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Is it possible to make a render like this without any use of photoshop?

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way more effort than anyone should put into it, that's for sure

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>space dildos

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e-on vue

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This looks fake and photoshopped, so no.

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You mean rendering that entire scene without compositing or post process?

The rendering of the scene, maybe but it would be really tough.
The lighting and color, I dont know. I highly doubt it.

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Any good exercises or resources to practice 3D? I'm a beginner in blender and while I know the basics I want to learn fundamentals and general knowledge. Cheers

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Don't. Every 12-year-old asshole does guns. Do something challenging like vehicles.

Guns in 3D are the low hanging fruit.

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But he's a beginner though

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The lowest hanging fruit being kitchen ware. Not to say theres anything wrong with that, though.

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extruding separate or together. merge verts. cutting faces. add edgloops. combine meshes. duplicating. those are basic things you should know how to do.
create base meshes (suitable for sculpting and animation) for characters is where you should spend your time for now. the process requires very few tools and yields practical results. you need to know a little bit about weight painting, how rigging works, underlying anatomy (use references) that's as complicated as it gets really at your level, and those skill are applicable across any program you use.

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This little series is very good to get started and learn the hotkeys:

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how do i do this but in 3dsmax?

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you do realize he means collapsing the boolean operation right? why are you making a big deal out of this?

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that looks like shit, lmao

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Nice normals interpolation m8.

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Can like one thread not devolve into a jerkoff contest on what software you use to make your shitty loli waifus?

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I didnt know sketchup was capaple of that, unless theres plugins at play

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Where I can see low poly nudes of waifus having sex?

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non existant, but i can make one for you

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Commission me faggot


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>the third post in that thread
Why didn't you come here to tell us you finished an animation? MY FAP IS NOW OVERDUE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, FAGGOT.

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the internet

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Why the fuck are these godawful things used in every single 3D editing program nowadays? Are regular human beings expected to be able to read this tangled spaghetti of wires or do you need to be a reptoid from the 8th dimension to do anything in this industry?
Fuck, it hurts my eyes just looking at them.

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i mashed all the workspaces into one to make a screenshot and spook the op
actual rig assemblies are easy to navigate and properly named. i don't use comments because i know my rig anyway so why bother. this is fingers workspace

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>you didnt think 3d animation is just manipulating node graphs all day? what are you some kind of imbecile??

im a senior animator at a mid level studio and havent touched a node graph in years. literally kys

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you rarely need to use nodes for 3d animation. unless you're doing some procedural shit with modulation a traditional rig system can be handled with a simple script, which every package supports. nodes are more for things that are reusable like ocean waves, building destruction, big fx stuff that can just be hot swapped for another piece of geometry.

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3d animation isn't just ik handle pulling, my fellow senior monkey.

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learn to code

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is this a Meme?

Thinking about buying this, Blender is giving me cancer since I cant even select and parent Objects in the Outliner or delete them without having to move my cursor in to the viewport like I have autism.

My Idea is that I can get around buying Cinema 4d Studio by using this plugin in Cinema 4d prime

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Trying to be clever, eh? A+ for effort.

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OP here I just marathoned 20 hours of tutorials from HeavyPoly this weekend so now im a blendete i guess.

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do you use his configs?

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>the entertainment industry
yeah, TV ads and whatnot, where the quality bar is lower
anyway, whatever the case is, it doesn't change the fact that Cycles in inherently flawed

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yes its really good he put everything into pie menus like maya so you dont have to use blenders shitty drop down menus

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really???? a thread DIED for this??

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what do we all think of the CG in this? and feel free to post high res stills if you have any so we can make fun of the shitty hair rendering

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the song itself is fucking horrible

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Well yeah no it's literally just a bunch of autotuned celebrities with a political message about global warming and shit. Its no different than disney world war 2 era animations on the propoganda scale

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Well, that video gave me cancer. Thanks, faggot.

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I want to fuck that sexy zebra.

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not the anon you replied to but over the years i've gotten a ton of free books, textures, hdri, tutorials and i've gotten $100 of free software from some anon graciously spilling product keys on another board

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>walk in the gym silence, music must be off. Then it begins...

>OooooowwwI fall apart.
>Mmmmoooeewww yeah.
>Mmmmmaaayyy wwww.
>She told me that I'm not enough.
>Mmmmm wayyy ewe yeah.
>Fall apart
>I fall apart

Fuck this shit get the headphones on.

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Go load up blender and sculpt yourself a new face chinlet.

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yikes thread

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I'm modelling my own minigun because 100% of the free assets one can download for games are utter complete super horseshit and I'm so tired of it.

But how can I make it so Blender places the UV's of duplicate objects exactly above one another? Or can this only be done manually?

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And another thing, I've already unwrapped my barrel tubes, now I want to unwrap the cylindrical plate things, which are on another layer.

In order to avoid uv overlap I check 'Draw other objects' but they are not dislaying. How do I make it so they display in order that I can avoid UV overlap?????

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yes, you can do that manually in the un editor you have paint mode and a mode to move uvs, there's also an addon to do that for that version

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you have to assing the same material and texture to both objects, use the question thread next time


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Thanks boys.

Guys I now need to create faces at the precise points of intersection in order to uv map them so that I can hand-paint ambient occlusion into my texture. Without this step I have no way of knowing where to edit my albedo/diffuse.

Please help!!!! AAAAH

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opinions about rhino6???'

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Skp can do everything easier and look better

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get a load of this guy

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>opinions about 6
It’s one better than 5. Next question?

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Honestly this kind of attitude has to stop, we are not Reddit.

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agreed op!

edit: thanks for the updoots!

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how do you edit posts???

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The triangle button on your post should have an "Edit..." option.

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/3/ is the first board that pops up in Clover. That's where all the redditors come from.

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How can we improve this vibrant community? These types of comments really aren't productive.

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Do you have some sort of vendetta against threads? stop killing them you plant pot

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Say one more word and >>673096 gets it. I'll do it, I swear.

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>trying this hard for (You)

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Op is a fag

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>be me in 2008 have shit computer
>use maya
>computer shits itself with a mere 100k polys
>use xsi
>no problem bro, I've got your back
>handles 5m polys easily
>There will never be another 3d software as intuitive, fast and responsive as XSI
>future versions of windows wont support it
>linux versions are nowhere to be found on the net
Why bros? Its almost as if it was erased from existence.

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Move brush is dogshit that's mapped to whatever your view is. Half the time it doesn't even grab the right shit unless you mask it. Edit mode you can define the exact parts you want to move, and move them in any direction without doing any bullshit with the camera.

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>1080 Ti

Spotted the fucking liar, it's 11GB and there are no 8GB SKUs.

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i'm interested in making models for a video game and i've been having fun making mockups in zbrush, but is softimage still worthwhile to use for making lowpoly? i have a hard time getting smooth or hard edges in zbrush, mostly it's bumpy due to clay buildup on certain parts.

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The stages of the blendlet:

1. Other software can't do X, so X is not relevant
2. Other software can now do X, but X is actually not important

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Blender has layers.


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Extremely new here. How do I create wire frames like this? Is it hard? I'm only interested in creating wireframes to convert the design to embroidery. Could you do this with free software or am I better off just paying someone to do it?

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Do you even know what topology is? I feel like people here use that term way too freely.

>> No.677825

that topology is actually not that good. Too high for games and not clean enough for animation?

>> No.677848

at first glace it looked like an animation-ready subdivided hand, but there are a lot of triangles and wonky edges all over so.. maybe just a scan that got zremeshed or something

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Not that guy, but that topo is terrible.
Are you guys retarded?

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are you a brainlet?

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>browsing random animal models in turbosquid
>everything is above 30 dollars, most of the time costing 100 and up to one fucking thousand dollar tiger
Why are 3d models so expensive? Lots of them even look like garbage but they still cost 60 dollars

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>$250 Diamond retard badge is in the trans flag colorway
heh heh, bravo Blender team, bravo.

>> No.678632

What if someone made a website exposing all of Blender weird development decisions, and paid the fare to have their site listed there?

>> No.678676

Videogames can be underpriced. Wonder why crunch is so common? Well, you gotta pay for the low store price somehow.

>> No.678697


Everyone wanna squirrel but nobody wanna rig this furry-ass weiggt

>> No.678853

their models are worse than Turbosquid if we're just talking furred animals alone.

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Is there any fast 3d software that allows you to do real-time quick mockups of fisheye lens perspective?
Something like SketchUp but suppoorts fisheye lens.

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real time as in rendering the scene but you be able to rotate the camera and shit, or just viewport rendering, but you cant see fish eye effects in viewports. it has to be rendered, and typically blender is the only thing not super laggy about it, but evee doesnt support it so you have go use cycles, that or use a different rendering engine like redshift.

>> No.677677

3ds max would be way to resource intensive for what I'm looking for

Yes as in you can rotate the camera. It doesn't have to be in the viewport.
I'll check out Blender.
If true real-time isn't supported, does the render engine at least update quickly as I rotate around the viewport?

>> No.677678

what if you use a sphere with texture mapped as reflection and put a camera very close to it and rotate the texture.

>> No.677680

>If true real-time isn't supported, does the render engine at least update quickly as I rotate around the viewport?
yeah cycles is decent enough for that since you can change the computation to GPU, but like i said u can use other render engines with gpu acceleration, but blender should suffice.

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except op wants to move around the fucking environment you ignoramus

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I've never tried importing someone else's fbx model into Blender until now and I can't seem to import it with all the textures applied to every part, Its just all white I would have to assign every texture manually which would be.. very tedious.

Am I doing something wrong or? This is a very commonly searched question and yet none of the videos or posts have my exact problem.

>> No.677602

Sadly that's normal, OP. Autodesk fucks with the FBX standard on purpose to shit on Blender. There's no guarantee it will behave properly and usually it's difficult to tell what's exactly causing the problem in the first place.

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So I can't get around this? No fancy addons or nothing?
Gotta apply all the textures manually? Just wanna know before I go doing it for no reason.

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actually has nothing to do with that. just use DAE it does it for you.

>> No.677608

DAE? Whats that?

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I am either stupid or Maya is extremely cumbersome unless heavily customized or you learn to use the pie menu like some mythical god.
I have worked in 3ds max and blender for a few years and i tried to get into Maya, someone please give me some motivation or im just going to give up and stick to those two because going into menus for every operation will drive me nuts.

Good for retopo tho, that thing they have down from what i have experienced so far. Edge relaxing is cool tool

oh and,
Can you customize mouse navigation?
Can you get rid of the stupidly high thickness of the edges when you crease them?
Is the nurbs modeler worth it or should i go straight for rhino?


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...which is what made me surprised in the first place. I don't deny it does. I fail to see where it connects with maya modelling tools.
as for tools themselves, they are surely adequate, but work with them long enough on complex geo and you will notice they are utterly FUCKED, in worst sense of the word.
before I swallowed the sculpt pill, I used maya extensively. I still value maya as major part of my operations, but modelling something there from scratch, if it's complex enough? no-no.
I can't even count how many times I had to do the obj reexport to save meshes maya breaks.
at some point, even with usual flushing history and cutting connections history flushing might still leave(another maya quirk, one might expect it would just cut them for good, nope sometimes it doesn't), any operation with faces will just flat out break the mesh no matter what.
when simple loop cut shoots half of the grid into space, when simple quad append just deletes half of your mesh it becomes highly unpleasant to work with.
which is frustrating because I like fluidity pie menus give me.

>> No.677772

i think the implication was that since maya is the primary DCC it remains the primary means of poly modelling in that space. i'm not going to speak to this as i have no experience in the field.

t b h i guess i've just been lucky and maya hasn't blown up my work in an irretrievable manner just yet (i've always run a rolling 50 file back up). i'm sure it'll happen to me at some point and i'll be too stubborn to move over to something else.

i do wish though that since, under the hood, much of maya is node-based, that they surfaced that stuff to users as the primary means (i'm well aware that it's just one sub-menu away, i just wish it was the default) of interaction with that system instead of the infuriating tab-style attribute editor.

>> No.677773

I don't work in the VFX industry but i know that a lot of studios us Maya for modelling. Yes you heard that right. They don't use or even have Max its either modelling in Maya or sculpting in Zbrush.
I have used Maya extensively in the last decade and i had maybe 5 cases of Maya fucking up a mesh like that. Always with files i had from somebody else, never with my own stuff. So, i am not too paranoid using Maya for modelling especially for the more complex stuff, for easier stuff i actually use Blender.

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that post number holy shit

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I model exclusively in C4D

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