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Trying to model a bathtub in Blender and I have no idea how to "push out" these subdivisions in a way which leaves the top/bottom edge intact while the rest forms this kind of arc you typically see.

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...i am rly drunk right now, needed a second look on your pic! ...kek!

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consider the following

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Is this a bait thread? Just make the curving plane first for one side, add a mirror modifier and a solidify modifier to give the form thickness. Watch the knight modelling tutorial

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Why didn't you do an inward bevel

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I'm learning how to make trim sheets with booleans and stuff.
But when I look at my stuff in Orthogonal view, the cylindrical "holes" don't show up.
They appear in perspective view however.
I'm really confused I wanna make cool sci fi panels :3

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Is there a faster way to "draw" bools and stuff like HardOps and BoxCutter does but for free? I don't wanna shell out 40$ for this lol

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Caver is inside blender for free

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I am very new to blender, and i have run into an issue google-fu can't seem to fix
whenever i try to apply scale to a rigged model, part of it breaks, and some of the bones coordinates jump to random(?) locations.
any fixes? similar posts on reddit say to basically rebuild the rig from scratch, wich sounds retarded.
ty in advance

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let me guess, you want to make smutty coom cg?
learn the basics first, faggot.

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1. yes
2. i have been doing donuts for the last 2 months
3. kill yourself

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Because the author of the rig didn't design it to have the scale re-applied. It's not as simple as "make number go to 1 and everything stays the same". There could be any number of constraints or other complex setups that affect it.

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>Pixar set to nuke their support forums next week
>going full discord

Discord for our industry is the future.

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Just start /pxr/ general on /3/. No need to pay for staff to mod a server, jannies here are free.

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>lets make the venue for our professional and serious exchanges of information this child sexual grooming playform

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>rent free

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Is it a bad thing that I don’t focus too much on making realistic/highly detailed stuff? It’s getting annoying figuring out texture stuff or needing to find a new software to bake better or do some other little thing I’m going to hate the process of. I’m still improving, but here’s a cel shaded thing I’ve done to show where I’m at with this so far

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If youre a hobbyist you can do whatever you like

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Im not trying to stay one

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Just get substance painter if you want realistic textures.
If you're talking about realistic models then there are no shortcuts. You have to put the effort in.

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Is Blender sculpting good enough if i just want to make huge animu tiddies models?

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DESU, tool doesn't matter all that much sure some things are better in other and vice versa. I have used both for years, the main thing that actually matters is motivation to learn and keep learning altough it is tough as fuck sometimes to stay motivated. First sculpt you prolly gonna fail miserably as everyone does

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>its confusing as fuck for no particular reason.
With zbrush you're going to be doing the exact same task for hours and hours, with something like blender you're usually going to be jumping around a lot or certain features very infrequently. So with blender and programs like it, it makes sense that everything is very easy to find visually. Today in blender I had to create a heat haze effect, never done that before so it involved problem solving and using nodes that I hadn't used before (and a youtube tutorial).
In zbrush that never happens. I use the same tools every time, do the same things, and I'm in the same workspace. I have a custom workspace and custom hotkeys, and over time I refine those. It's very very easy to change my workspace and make it more efficient for me and what I need without having to go through menus.
It makes it harder to get into at first, but over time you appreciate it and understand how practical and efficient it is.
Or maybe I have rose tinted glasses on because I've had to work in other programs for a few weeks and I want to get back to sculpting.
>so hopefully it improves the sculpting experience in some way.
I think there are some minor improvements coming, but it would be impossible for blender to reach zbrush tier.

what the fuck?

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Is this a joke or do people actually do this? Sounds like a cool idea but also like it would take you ten years minimum to get as good as with a pen

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I was super proud when I did my first few sculpts, only felt like failing after that(some objectively being worse than the first)

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>With zbrush you're going to be doing the exact same task for hours and hours
>It makes it harder to get into at first, but over time you appreciate it and understand how practical and efficient it is.
yeah, yesterday the ctrl/shift shortcuts were driving me crazy but i think i just got the hang of them today

surprises me that there isnt a specific thread for anime sculpting/modeling

yeah i dont expect to have high quality models soon but seeing other works give me hope, there are so many girls i want to sculpt in the future

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Why are retro graphics controversial on this board?

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for fucks sake

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Sorry for my generation, we just born wrong

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Does somebody here still uses anim8or?

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Because back then they didn't use limited graphics as a choice. Going back makes no sense when you aren't as limited

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He's probably talking about stuff from the late 2000s most of which still works on windows 10

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Long hair always looks like a floating block (pic related). Faces look awesome today, but hair is still a huge problem to get right. Why?

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name one game engine that supports double quaternion bone deformation out of the box.

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I don't know. Does it run easily on 100 thousand bones simultaneously in real time?

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is stylised, not like real hair

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Because it needs actual compute power.

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It's marginally slower than linear deform but eliminates the need for shape keys, twist bones, volume preserving bones inside joints, and various silly driver setups.

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To preface, I want to clarify that I don't oppose AI development, and I recognize the inevitability of technological progress. However, I'm grappling with the uncertainty surrounding how long it will take for AI to perform 3DCG tasks I've dedicated time and effort to learning, but at a fraction of the cost it would take to employ me. If I decide to go to animation school, I'd like to ensure that my skills remain relevant for a reasonable span, ideally a couple of decades. Unfortunately, I'm unsure if I'll have that much time left in this career after completing my education. How do you all reconcile this concern?

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Become a plumber

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AI showed how many people practice 2D 3D art for the love of the craft vs those retarded faggots doing it for money.

You want to feel useful? Learn a trade retard. If you feel its pointless then its pointless. Shit changes, adapt or bitch about it.

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>>create an automated ai thread boi persona
>>sell courses about how to make an ai thread boi persona

animation school is for queers and transfaggots

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On the future most people will be completely retarded because ai will do everything for them. The only non retarded people will be the people who chose to learn despite it being worthless.
Do you want to be retarded?

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I want to do poses of characters with a background with good lighting. I figured out how to pose characters, but I don't know how lighting works, or compositing. Anyone know a good tutorial for someone who plans on doing character renders? A course would be even better, cause I don't want to watch a 3 minute video that only tells me 2% of what I need to know. I want something comprehensive that goes over everything about compositing lighting and character renders to make the best render possible

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the problem I have with youtube tutorials is they don't tell you a lot, so what happens is I waste 1 year of my life finding out there's all these other more efficient ways to do something. That's why I am asking if you know a tutorial that doesn't create "gaps" in my knowledge.

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Yeah video tutorials suck.
Read the help guide for w/e software you're using that goes over the ins and outs of what the different settings on your light do as well as for the rendering options.
Once you have the most basic understanding of how a light works in your package, how to light a scene in 3d is not different than lighting it in real life. Google pictures of lighting setups and just copy them. Pro photographers like to use a big main light that lights up what you want to look at, a fill light which is dimmer that addes variation to the dark areas, and a rim light which is very bright but shines from behind the subject to just add some bright edges. Since youre just rendering stills go ahead and turn up your render settings to their max. Global illumination, ray tracing, final gather, everything up very high or as high as they can go before a single image takes longer than a human life to do on your computer.

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>Yeah video tutorials suck.
you don't know what you are talking about....

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Can somebody redpill me on sculpting/retop over box modeling with subdivisions? To me, sculpting and then retoping is just a whole extra step. You're basically creating the model twice and just tracing over it. If you were to just box model from the start then you wouldn't have this issue, right?

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Pure poly modelling isn't much faster and if you want high detail you will have to sculpt anyway.

You don't save much time if any at all but it's a lot harder. You have to have good spatial awareness and a good grasp on edge flow.

With a decent screen tablet I would guess that you are faster sculpting and topologizing than someone poly modelling especially with more complex models.

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Both are good, it just depends on what are you trying to achieve.

>> No.959270

The smart way would be to combine the two techniques, but it's recommended to learn by sculpting then retopo since you're focusing on form and topology individually.

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Hey Cris, take a look at this

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Hey 3, idk if its the right board, but do you have any recomended wiki/course for freecad? Ive started 3d printing mechanical stuff and is a bit rough

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dunno what you background is but i found the tutorials on the official wiki pretty decent.

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show topology

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Hi I'm a total newbie in this right now I'm working on a personal project in which I need some basic assets but with set contraints:
- I have to use Blender
- all elements are either ellipsoids or organic shapes (image related)
- All elements, most of them, have wrapping contour lines.
- The end result needs to be smooth, the wrap lines need to look like they have been painted, not plastered over the main blob.
- The contour lines must be a different color to the main blob.
- GLB Binary
- The elements will be displayed on a web viewer in a 500px by 500px area, so the smaller the file size the better.
- It would be nice to have the option to make only the blob transparent.

I've found some howtos on most things except wrapping contours on solids, also read the sticky but I'm still lost. Anyway, what would be the most competent way to achieve this? At least adding the wrap lines on a sphere would be appreciated.

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....mmhh? why are you here? to tell people how they should answer other peoples questions, that everyone who doesnt work with your pro tools is a noob?

show work ...! else fuck off! .... oh! i forgot, you cant! because you are so well known, and you would be immediatly doxed because the masses and the pros recall your uniqe style ...

...kek! ....even when you are good, you still sound like an asshole!

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Ok I think I have come up with the most efficient method, basically the "wave texture" node is pretty good at contour lining because apparently its independent of the mesh so the end result is more organic and less squarish. The downside is that I can't make the bands transparent, so overlapping the "wave texture" is only possible using special HSV and a suitable colour blend mode (in this case divide works well). After that I have to bake the texture to make it usable as a glb. At least this way I get a textured image, so if I'm not happy with the result I can edit it in an image editor to get even better results. If the code for the wave texture is simple enough, I think I can code a contour line node :).
I didn't know about baking textures, so maybe I can bake a freestyle render, which would probably be even better?

Thanks Anon I will try it, looks good, geometry nodes are pretty powerful, your image is a bit low res so the node texts look blurry in the future maybe a little zoom a little bit more.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, but I need to get more mileage out of Blender because my first attempt at painting was awful.

You sound emotional deprived anon I can be your friend :), I don't know but I've learnt a lot.

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thanks, nice workflow, I will try to replicate this on blender.

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I'm trying to cut the word "hear" into an object with a bool, but for some fucking reason which is unkown to me, he cuts every letter except the h. How do i fix it?

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That's because booleans are finicky like that and why people generally advise against using them. After all, a normal 3d polygon surface is expressed using triangles in the end, and trying to outline those complex shapes with few support loops is a recipe for disaster, so it's difficult to automate.
First consider if you really need it as geometry, a normal map for a small enough object is more than enough most of the time.
Then you could also use a displacement map rather than actually cutting the shape in.
You could also lower the resolution and work from the shape you're carving with to manually cap that particular surface, use edge marks to make crease or bevel marks and then throw on subdivision.
If you HAVE to use booleans, try changing the topology of the object you're cutting into, lowering the resolution of the object you're carving with (the text in your pic is stupid high res, lower it), changing the boolean solver settings, even moving the boolean objects around can make a difference.

>> No.959131

Check your normals aren't accidentally inverted for the "h".
"Good" topology is pointless bullshit if you're not deforming the mesh.

>> No.959135

make the mesh you cut into 100x more dense

>> No.959137

make Hear shaped 3d object, remove top faces and inver normals, add a square (not a quad, just vertices and edges) and place it at the same height as the upper vertices of your Hear mesh, select those vertices and the squsre then press f, extrude downwards and press f once more. recalculate normals and you're golden.
less gay way: write Hear in black on a white background and use it as displacement map, or, better yet, use a normal map.
booleans were made for brushes, using them in actual meshes is kinda finicky

>> No.959367

until your topology is so crazy the program crashes or your mesh just disappears

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Redpill me on using base meshes

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Make your own basemesh, you gain experience in modeling and also you have a custom mesh for quick production

>> No.959556

Shortcut to get quick results that belie your own capabilities. Provides ease of production at the cost of reduced XP.
locks you into a dependence on the quality of the basemesh provided instead of iterating towards what one day becomes your unique style and taste.

>> No.959586

I made a handful of base mesh's of a handful of body types. I've never used any of them once.
I always default to starting from a sphere apart from the hands and feet for some reason.

>> No.959602 [DELETED] 

Artificial Academy 2 General /aa2g/ #1293
Ready to Serve Edition

Welcome, this general is for the discussion of ILLUSION's Artificial Academy 2.


/aa2g/ Pre-Installed Game, AA2Mini: https://tsukiyo.me/AAA/AA2MiniPPX.xml
AAUnlimited updates: https://github.com/aa2g/AA2Unlimited/releases

AA2Mini Install Guide:
General FAQ:
AAU Guide and Resources (Modules, Tans, Props, Poses, and More):

>Character Cards [Database], now with a list of every NonOC in the megas:

>Mods & More:
Mods for AAU/AA2Mini (ppx format, the mediafire has everything):
/aa2g/ Modding Reference Guide (Slot lists for Hair/Clothes/Faces, List Guides, and More):
Booru: https://aau.booru.org

>HELP! I have a Nvidia card and my game crashes on startup!
Try the dgVoodoo option in the new win10fix settings.
Alternative: Update your AAU and see if it happens again. If so, disable win10fix, enable wined3d and software vertex processing.
>HELP! Required Windows 11 update broke things!
winkey+R -> ms-settings:developers -> Terminal=Windows Console Host

Previous Thread:

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this, and always backup you base meshes

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Continuing off from >>957433
I am making a music video in Blender with Hatsune Miku (character model also made by me, shown in previous thread),
singing about not making minecraft. The song is here

I am starting on the actual animation portion of the music video finally now.

this shot compared with the length of the entire song, i am 1% complete at this point.

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I am discovering trouble with how to render these scenes. As much as i love blender, if you wanna do anything stylized you are met with a lot of pushback and limitations.

This is an early render of the scene in cycles, and apart from lack of background detail, it looks alright, in eevee the same scene looks much worse.
But my character is made to be stylized using EEVEE Cel-shaders, which are currently impossible to do in cycles.
The lack of stylization options in cycles renderer is still my biggest gripe with current blender.

For the time being, the best solution is i'll have to render my character in EEVEE and everything else in cycles and merge the shots together. Luckily i can set it up to do that almost automatically within blender, but it's still a lot of extra setup time unfortunately

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File: 2.05 MB, 1920x1080, think im going insane render.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Different and simpler scene. Here Miku is rendered in EEVEE and everything else is rendered in cycles.

The result looks pretty cool. Especially with how the microphone looks much more "real" compared to her, it's a nice contrast i think.

But to work with it is very annoying. There's 2 scenes that are linked together, and then the compositor of the first scene uses the second's render as well.

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File: 573 KB, 1089x611, blender_quaqdXyGAs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

EEVEE and Cycles combined

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File: 26 KB, 540x405, The-Weeknd-in--Save-Your-Tears-_176dc6bda31_medium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If anyone has banger ideas do let me hear.
The weekend's bogdanoff impression

>> No.959988

Whaaa?? Your model is fucking adorable! Good luck!

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Would you double your rendering and simulation speeds for $1200?

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>> No.959102

please do use a 30 series don't burn your house anon

>> No.959103

I decided not to get it. Waiting for the 50 series.

>> No.959160

I got a 4070 and it has a regular power connector. I think the ti version has regular one too. I upgraded from a 1070 and the 4070 handles everything pretty effortlessly even with the gimped memory. But at professional level you'll need a 4080.
Estimated 2025. If the world doesn't fall apart before then the main reason I decided to upgrade my pc now instead of the next few years is due to my fear of economic hardship and runaway inflation. The way I see it prices will be much higher for the 5k series.

>> No.959567

I don't think the new power cable is a huge deal you just need to be extra careful to make sure it's fully seated. The PCI spec going to replace the connector with a slightly improved design and more importantly a better fail safe disconnect.

I bought a used 3090 because a new 4090 is 2.5x the price for up to 1.8x the speed while having the same VRAM. I had to buy a new PSU, I got a Corsair because they use the regular PCI-E connectors on the PSU side of the 12hpwr so when the new design comes out they'll have an easy time of just supplying new cables where PSUs with native 12vhpwr might get shafted and at minimum have to sacrifice some of their 12v PSU side connectors.

>> No.959587

My computer's fast enough

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>> No.958988

>Because with his massive BBC fetish a mere 50 percent is no-where near enough to satisfy this anon. Give him 400% and he'll go aheago while mashing the download button.

>> No.959009

Thanks for effort man

>> No.959011

it's chatgpt

>> No.959018

Or maybe he doesn't model animals.

>> No.959133

Now I'm off to bait /pol/.

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cris won.

>> No.958919

fuckcris bros....not like this

>> No.958933

Cris abandoned Godot though

>> No.959701

cris doesnt even code

>> No.959706

Cris always wins, he is 10 steps ahead. If i had to build a team I will prefer 1 Cris over 5 Industry veterans