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Can /3/ skilled industry guys pls write a pastebin on how to make psx capcom backgrounds and what tools can make them?

I kind of remember how to make them on blender 2.7, but I'm afraid I kind of hard forgotten how to do it.

I remember is related to the console limitations, pong shaders with bling, no PBR, old render engine tech like 2.5 non cycles renderer and just ambien light and maybe sphere and cone lights on night scenes and shit like billboard details and more likely triplanar texturing with textures from CD packs and basic kind of procedural textures.

And maybe also the resolution, GIF compression and the psx vertex integer issue.
Maybe very basic smooth subsurf I see it on prerender models.

Feel free to post what else you remember is needed for psx pre render backgrounds.

Blender 2.5 likely is the best shot to do it on modern OS.

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It's all a question of how accurate you want things to be, and how much you're willing to suffer to get there.

2.79 Blender Game Engine lets you use gouraud shading. So does Godot. In fact, Godot has a pretty great PSX shader written for it. But, webm related, blender 3.0 can do a good job if you know what you're doing.

That's for the models.

As for the backgrounds, honestly, at PS1 resolution, it's not going to matter what you render in. Just don't use indirect lighting, have no ambient light, and you'll be gold.

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that's the best ps1 look i've ever seen, not even joking. first time it actually looks 100% like a ps1 game.

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>mfw using the sculpting tools and modifiers when making a low poly model in blender
industry cucks will never feel that.

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>t. low poly brain

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>Can't speed poly model low poly models

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ngl blenders pretty good for basemeshing

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Is there a program like google sketchup, that lets you build and design interiors? (if you have to build the exterior too would be cool too)
Im looking for something similar but being aesthetically better.

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Shameless bump

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Don't know for sure since I'm not archvis, but isn't that what Twinmotion does?
Really I'm just throwing out the name of something I've heard of somewhere, but maybe it'll point you in the right direction.

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/3/ is slow as fuck, you'll never need to bump a thread here. This'll be here for months until some retard anon decides to bump it a month from now with info that doesn't add to the discussion or advance the thread at all.
If all else fails, use one of the questions threads since more people are there and are less likely to ignore some random anon that feels their question is special enough to need its own thread.

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I'd use cgpersia to obtain Revit and Lumion.
Start by modelling whatever building you want. Use the Sketchup warehouse to easily get furniture and lighting models to import into Lumion. Learn to take renders and such.

If you're actually interested in the career you need to learn to draft and sheet up your designs using Revit or AutoCAD.

Beyond that? 3DS Max, Corona Renderer/Vray etc.

May be an easier way just for interiors but these are some of the tools I use as a building and interior designer.

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thank you for the answer.

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Bro I just modeled some toilets, bidets, toilet paper and other shit of the type and I ain't feel this relaxed in a long ass time. God doing low-mid poly prop modeling is some zen shit

What part of 3D just makes you zone out and enjoy the process of it anon?

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Sculpting butts

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None, my constant lack of self worth and doubts about my capability make me stressed anytime I try to make anything

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The road of the artist is an arduous one. It's part of the course, don't give up! Once you'll gain enough confidence then you will really take off, look forward to that!

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I'm bored. Give blender tutorials.

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Since you didn't specify which ones, watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EGzOXJKm4o

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just do the donut

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good morning sirs and welcome to part 4000 of my belnder tutorials, how to use booleans modifers

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*Head bobs from side to side*
This is going to be a good thread.

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Where can I find character sheets that I can practice modeling on? Preferably not anime because their body shape is usually all samey looking

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pinterest is pretty good

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Search the Pinterest seas.
You will find nice things and sometimes good links.
But beware of the liberal coments and memes.

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be a based modeler and model a character from a single perspective drawing. Do that and you'll be a pro in no time.

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>blender bad because... IT JUST IS, OKAY?!
>no, I will NOT post my work to prove that I know what I'm talking about
>b-blendlets BTFO!!1
why are y'all chuds like this

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tell me at least one advantage of blender besides the fact that it is "free"
SPOILER: you can't

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>it is obvious that everything at once will never work out within the aisles of one program

... look, when you want to make stuff like https://studio.blender.org/films/ you can do it with blender, thats it, you can even learn from the projects. just a few guys, one software, some computer and a good idea, thats all you need!

when you want to work in the industry go for the stuff the industry requires ...

... the whole disscussion about which software is more pro/better is brainlet tier!

>tell me at least one advantage of blender besides the fact that it is "free"

you dont need to worry about the price changes of the software or terms of use the corporations are forcing on you!

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Forgot to mention that I am an ambassador for Blender™ and I was hoping you would consider using Blender™ as your 3D software package of choice! My name is Alice, and I am a transwoman who has recently discovered her feminine side, and I really think the community at Blender™ would be great for you. Not only does Blender have excellent tools to use at your disposal, we also are Trans LGBQAWP++ positive! If you are transgender as well I can invite you to the official Blender Discord. Dilation times start at 2PM EST and 8PMGMT-8. You'll be able to discuss any problems you have with the official staff of Blender™ while we all dilate on camera mode! Isn't that awesome?! :)

Hope to see you there!

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blender sucks

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Don't blame blender, blame the blendlet using it.

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I'm newfag to 3D. I just want to make anime girls dance like [email protected] games on stage with lightshow and video in BG and grafitti falling and glowstick crowd cheering etc.

which program do I need to learn to do this? Is Blender good or is it shit compared to other programs?
I don't have time to waste here learning faggot software, I want to get results fast.

Most of the tutorials for cell shading anime are on fucking BLENDER, but I keep see /3/ saying blender sucks.

I researched what they used for [email protected] games. They used 3DS MAX biped, mocapped the dance animation with some black suite with white cum balls all over it. Edited it together in motion builder and copy and pasted it to all the other rigged skeletons and offset it. They also seemed to use some crowd generator in 3DS MAX. I think one of the [email protected] games were done in MAYA. But I translated alot of Japanese articles and people generally want to kamikaze autodesk cause they fucked softimage japan's favorite software but now alot of them say "3DS MAX feels like home, but we're forced to use MAYA now..."

They also used UNITY3D engine for their lipsync to the songs lyrics and to edit the videos with. WHAT? How the fuck do you edit 3D video with Unity3D I thought. I found out it has some weird timeline thing and is actually really useful to make movies with, you import your models and animations then rig the cameras around in REALTIME it doesnt take years to render like boomer 3D software. They also do the skirt and hair physics in UNITY3D with some springbones or something.

in unity3D there is also unitychan and her dancestage. I basically want to make something like that or an [email protected] mirishite or deresute game style preferrably.

Should I use BLENDER to try and do this? Create anime models, mocap, transfer to rigs, anime facial expressions, texture, or should I go for something like Zbrush / Substance painter, 3DS MAX, Motion Builder, and Unity3d? I just want to make anime idols dance.

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Who are they talking to the player or some mc? Would they want to be with the real life player?

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/wip/ - Works in Progress
- Wipko Edition -

Post your work-in-progress projects, recently finished projects, or things you'd like critiqued here.

Previous thread: >>903487

List of free resources: https://pastebin.com/cZLVnNtB
/3/ Discord for those interested: https://discord.gg/ujt5vtr4DE

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Don't be the "Beginner this that" guy. You want to make a controller then try making one and when you get stuck look up tutorials on similar objects and workflows until you got something that meets your standards. The controller is also mostly just exturudes of more cylindrical shapes for the thumb sticks and the handles. The buttons are also just cylinders so just should get 70% the way there with just box modeling and the other 30 %are simple subdivisions.

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are you using metasequoia?

>> No.905939

That's a much better choice of words. I'll try the saturation and see how it comes out after I try to fix what the other anon pointed out.

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Ok, I'm done with blender
Need an alternative easy to pick up and good for exporting scenesbinto Unity.
Blender refuses to work and it won't pan around, reinstall, reconfigure, focus camera, still won't pan.

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It's just that, won't pan around anything, won't orbit around, it's locked into default view.

>> No.905422


N - G - M - I

>> No.905427

>easy to pick up
Blender is the easy option. Stop being such a baby and stick with something or you're not going to learn anything.

>> No.905428

I don't mind blender, the thing is that it won't work properly

>> No.905432

The camera in Blender or Unity?

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>export model from blender
>its rotated by -90 degrees on the x axis
what is this bullshit

>import obj
>its scaled up 100x

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OP u are a retard... u can change the axis in the export menu... i spit on ur face.

>> No.905303

unity compensates for that and by default reverses it.
only way to get objects corrected properly is to rotate them 90 degrees in blender

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I hate that shit so much. It doesn't even do it consistently. My last three models.fbx are orientated correctly. Next one will probably be flipped again.

Also, I have a hell of a time with rigs. Some of the minor bones have their Y and Z's axis rotating the same. Weird to type, but they can only rotate on two axis; X & (Y+Z combined). Wtf causes that?

>> No.905312

Are you guys forgetting to apply your transforms?

>> No.905313

No. Trust me, I sometimes have to rotate models 90 on X, apply rotation, then rotate -90X before exporting to .fbx

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Why can't you just make photos of something from all angles and then a software turns it into a 3d modell?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, i dont know anything about creating 3d modells.

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It's a lot cheaper to hire an artist to model the thing you're after than obtain real world artifacts,
fly people there, get permissions, bring the gear and do the scanning process + clean-up work.

The fact that you need access to something rare and expensive in order to 'simply scan it' kinda makes it way less useful than having the ability to synthesize anything from the ground up.

>> No.905372

Why isn't it possible to scan an area like google map cars and then digitalize it/turning it right into a video game environment?

When do you think this will be possible? You could create the most realistic environments, forests, cities, indoors. The software should also recognize the stuff and automatically give the items their characteristics, like bottles on a table, chairs, cars on the street, people...... A powerful AI is needed for this i assume ?

>> No.905386

>Why isn't it possible to scan an area like google map cars and then digitalize it/turning it right into a video game environment?
I already told you, because it takes work to actually make it usable. What a scan shits out is just a bunch of randomly placed points that make up an object. What you need for games is a bunch of points that are nice, neat, orderly and most of all, efficient. You ideally want to make an object with the least amount of points (vertices) as possible. Scans are literally the exact opposite of that.
That being said, tech like that is in use already, but less so in a production environment.

>When do you think this will be possible?
Now, and a bit further on from now. AI generation can already create decently detailed models from photos, but they're still not so good at creating those models with proper geometry. Something like that is a little ways off, and would probably need a bit of ingenuity to accomplish. Since there's not "one solution" for any given model when retopologizing, and everyone does it different. One dude might retopo a statue one way, and another dude a different way, but both are equally as good.

>The software should also recognize the stuff and automatically give the items their characteristics, like bottles on a table, chairs, cars on the street, people
At this point you're just talking population algorithms and shit. That's all standard fare these days. Not so much with an AI, but you could easily add a tag to an asset like say "table" and have it automatically add clutter to it or other assets. Plenty of games do this now. Not many studios place every tree or every instance of grass these days.

AI is a good way off from being a complete shortcut. Stop trying to use it as such and start modelling.

>> No.905405

>and start modelling.

No, modelling is replication of real stuff, its like trying to paint a scenery as realistic as possible altough it will never be as real as a photograph.
Its tryhardism.

>> No.905474

No, modelling is not just a replication of real stuff. Don't be retarded.
Are spaceships real? Aliens? Dragons or anything else someone can come up with in their imagination? Good luck scanning all that nonexistent shit.
If your only gauge is realism, you sound extremely ignorant of the possibilities. Sounds like you've just got no creativity at all. Anything you can imagine, you can model, but anything you can imagine does not exist in reality.
Mimesis is not the end goal of 3d or 2d.

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Have you ever had luck with "Artists Looking For Work" section on Polycount or do I just suck ass? The full time work section is chock full of HR people demanding you have X amount of shipped Triple A titles to even consider you, and even then, they would pay you very little because they think you are trash

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>> No.905778

reading comprehension :

>Seems like if you don't put 3d artist or software developer as your profession the algorith pretty much guarantees you will never appear in trending.

3d artist isnt my profession. I am a hobbyist who happens to have worked jobs in the past. I earn my money in another industry.

>> No.905785

You can call yourself a tranny and anyone will believe it LOl if you keep calling yourself that.

>> No.905838

That’s what I’m saying, no reason why you shouldn’t put a “3d artist” title in there. You’re still creating 3d art, doesn’t matter you’re not a pro. Why are you making it so complicated?

>> No.905895

Just say you're a software developer that's also a 3D artist. Simple as.

>> No.905898

Your own self-righteousness is keeping you from success.

Money is shit. If you want money, embrace the shit. Wallow in it. Enjoy it. Only then will you find the pieces of gold in the pigsty.

It is not tainting your principles. It is embracing the reality that it really does not matter, and pushing yourself towards success, so that your soul may have space to grow and be free.

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i have no idea how to work this out bros

>> No.905236

The solution is literally in the example pic.
You simply project a perfect line from camera view.

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File: 22 KB, 476x466, 1644353266637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's a one way to do it, thanks bro

>> No.905384

Use the knife tool

>> No.905426

Fuck off cris

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>see a popular blender course
>average model quality is pic rel
Why is it like this? Does nobody know how modeling in Blender works?

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never before tutorials worked with such shitty begginer assets. blender is a toy for kids to get into 3D

>> No.905213

Short tutorials are great as an introduction and are also good if you need a quick fix to a technical problem, but most of them say things like "Check this box", "Push this button", or "Do x to y", but don't actually explain anything. The best types of tutorials are concise and have good explanations, but those can be rare. Normally you only have the option between a short tutorial that gets things done but doesn't explain anything, or a tutorial that is longer than it should be but actually explains things so you know how to solve your own problems later on. There are also long tutorials that don't explain anything and those are the worst, but at least it's easy to tell if it's one of those tutorials early on.

>> No.905218

> short course
> bro why is the 3d model too simple

Because they want to make the model as simple as possible so it can be done in the scope of the course, while still demonstrating the steps they wish to teach, as opposed to working on the models for, idk, fucking weeks.

If you did know how much repetition goes into 3d models and how long complex models take, you wouldn't be asking stupid questions.

>> No.905219

>short course
yeah bro 22.5 hours is short

>> No.905686

U say that but i remember watch my first 3ds max tutorial about how to make a fucking wase or animating literally 2 boxes to move left and right... anon ur full of shit

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Why are there no 3d comic books?
Wouldn't it be easier to model the characters once, then pose them instead of drawing them over and over again?

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>Wouldn't it be easier to model the characters once, then pose them instead of drawing them over and over again?
about that...

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It is not easier than 2D, however, you can adjust your camera, lights, textures after you've set up your poses and sculpted the details. There is much more work that goes into a 3D comic. I'm trying to get there.

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>> No.905228

thanks anon, very nifty
might be worth learning blender now

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Can you spot what is wrong?

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File: 1.19 MB, 400x400, 1381520516775.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're not shooting a large AOE explosive that will hit an entire area. Wasting resources on small precision lasers.

Also, not deploying TIEs to intercept.

>> No.905513

nah, SW has always explosive lasers because reasons.

>> No.905532

They are fighting in a black void
>inb4 space is a black void

>> No.905547

Not that anon, and I know they've always had em, which I'm fine with, but damn those explosions look actually retarded. Like the same 2d sprite each time and for some reason blows away in the vacuum of space.

>> No.905601

I thought that too but the shadows do spread a little, maybe not as much as is necessary though.

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>blender addon has a compiled c++ module required to run
>developer has mode over $150,000 usd off the addon on blendermarket
>no response to releasing the source even though its licensed under GPL

isnt this illegal? Why is blendermarket a partner in crime?

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>> No.905181

Im a modeler, so I have no reason to be sad. if you have to make a living with another specialization, I guess you'll have to pay your tribute to Autodesk.
of course I feel sorry for you. *huge

>> No.905183

Are you done with collective self-deprecation? :3

>> No.905184

>Im a modeler

>> No.905187

is it enough for you if I jerk off on a hentai picture and send you the finished artwork?
or would that already seem to you as too much appreciation?

>> No.905188

so you're not a modeler, just a shitposting chud

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Do most NSFW model makers and animators use Rigify for their model interface?

Is it really good enough to get the job done vs. making your own rig with bone drivers and constraints? It seems a little too good to be true.

>> No.905068

They dont have that talent

>> No.905077

i didn't know anything and just search or youtube tutorials to know about 3d animation, you need literally a day to know how to build the basic armature in blender and learn more about other things like the IK and the weight paint, let say two days in the end of the week to comfy learn and explore with a base model that you can download free in any place.
For shit like ass-tits jiggling i haven't search but should be the same.

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