vroid.com/download.html (now with obj export)

https://github.com/iCyP/edge_to_bone_for_blender_2_8/archive/master.zip (vrm importer for blender)


Hair Creation: https://mega.nz/#F!uywlSQqS!GzZTEOGcRhiEr8Ve5hwsfQ

Magic poser: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magicposernew

mobile XNALara:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rendering.engine.cloak

MB-Lab for blender: https://github.com/animate1978/MB-Lab

Daz importer for blender:http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/

Daz face plugin:https://gumroad.com/l/nZkCJ?recommended_by=search

Dforce strand hair for daz3d
daz is planning on improving the animation tools
free octane renderer for daz:https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=73287&start=10
Daz has "plans" for hexagon

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>> No.714215

are there any actually good facial expressions packs?

all the popular ones are incredibly overexaddurated and look rediculous

>> No.714271

Don't use the full value. Most of those packs are designed for specific characters and will look quite different on others.

>> No.714283

>rendering little girls.
how would a judge even determine the age of a rendered or drawn characters ? How old are polygons ? Are these always the same polygons or are they recreated every time ? A few minutes old ?
Just bullshitting. In my country it's the 'apparent' age of a character but how do you decide wheter she's 17 or 18 ?

>> No.714284

cut them in half and count the rings?

>> No.714289


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>estimate 20+ hours for a 2d to 3d fully rigged character
>client says yes and pays 50% upfront
>work concept and deliver for review
>client takes his time
>2 weeks go by with 2 other review instances
>reach rigging stage
>take thanks giving break to eat pie
>gets email from paypal
>client pulls a claim stating that i didnt deliver after i said that the model would be ready in 20+ hours from initial payment
>client also states that im not even answering emails
>i literally have a chain of 30+ emails with revisions and timeline showing progress and no intent.
>paypal sides with client.

how the fuck do you deal with this shit?

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>> No.713929

Do you have any other fringe fetishs? Even big boobed weeb shit VR games get ten thousands per month.

>> No.713931

ive been thinking about to be honest, but im not that into porn, im into cam girls, could do solo videos tho.

>> No.713933

it's easy money my dude.

>> No.713934

Sex business is very hones, a lot of fun and based. Also its recession save. You will laugh at the cunt of a client when his business is gone. Next recession is already around the corner. Personally doing VR porn games was my best decision.

>> No.713935

looks like the page of someone who thinks furries are degenerates and likes easy money.

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What improves preformance more in Davinci Resolve: Having more memory or Higher memory frequency. For context, making a pc build with new AMD Threadripper 3970X (32 cores) wondering if having 64 gigabytes of ddr4 5000mhz would be better than having 128 gigs of ddr4 4600mhz ram. Also heard that ddr4 3600 works best on zen 2 chips. What do yall think. Also can yall recommend what would be the best graphic card for the system. I do not care about money to preformance ratio. Thanks to all who help.

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