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any feedback and critique welcome as im a complete noob, i think maybe my camera is moving too fast and aggressive? i was trying to time some of it with the beat but not sure if it works :-\
thanks in advance


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I can see all your keyframes in the motion. You'll probably want to visualize your velocity as curves and clean them up.

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oh thanks, great, i'l look into how to do that.

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>first time animating a camera

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any feedback and critique welcome as im a complete noob, i think maybe my camera is moving too fast? i was making myself dizzy earlier but not sure if thats cos ive smoked so much weed today :-\
also does it come across as trying to be too flashy?

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So, /3/, which software does NASA use to fake the roundness of Earth? 3DS, Blender or Maya? Do the use Unreal to render? If yes, what settings do they use?

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A thread died for this.

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It's called Aeroplane, and the "plane" is the planar wings.

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>I>m drunk , dont know even how I got here (or where I am). But fuck all that - HAIL TO THE SPACE COWBOY!!!

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>In case lurkers are wondering about the sharp decline in board quality, the Clover app has /3/ as the default board
the clover app has always had /3/ as the default, it's something else lowering the IQ of /3/.

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Any tips on getting good looking textures for hair cards from particle hair in Blender?
current progress in pic related

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Thanks for the free hair.
Will use it for 3D child porn.

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> In what age do you live ?
In the stone age

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I downloaded a bunch from some free sites, the rest is modeling the hair planes yourself.

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>ton has cancer

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Autoshitters got to him

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If you had taken the time to watch the entire video, you'd know that he was diagnosed back in February, has since got treatment and is now "cured" (of course, you never know with cancer, but still).

Pic related.

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OP is just a happeningfag.
Glad Ton made it but shit is deceitful. Let's hope it doesn't return. I wish him the best.

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Wow a lot of hentai threads today on /ic/. So I was wondering; what's the best way to go about character customization in a game; mainly clothing and body shape? color palettes are easy. I was thinking hard about if I should go either 2D or 3D. Maybe 3D with 2D textures? most 3D CGs don't look very good, the skin looks like playdough, as for 2D I was thinking of using Toonboom, but again 2D has the disadvantage where you need to redraw the clothes and body modifications for each perspective unlike 3D where you get free camera perspectives and even the positions are easier to assemble. Maybe I could do 3D with 2D textures.

I want to make either a 2D top-down StardewValley or a 3D WoW/Runescape/Stardew Valley mix with horror elements. But I'd add 2D simulation+animation pics in a 3D game and vice versa.
But I'm really in the concept stage, I don't want my programmer to come up at me and say "Ah too late, you wanted 2D in a 3D game and 3D in a 2D game, nope can't do it, I already rendered it and everything, the engine can't handle the pureness that is 2D"
So I'd like a 3D game that supports 2D and a 2D game that supports 3D if possible.

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The current page for my 200 weapon mod(and lots of other things, of Xonotic) doesn't get me a "community". Thus no one knows of the game/fork, no one plays it, no one makes medeval maps for it, no one uses the extensive additions I added for mapmaking.

I need someone to make a ChaosEsque community website, admin it, for them to be the king there: infact the public face of the game; without my involvement.
(Current page of no community: https://www.moddb.com/games/chaosesqueanthology )

Can you help? I mean: I did help convince the forking of Nexuiz to occur in the first place... and I did make the Tuba model for Nexuiz, and the func_heal, I'm asking for your help now.

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It's because of white golems like you that we don't have child brides. The bible explicitly says that I'm allowed to fuck children and make 3d models for a dead game.

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>larping as a schizo
/3/ has fallen to a new low

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God why do you post on every board I visit? I'm sick of your shitty game and your retarded attitude. NO-ONE is going to make a website and foster a community for your game.
>No one knows of the game/fork, no one plays it, no one makes medeval maps for it, no one uses the blah blah blah
Why would they? Why would I play your shitty game with no-one playing and make maps for it when I can do it much easier and better in something like CSS or some shit?
>Biden won, blah blah, I should fuck children, blah blah
I don't care
>I'm asking for your help now.
Whew, you've really been doing the hard work for us. Thanks for making a shitty game and adding 200+ shitty guns on some massive city map. What the fuck, do you want us to ERP on this map with your 200+ sex toys? What's the point of this? Why is your attitude that people should be doing this for you since you went out of your way to make it?

You want developers? Host the source on Github, maybe some poor soul will wonder across the issues tab with your 100 self made requests for features and do them, for some reason. I just don't see how you think anyone would be attracted to your game, when the developer doesn't even want to be associated with it? Why don't you want to be assoicated with it? What are you doing RIGHT now? You could've made some basic homepage with a few links in the time you were jacking off to Cirno

>I made this game with these features.
> Download.
> Source.
>I'm always looking for people to help me develop this, contact me here."

There's your website. Host it and then go to reddit or /v/ or some shit and say "I'm making a game with blah blah, heres the website, please tell me what you think"
How could you not just do that? How is that not easier then begging for people to make a website for you day in and day out on here? The first time I saw your game I played it for a bit, it was interesting atfirst, but your attitude to everything is just garbage and just makes your another schizo poster.

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haha it's funny because you're a schizo right? epic joke

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>your brain on anime

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How close am I from making proper waifus?

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this place is infinitely shitter than /v/ faggot

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learn hard surface faget

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Try harder, Chris.

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I have the option to get either or with x particles with cinema 4d r20.

What would you guys choose?

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okay blendlet

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Blender is not a renderer

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Can we get a fucking straight answer in here?

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You'll be buying them since cracks don't exist.

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I recently bought bitcoin there anonymously very safe and easy. You also get it now and make profits.

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>Becomes the lead developer of the sculpting branch by himself
>BTFO a company like pixologic all by himself
>releases more features than pixologic in less time
>Makes better 3D waifus than /3/

When will /3/ realize Pablo is the final boss of 3D?

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>rewriting it should be enough
do you even realize the scale of the project?
blender is at the very minimum 2 mil sloc, probably approaching 3 mil if not beyond that, you don't simply skim around THAT and "rewrite", especially if you didn't write it in the first place

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what sort of retard fantasy take is this? Autodesk could buy Blender and own the code (presuming Blender doesn't use other external GPL libraries in its codebase), allowing them to close source future work, but everyone who already licensed Blender under GPL (read: ever current Blender user) has the right to see, use, and modify the existing Blender code forever. You can't just revoke a license because you feel like it unless the licensing terms allow it (which GPL obviously doesn't). That's the opposite of how licensing works.

The only way to kill Blender is to buy all the core devs. Good luck buying out freetards.

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I don't know whats with niggers like OP that their tiny little brains can't tell the reason all Blender sculpts look so simplistic is because the fucking joke of a program can't handle an actually detailed sculpture. "Muh soul" is rather a result of the artists not being able to work with more than 2M polys. And iirc 2M polygons is like 1/50th of what Zbrush can handle even on entry-tier CPUs

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>here's my retarded fantasy
>well it's retarded
>you're not allowed to talk about it unless you believe in it! mommy make him stop

>> No.785773

>artists not being able to work with more than 2M polys
i've worked with a 15 million poly character on a fucking gaming laptop and it was fine. i could easily do double or triple that by hiding parts of the model when not working on them. at 2 mil i can't even hear the fans. why do you faggots feel the need to lie about this shit?

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is this good topology?

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quads and n-gons dont even exist

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Ofc it does. Ancient technique, though? Really?

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Its already optimized for the engine

>> No.785315

nah, the pros still use it. it's the best approach since it's based directly on the subdiv rules and requires no extra logic where different software might do different things and fuck up your model somewhere along the pipeline.

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just bevel it bro quick and dirty

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>flippednormals is live
What questions should we ask them in the comments, /3/?

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>What's the best way to groom pubic hair?

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Buy expensive plugins

>> No.785030

ask them if they're the fine bros

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guys, can you recommend a good software to have physical simulations?
I usually do the modeling in Blender / rhino / 3DSmax, but I would like to start to get objects with real physics, especially as in pic rel
then starting with glass that is modeled by placing it on objects
I'm also trying the same thing with Marvelous Designer, for some fabrics

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well, I don't really need to create animations or thinsgs for games.
I need to create still pictures, I'm a product designer and I want to simulat organic shapes when some objects are made with plasticine, or glass, cloth, etc

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OP here, bumping this because I've done some research
wouldn't Maya be the better solution instead of Houdini?
I don't have to create animation, I just need still pictures: I'm a product designer, I don't need for VFX or animation.
I want to design say, a vase, and then gently let it "melt" upon another object and create a similar result to this pic

like I said, maybe Maya is a better solution? I'm asking this because I have very little experience with both Houdini and Maya

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>I don't have to create animation, I just need still pictures
Doesn't matter. An animation is just an sequence of still pictures. If you need only 1 then you render only 1.
>maybe Maya is a better solution?
No, it's not.

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but then what about collision simulations in Maya?
I know, a collision is a simulationd AND it's also an animation, and I need only one frame of that animation.
it's just that Houdini might seem overkill, I just really need to design this one object, I don't really have the time to learn how to use a new software.
But thank you for your help, it's very appreciated. I'm already watching some Houdini tutorials, just in case.

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I'm going to try to make this as short and clear as possible.
Ok, so I'm a programer who makes video games. For the moment nothing serious, just small projects where I test some mechanics and stuff but I want to start the serious stuff now.
I want to stay indie wich means, working with a small team, wich means for myself that I want to do as much work on my own on the projects. Meaning me wanting to pick a new skill.
But since I'm not a NEET and that I actually have a life outside of my gamedev hobby, I want to pick wisely or I'll make my life a new kind of hell. I'm a very organized person but let's stay realistic, there's no way I can program, model and animate on my own, I'll never finish anything doing all that by myself (obviously)

So this is where I need your experience and advices. I used to draw a lot as a kid/teen (and was good at it) so the logical choice would be to get into modeling. But body movements/choregraphies/martial arts have also been a passion of mine since my childhood so I could see myself animating and loving it too. Here's my problem, I don't have a particular preference for modeling and animating.

Then what do you advise me to pick between modeling and animating. Like I said, I don't have any preference (for the moment) so I need arguments related to these questions:
- In 2020 and in the future, is it going to be better to be an animator or modeler ?
- In terms of time, what's the quality of work you can provide for 50 hours of work for each skill? (I know it depends on a lot of factors but I'm not asking for something precise here, just an idea would be nice. I'm a total beginner in 3DCG)
- As a game designer (and programer), is it better to have a total control on your models or your animations?

I think I said it all. I know it might be a very vague subject/question but all I'm asking or is some kind of vague idea/answers of what is waiting for me wether I pick modeling or animating

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This is accurate.

>> No.785080

You people got me even more confused

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Not OP and I have a different situation than OP, but I'm also a programmer who wants to get into gamedev as a hobby and learn 3D. I can't draw for shit. I have hand tremors that keep me from being able to draw a straight line, which is why 3D is so attractive to me. You get an undo button and you don't need to be able to draw a straight line because the computer keeps it straight for you. Any advice for how to get good fundamentals if I'm starting with 3D?

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Modellers are ten a penny. Everyone starts there and most never move beyond it. Everything you can imagine has already been modelled before and is available to buy on asset stores - although quality, and game engine readiness, varies a lot. Everyone in 3dcg needs a basic understanding of modelling, but to get good takes years, usually with a specific focus on either hard surface or characters. Environment modelling benefits hugely from proceduralism and often uses stock library assets for things like foliage to speed things up considerably. Modelling large open worlds and their interaction with gameplay are where things like Houdini shine (look on youtube for HZD or Far Cry 5 workflows for example).

Competent 3d animators are rarer than modellers, but they rely on rigging which is more technical. Given a solid rig in their preferred software they can just go at it and get shit done. Obviously some can rig and animate to a high standard, but that is rarer still, and more valuable as a result.

TL;DR - Pick animation, specifically rigging, with an eye to procedural environments if your game world aspirations are medium to large.

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Thanks m8

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ok so im probably going to fail uni and i need some money to get one
whould it be a good idea to learn blender and make profit out of it

i would say i know blender only 10%
how much could i earn from it

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>blender is for third worlders

>> No.785000

learning 3d for the money.


>> No.785033

>can I learn something quickly and easily to make money
No, go work a real job and try not to fail uni next time

>> No.785049

guys the balkans have no demand on multimedia and designer positions, don't be retarded

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Seriously. I need a crack for zbrush bad that has a working multi-map exporter. Every crack I try i swear it's not the full version because I can never export a mesh using the multi-map exporter. And if i export the mesh the normal way with the subtool, it lags my computer too much with the level of detail that i want it at when i retopo it in maya.

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do a camera roll

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Legitimate versions of zbrush are prone to basic exploits any consumer can use. Use your brain to get free legal zbrush.

>> No.784928

This. I don't get why people bother with pirated versions.

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>Use your brain to get free legal zbrush.

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Use Autodesk mudbox is more easy to download free version

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I'm range banned from vg so yeah here's a 3 thread

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really nice man

>> No.785067

Is there any pro industry guys actually making a game alone or in a group?
I'm interested in doing something like that, and I work much better in a team, but maaaan all the projects i can see are some meme low poly graphics or some cartoony shit i just cant stand.

>> No.785069

I got banned on /vg/ for stalking a tranny

>> No.785072

there's a guy who shows up here every now and then and his style isn't as cartoony as most. his me is theonian, i think you may like his main project

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>pro industry
If you want to work with pros, literally get a job with a mobile game studio; their ads all over indeed and other job listing websites

>but I've never [finished a game]
Just make a portfolio and showoff whatever your skills are

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Marvelous designer is now obsolete.

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Cristian, these kinds of threads are retarded and make you look retarded too.

>> No.784696

we're just having fun.

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QTDDTOTT: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread.

>Is the utah teapot at all related to the T-pose?
>If I turn my blender to max will it make mayannaise?
>How can I learn 3D fast without learning anything?
>Where can I buy an 90's SGI machine?
>Is anamorphic filtering something I can use for anthropomorphic specific workflows?

prev thread: >>772227

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Metalness; although, for curiosity's sake, I would appreciate it if you would explain for spec/gloss as well.

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I'm really retarded. How would I begin modeling these guys specifically the base part. Or could one point me to tutorials that would help me learn to model something like this?

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>try subdivision modelling a plane from ace combat
>artefacts all over, model looks like shit
Can someone pls just give me a link to a high-poly jet tutorial? I can't find shit on google apart from half finished high-school projects

>> No.785757

How many shortcuts used in 3ds max modeling in usual?

>> No.785769

Block the shapes first, the base can be a cube and for that tube u can use a cylinder, then after u block the shape out u can use bevels and/or subdiv modifier

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I want to rig a book to open/close flip pages etc
at about 1:40 he uses some guides to make the pages follow as they flip, what process is he using here? i dont even know what hes doing to look into it further

>> No.784606

I havnt used maya.

But a quick guess would be each page is in an array from 0-end. Each page has a similar blendshape but slightly different original point. And its set up to loop between all the pages set and applying the blendershape keys based on the guide positions?

>> No.784613

hmmm, maybe but how would you constrain/effect the blendshapes to the guides?

>> No.784648

Would the guides not be just a visualisation of the blendshape at different positions, the same animation will be applied to each page? By changing the guides you update the blendshape keys and apply that to the array of pages. Then hes offsetting each page animations to simulate the pages flickering.

His setup im not sure, this is obviously his own wf to showcase, but if you set up one blendshape for the flicking, should you not be able to alter the subsequent blendshape for each instance of that object?

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